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Reader Polls Feedback for: October 5, through October 14, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


Recently, the Las Vegas city council revoked the Crazy Horse Too topless club liquor license because 16 employees and the corporation owning the club pleaded guilty to a variety of felonies. After several hearings and more to come, the club remains closed. This week’s Reader Poll question is . . . Do you think a Las Vegas  topless club should be allowed to continue operations after 16 employees and the corporation owning the club pleaded guilty to a variety of felonies? . What is your opinion?  Why or Why not?
Reader Poll Replies:

It is my opinion that one less club in Vegas with that type of reputation is no big loss.  Gini G.  VT

* The Las Vegas topless club should not be allowed to continue operations since their employees did not follow the law.  There are lots of other fun things to do in Vegas like Gamble, Good Food, and Good Shows (like musicals).  Edith from San Jose CA

*   I think they should keep their license only if all laws are obeyed. 
Robert Steinhilber  Narragansett, RI

*   Richard would you be running this web site if you had 16 felonies pending?  I don't think so. question answered.  Ralph DiDomonic  Hamden

*  Vegas is sin city, let them go to jail and either sell the club or rent it to someone else to continue the business. I would not want my boyfriend or husband to visit a topless bar but business is business. They should do their time and let the nuts that visit this place continue to enjoy life, if this sort of thing pleases them, because one day it is here and the next second it's gone.  myrna feliciano  orlando, FL

*   I do not think that people that have committed felonies should be allowed to have anything to do with running a club of this nature or any club. They seem to think they can do whatever they want no matter what they have done. If they were allowed to continue running the club I am sure they would continue to commit more crimes.  Karen  Taylor Ridge, IL

the council voted correctly. no business should have this many felons working with the public. the question arises what is the nature of the crimes.  bottom line: the liquor commission moved correctly.  paul orzech  bonita springs, florida

No, they should have to pay the price. I think these type of venues are ok in Las Vegas if run by the rules set forth.  Steve Hecksel  Millington, New Jersy


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