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Reader Polls Feedback for
October 5, through October 14, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Summertime has left Las Vegas and we head into the holiday season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course New Years. This week’s Reader Poll asks . . . If you could visit Las Vegas anytime of the year, what would be your favorite choice and why?
Reader Poll Replies:

* I would like to visit Las Vegas in the middle of the summer.  Living in Maine, it gets pretty cold in the winter and I would like to feel the heat of the sun on this old cold body.  Carl C. 

*  My favorite time of the year to see Las Vegas is on New Years.  Where else can you put a few hundred thousand people who can drink around the clock.  The people watching experience is unsurpassed.  Vivian T.  Fl.

*  We went to Vegas this year in May and August. We always enjoy August the best as we love the heat, being from Canada our summers are very short and humid. We just can't get enough of the heat even though there have been times that you couldn't breath, hey it's summer. We also enjoy coming home when the weather is hot as it's not such a shock to your system. One time we went in January and it was a beautiful 70 degrees and we got home to snow and below freezing temperature, now that was a shock to the old system. It took me until June to warm up again.  Lynda Loipersbeck

* Definitely springtime, it's not too hot to walk around for hours on end and also because it seems a shame to not be able to enjoy some of those great pools and the "on vacation" atmosphere surrounding them. Thanks,  Sandy R.

* Love to go Las Vegas in February when it is really cold here in Indiana just to get away form the snow and cold. Like October when is starts to get cold here just to get us ready for winter. Las Vegas can be fun any time of the year if you love Vegas like we do.. G.J. Smith

*   I love coming in January. I love the way I can in my rental car drive the strip at times usually mornings and well actually most times) up and down the strip and be the first one at the stop lights. I get a kick out of that . also the weather is fine compared to here in Connecticut , I still walk around in my shorts. lines are smaller at venues, and I think the slots are looser and the table action better. but that's just me and how I feel. being 58 years old I'm not into the part scene (thank god for them ha ha ) so the getaway to Vegas is right up my alley. I come to relax , have some drinks, gamble and look at the beautiful sites if you get my drift. so yes January is my time to love Vegas the most.  Watcherboy

* Halloween week.... (the week that Halloween falls in unless falls on weekend, usually Sunday threw Thursday trip.)  It's cooler weather. The Casino staff are in a friendly mood as a lot of the Casino have special promotions for the week. ( parties and free events)  The new slot machines are out on the Casino floor and ready to be played. Most Casino have special Casino items available, as we start to get geared up for the up coming Holidays. (Casinos have Special Silver Strikes or Casino Chips for the Halloween occasion on sale) The shops are marking items on sale and putting out the new holiday items for sale.  All of the Sunday and Monday night football parties. (I love the NASCAR races myself, but usually attend a Monday night football party) Vegas has the best to offer in entertainment as it's matter of your own taste. We have been making the trip out for 5 Years now and we look forward to making the trip At Halloween. (Our anniversary is November 26 around Thanksgiving... So we celebrate a little early as Thanksgiving is a time for Families and we make this is a time for us) Most of the time we can get a deal on air fair, Hotel , rental car rates at this time of year. ( unless a big convention is in town) Personal note: Last year we enjoyed the Ford car show with Dale Jarrett, Tony Stewart and Elliot Sadler. It was a added bonus. Tickets and rooms are usually hard to get during NASCAR events, Casino rate really jump up for this event.  We travel to Vegas at least twice a year sometimes we make it three.  Raymond and Mary Zachary

* If I could go to Las Vegas any time of the year I would choose mid-October. The kids are in school and hunkering down with tests, projects and after school stuff to keep them busy. They are over the hard part of settling back into a regular routine. Christmas is still 2 months away. It gives you enough time to enjoy yourself for a brief moment of fun, excitement, relaxation and ""adult time"" before the demands of holiday buying, planning and preparing are upon you. It is a fabulous way to recharge your batteries. The weather in Las Vegas is still lovely with a bit of a fall bite in the air. The prices for air fares and hotels will have dropped and that is the best value for your money and family budget. It is also a unique place to shop around for a few unusual Christmas gifts while you enjoy the glitz, glammer and fun!  Take me away....  Susan Griffith


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