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Reader Polls Feedback for: October 25, through November 4, 2008

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

We are down to the last few days of what seems to me the longest political presidential campaign ever. The US presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 4, the 56th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election and will select the President and the Vice President of the United States. This huge event brings us to this week’s Reader Poll question. Whom do you think will win the presidential election, John McCain, the US Senator from Arizona or Barack Obama, the US Senator from Illinois? What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

Please let Obama win, he cannot possibly screw up things worst than the last eight years we have had to suffer.  B. L.  Houston Texas

My vote goes to McCain, although he does scare me at time.  Either way, I dont really like either person to take us through these economic devastation times.  Barney S.  Nyc NY.

Barring some major gaffe on Obama or more likely Biden's part, I think they will win. Due to the apparent lack of the Republican party doing a thorough vetting of Sarah Palin I believe she will ultimately be their downfall. Unless the Republicans can pull off another Ohio or Florida. Matt Leamy  Troutdale / OR

It is too bad either of them will win. What a poor choice.  Greg Plagmann  Palm Bay , FL

I believe Senator Obama will win. He is steady and focused.I have listened to the debates, and felt he fully understood what the majority of the citizens want,health care and fair taxes for all Americans,He had the integrity to use his own health care plan as an example of the haves and have nots.The voting pamphlet sent out to all registered voters list the qualifications of each candidate. If I was hiring,and I'am,Obama would be
my first choice. Norm Monson Bremerton Wa.

John McCain had better win the election or our country will be in serious trouble. Obama has no idea what he is doing and he will tax us to death!  Pat  New Jersey

The unregulated economic factors that have contributed to the present financial mess (oil, bank lending,insurance, medicine, medical costs, etc...)must be changed. Only Barack Obama promises to do this. He Must Win! Taxation is not to be feared, it is the price all of us must pay for a civilized society.  Tax breaks for the corporate society did not work (trickle down job creativity is a joke... our jobs went out of the country) Obama/Biden Must Win.  ken arasim  Kenmore, WA

John McCain.  Harry Hogan   Granbury, Texas

The country is ready for a change. Obama will win in a close one.  Ron Fleischmann  New Ulm, MN

When you really get down to it this election has 2 empty suits running for the highest position in the world. Both parties should hang their heads in disgrace for offering these two. When voting consider what accomplishments these 2 have done. Answer not much from either one but at least McCain fought for this country and paid the price for it and has a son fighting for us now. Obama is a taker not a giver unless you accept empty promises as giving. Obama does have a bunch of questionabe friend.  Nick Cignetti  North Canton oh

Barack Obama will win the Presidential election.  Before the credit freeze and ensuing stock market malaise...McCain and Palin having a strong campaign....but due to the drastic change in the world economy ... i feel the republicans will be held responsible for this end result,,,thus...Mr Obama will be elected as our next President.  Bert Bond  Las Vegas, NV

 I think Obama will win. At least some of his TV adds are about him or what he wants to accomplish. All of MCcains adds are neg. I have not seen one add of his that does not cut Obama,or give a hint to what he wants to do. If all he can do is cut congress and be neg with them, we will be in even worse shap than we are in right now. He is another
Bush!  Alan Wagner  Sheboygan Wi

Barack Obama brings youthful enthusiasm, surrounding himself with technical expertise rather than businesses earning money in the guise of support of America. Back to true controls on contracting, constitutional use of power and funds, and upholding the law is what I expect of Senator Obama. Leading does not mean everything will be to my personal taste, instead, I expect the government to ensure the safety of Americans and its visitors, the environment, property rights, and the economy.  j sterling  Chehalis WA Country

 It does not make any difference.  Both of them are wrong for the country at this time.
One(McCain) have a helpmate out of hell and not sure what to do with situation we are in. Another one (Obama) will promise you the moon for your vote.The only problem is He will not deliver. Simple math is not working. And we all know you can't spend what you don't have. That what got all of us in the situation we are today.  Polin   Reseda, CA

I think Obama will win only because people in this country want to do the in thing. The in thing this year is to be voting for a black man who is not black put a mix race and because All the Opara ''want to be" ,who do not have a mind of their own will vote for him. Also Acorn has everyone from mickey mouse to my dead aunt registered to vote. So the
anti-christ will win this round not the man that should.  diane mckivitz  bunola,pa

Barack Obama.  holly learned  niagara wi

Obama, he's the best choice, and our best hope. Obama as he's been ahead, deserves to win, and is our best hope.  Joan Greenberg  Encinitas CA

Barack Obama will win the presidential election without a doubt.  John McCain would never win this election and bringing Sarah into the picture will not bring him enough votes to win. She's cute but it seems as though she's gotten on people's nerves. No way will McCain & Sarah win the election. He's to much like President Bush and she's to annoying.  Gloria Dunn  Agawam MA

Well, I voted for Obama and I hope he wins of the two candidates. I wished for former General Powell to have run but he supports Obama and that was the clincher for me. Both McCain and Obama are as equals to get the job done -in different ways. I feel Obama will listen to the needs of the people more precise than McCain will. No disrespect to Mr. McCains loyalty to his country.  Larry Strehl  Tampa/Florida







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