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Reader Polls Feedback for: October 25, through November 4, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


The good old days of the sound of coins falling from a slot machine is almost all gone for Las Vegas. Another item that soon may leave the Vegas casino floors is the change booth. More and more casinos are opting to buy these huge metal machines that sit on the casino floor that redeems slot tickets and can make change. This is another step in streamlining a casino and eliminating more human jobs while simultaneously using less casino floor space to do the same job. This week’s Reader Poll asks . . . Would you rather go to a casino change booth and deal with a human or use one of the new automated teller type machines that cashes tickets and gives change?  What is your Opinion? Why or Why not?
Reader Poll Replies:

Call me old fashion, but I like talking to a change booth person.  Gloria S.  NH

I would rather use a machine - there are too many times when you get poor service from someone, and you don't have to deal with buckets of change all the time, or worry about dropping it on the way to the cage.  Wingo Siu  Vancouver, BC Canada

My belief is: You take away human relations and what do you have? You have no interaction with your valued customer and the great feeling the customer gets when they receive good service from an employee. The smile, the hello that greets you and entices you to spend your money at that casino. We have automated bank tellers, automated voices on the phone, automated teller at the casino for tickets etc. What next, automated dealers at the card tables. Take it from a customer service employee.  Carmen Poitras  Sudbury ON Canada

The sound of the coins falling into the metal tray under the slot machines was the main reason I went to Las Vegas. Now everything is automated. I dispise the automated coin sounds that come out of some machines. I go out of my way to find casinos that still use coins. Las Vegas has lost is character. I remember proudly going to the Cashier to get my first tray of "Silver". Now the machines just suck your bills right in. I want the romance of the coins back.  Joyce Beaman  Flagstaff AZ

*   A Harley accelerating past. The brass bell on a Western Electric desk phone. A Silver Dollar landing in a chrome-plated steel tray. Some sounds are so uniquely American that foreign manufacturers spend huge amounts of time and money to duplicate them. Granted, coins are bulky, cumbersome, and disease-ridden. A rack of coins allows you at a glance to tell where you stand. Coins allow flexibility where and for how long you game. All reasons for going to paper slips.  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

The a.t.m. machine is my choice. From my past trips to Vegas, I have used them because they are faster than going to the casino change booth. I travel all the way from North Dakota and don't want to waste a second of my time in Vegas. I'll do anything to save time so that I can have more time for gambling and sightseeing! Gotta love Vegas!  Sara Brentrup Minot, ND

*   I would rather go to the machines to get change than the change booths. Those lines get very large at the change booths at the machine you put your dollars in or your winning ticket & out comes the change. People are always asking million questions at the change booths that is my opinion.  Judy Backer  Oceanside NY

Since Vegas has taken all the fun of carrying those change cups around and has become like all the rest of the casino's in the USA. I guess the new automated teller machines would be for me because you would not have to wait in line if they put enough of them around the casino floor. If you still have to wait in line like at the cages then no.  Lynda Olson  Federal Way WA

Change is constant, except in my pockets. Changing your change can change a human's behavior if the change you need to change can't be changed in a change machine. On the other hand, if the line to the change booth is long because of the changes the human is going through making change and the change machine is making change quicker....hummmmmh!? Can you change the question please?  Candy Quiles  Cleveland, OH

 I think we have outsourced enough. If everything goes machines, people will just stay home and play on their computer. The people in the cashier cage make you feel a little better about giving them your money. They need to bring the personal touch back (or keep what is left).  Bob Smith  Shelby, NC

*  I prefer the new automated machines, if they are plentiful. You don't have to walk all the way across a casino floor to a cashiers cage and wait in long lines.   Shirley Fuller  Mulvane, Kansas

*   I would rather go to a machine. at least a machine can't be rude. I have had so many tellers act like they are doing me a big favor just by giving me change, and heaven forbid they should be polite and smile and say have a good day.   christine kowal  westland MI

*  I would rather go to a casino change booth because I prefer talking to a person instead of depending on a machine that may be out of order or may not work right. I don't like the paper coming out of slot machines either. Not only are people losing jobs, there are less people on the floor to help you if you need it. Before long they may have drive thru, hand them money thru a window a robot will put it in a machine and they will either hand you a piece of paper or tell you drive on.  carlene trivett  bluff city, tn

First, I would like to go back to the "Good Old Days" and carry my bucket of quarters around. Last time I was in Vegas, they were in transition from cash to tickets. It truly Sucked. Re the change machines: We have change booths at a casino near me. They were great the 1st time. Last time, there were lines & frustration because several of them kept rejecting the tickets. I guess that's "progress." Less service for us, more profit for them.  Judy Wilcox  Baldwinsville, NY

*   The sound of coins make the casino come alive. A quiet casino is a dead casino to me. I turn around and leave.   Bill  IN

A Large part of the attraction to any casino is the personal interaction between the patrons and casino staff. The friendlier the staff, the more customers are likely to gamble there. If they continue to eliminate human interaction in favor of automation, Las Vegas will be no more attractive than Shreveport or Tunica or any other casino destination.  Rob Holbert  Dallas, Texas

I grew up in Las Vegas, and it was a friendly small town. Now, it is huge--still exciting---and more indifferent every day. I would truly prefer a human change person than a machine. Part of the romance of Vegas is the difference it represents....gambling and sharing a Thank-You or word of encouragement for the change folk is part of all the magic. I am saddened by the machines. But, I also like pulling the handles on the slot machines when I can. Human casino change booths are best.  Barbre Brunson

I love the new automated machines and TITO machines. I won't miss the chink, chink of the coins nor waiting until an attendant comes around to refill the machine cause my hopper is empty. I applaud all the casinos going to automated machines, as a convenience to the consumer.  M J  David City, Nebraska

 I greatly prefer using a live person. With the machines one mistake brings you results that you did not want and I get flustered and have to start over. sometimes I want change in a particular denomination and you cant get that from a machine.  linda timmons  saratoga ny

I like the machines, but I miss the change people with the carts. I choose to use the bill changer/ticket redeemer about 98 percent of the time. It is much faster, and I can change a bill as well as redeem a ticket. Casinos just need More of these machines. Now, if they could just combine them with an ATM....  Laine Wightman  Las Vegas, NV

*  Las Vegas was created by and for the people ... the gamblers from smalltown, USA are its lifeblood. Ordinary people play the casino games, watch the shows, eat the food, sleep in the hotels, and keep Sin City alive. They want to talk to a live person as they cash in, make change, and ultimately lose their hard earned money. And the women and men who make their living in the casinos really need their jobs. So ... real people need to serve real people!  Carmie Frey  Henderson, NV

*   I would rather deal with a human. It adds some warmth to a casino. I am a not a fan of everything being so automated.  Ellie Nosky  Canton MI

no more humans. they are to slow. machines only. they are on the job all the time. not on breaks.  GJ Smith

 I don't ever want to see a persons job be taken away by a machine so I would vote to keep the change booth and deal with a human being. pretty soon we'll have robot dealers, my god technology is something. spend the money on trying to find a cure cancer and other forms of human demise.  Ralph Didomonic  Hamden, conn

Taking the people and booths out of the casinos is crazy one of the best parts of vegas is the person working in those booths, it is all about greed. To much change will end up ruining vegas altogether.  Kevin Peter  Langey B.C.  Canada

Sooner or later machines screw up. I like to talk to people. If I wanted to deal with machines I can stay home. Kathleen House  Wautoma, Wisconsin

*  I would prefer to use an automated teller type machine that cashes tickets and gives change. The machines can be placed strategically throughout the casinos and there is hardly any waiting. Of course, there should always be a human available to help on an as needed basis.  John Fucci  Henderson, NV

I miss the human interaction. What's next; only video roulette, blackjack and other table games?  David Pritchard  Cumming, GA

The automated teller machine is a major convenience when it is working. I use them to avoid waiting in line. A change booth is still necessary as a backup to a malfunctioning teller machine or for an unreadable ticket. Cut back on the humans, but don't eliminate them completely. There surely must be an optimum mix of both.  donald marburger  rockwall, texas

*  I am not sure - there are pros and cons to both sides. It is a pain to have to stand in line to get you coin redeemed, but nice to have a friendly person greet you when you do. It is just as frustrating to go to a redemption machine, only to find it out of order and have to walk clear around the other side of the casino to find a working one.  David Baier  Joppa, Maryland

*  I like the automatic tellers as an option because of the speed and ease, however I would not like to see them replace all human cashiers in casinos. I feel if you take out too many people in the casino you would loose a lot of the atmosphere. A major part in casino play is the people and the atmosphere of fun and entertainment. When I go into a casino and am spending my money, I want to know there are people around to take care of my needs.  Barbara  Manchester, NH

I absolutely love technology. I think it makes everything faster, more efficient. With this being said, there is no question I would rather deal with a person. The simple reason: Last month at a casino my slot machine went off as a jackpot: lights, sirens, everything. When the floor manager came to over, he said one thing: Malfunction. Then another, and another. Soon, the entire computer system crashed. 4 hours and a riot later, I left, with $35 still in the machine. Humans Can't Crash!  Alyson Skok  Brockton, MA

*  I have to say that I like the big machines's faster service and I don't need to look up and see a scowl instead of a smile on a human's a never-ending job, I know, but Some kind of expression on a human face would be nice instead of the prominent scowls I've seen.  Anna Sjogren  Manistique, MI

*   I would rather go to a casino that has a machine to cash tickets or give change because it is faster. You still need people around in case of a malfunction of machines. However, if some people prefer machines with coins it would be nice to have a designated section for them to do so.  Edith from San Jose CA

*   The machines are fine with me -- as long as they operate. Just like slots that need service because of a malfunction there is always the likelihood of requiring the service of a "human" to cash tickets or get change. Casinos should be ready to keep waiting for service of any kind down to a minimum.  Joanne Kammer  Lansdowne, PA

*  i believe that they need people walking the floors for change many people do not want to leave there machines to get change, and you must consider the older people.   janet  jackson hgts ny

What if the machine runs out of money after you have inserted your ticket & runs out of the full amount of cash? Do you have to wait till someone sees you?  Robert P. Balino  Pearl City, Hi

*   I perfer the human touch, however, machines would probably be faster. Sad that everything is going to machines.   mary beth lies  mishawaka, indiana

*  I would prefer the change booth with a human being counting out and handing me my money.  I have used the machines often at Foxwoods in CT but more for convenience than anything.  The personal touch is being eliminated more and more.  The machines (however convenient) are still just machines. If they break, run out of money or don't give you your exact amount, then you still wait for a human being to fix them. Enough said  Joanne Cathcart

*  I prefer to use the automated machines. Primarily, because they eliminate the handling of coins. Coins are dirty and it is inconvenient to "cash-out" to move to a different machine.  Bryan T. Miller  Boyne City, MI

Although going to an automated teller machine would be very convenient and perhaps faster, I would rather deal with a human - the human contact is usually very pleasant and they are all very polite. I would not want to eliminate the job even though I believe the automated teller type machines are the thing of the future.  Barbara Nykaza  Trumbull, CT


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