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Reader Polls Feedback for: October 15, through October 24, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


On the major traffic intersections along the famous Las Vegas Strip are elevated walkways to keep the traffic flowing away from the pedestrians. With the growth of various city projects (Citycenter, Echelon, Encore, Arena, and others) it might become necessary to have many more of these overhead walkways to eliminate traffic / pedestrian congestion on other Las Vegas intersections. Do you like these overhead walkways, or is there a better way to keep the traffic moving at maximum speed while millions of pedestrians roam the city streets? What is your opinion? Why or Why Not? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I dont like having to take a couple minutes to ride up the escalators and over the intersection, but that might be a cheap price to pay for a persons safety.  Lisa B.  NH

These elevated walkways are the perfect way to keep traffic and pedestrians moving along. Not only does it keep traffic moving but they offer amazing photo oppotunities.  Kristin Burden  Wharton

My wife and I Love the elevated walkways. They are a great way to cross the intersections safely while not slowing down or blocking traffic. Can you imagine the traffic congestion on Las Vegas Blvd if they were not there? Also, they are a great way to see the strip. We've taken some wonderful pictures of Las Vegas Blvd from the bridge crossing the strip at Wynns, looking towards Mandalay Bay... Build more of them!  We wish we had them here in my home town... Kyle Lalonde  Windsor Ontario Canada

yes there good and save live.  john cataloni  laguna niguel

I was so happy to see the walkways at Tropicana when they were finished. Even when the escalators break down, walking up is faster than waiting for the light. Need more street art, maybe even performers on the overpasses, and kick off the homeless. Next, do one at Harmon, that intersection at night is so hellishly congested with all the pedesterians and cabs trying to coexist in the same space/time. Upper-deck the entire strip with a pedestrian mall & shops. Or bury the roadway...? Don Bartley  Portland, OR

The walkways are a safety haven. People can be moved along the strip without fear of being involved in a traffic accident. Keep the walkways and encourage other busy intersections to provide same.  George E. Phillips  Las Vegas, Nevada

Love it!  Dolores  Alpine,Ca

I definitely prefer the pedestrian bridges, so long as there are elevators and escalators included in their design. Even with median strips, the street-level crossings are just too dangerous, particularly given the number of older tourists traversing the Strip. Linda A. Graham  Lynn, MA

There is no way better than what you have now. Since traffic is horrific this is the best of what I have seen & used. Hawaii doesn't have this problem with foot traffic. Robert P. Balino  Pearl City, Hi

We love the overhead walkways, as long as the escalators are working!  Howard Kendall  Indianapolis IN

I like the overhead walkways but hasn't anyone ever considered tunnels that could run under the strip and be part of an underground shoppping complex and or gaming at each property? It would be a break from the extreme temperatures as well.  John K  Erie, PA

As a regular visitor to Las Vegas since 1979, I have seen first hand the enormous increase in visitor population and motor vehicles on the strip. The overhead walkways, albeit, a very expensive initial investment can only bring positive results. The number of pedestrian accidents is overwhelming. The walkways can provide safety and be an economic boost for the hotels in general. If the walkways allow easy access to the hotels on the strip, it can only enhance the visitors to the casinos.  JoAnn Cathcart  North Attleboro, MA

I love the pedestrian walkways along the strip, it is so convenient not having to worry about getting hit by a car and trying to run across the street before the lights change. I am all for having more walkways along the strip. Good job.  Janet Baumann  Bolingbrook, IL

Opinion= I think a tunnel is needed for traffic underneath the Strip. That way the surface streets can become pedestrian walkways, much like Disneyland or Fremont Street. That would certainly save on pedestrian/automibile accidents, and the incredible traffic congestion.   Laine  Las Vegas/NV

We feel the walkways are great and much safer for all as it keeps the foot traffic safe and the traffic moving  Lonnie Knick  Normal, IL

I love the walkway. It makes it easy to find out way and it is safer. I also like being above the city to see the sights.  Marilyn Stockman Rio Rancho

The walkways are an improvement over traffic lights, but they are time inconvenient. I think they should have built the monorail along the strip with street crossovers at the various stops instead of putting the stops so far behind the casinos as to make them inconvenient and tiring to use!  Paul Kreckler  Marstons Mills, MA

I happen to like the overhead walkways a lot! They offer great views of the areas. The only suggestion would be for them to have the traveling sidewalks like they have between the Excaliber & Luxor! There are a lot of older people that can't walk that far!   Karin  Maquoketa, IA

I noticed you didn't mention the monorail, why? Wasn't that supposed to help with traffic on the strip? Anyway the walkways are fine for those who can walk, I'm limited in my ability to walk around therefore I use a rental car when I visit. More walkways would help I guess, but I feel the strip is the strip, touritst love to drive up and down and see the lights and people. I can't see that changing.  Ralph  Hamden CT

I agree with the need for more overhead walkways. For the safety of pedestrians and the continual free flow of traffic along major arteries, the need seems apparent. As a driver, a tourist, and pedestrian since 1973, the city has grown considerably in the intervening 34 years. Congestion in a tourist destination hinders movement and creates anxiety. The overhead walkways will reduce both.   William  Albuquerque/N.M

I've always thought that it was bad planning that they didn't just make all the intersections on the strip the raised flyovers for pedestrians. I've seen too many accidents involving pedestrians, and many people who are driving are from out-of-town and are not paying enough attention. Pedestrians also make it more dangerous for themselves by not obeying the traffic signals.  I would welcome more pedestrian flyovers.  Vickie Christensen  Mt View, CA



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