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Reader Polls Feedback for: October 15, through October 24, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


This week IVLV was asked by a major casino a question about their upcoming remodeling of their buffet. It seems they want to know what is more important to the consumer - quantity or quality. Their question was . . . Which is better . . . to have a larger selection of hundreds of various types of food or is it better to have a smaller number of selections available but have more gourmet type foods? What is your Opinion? Why or Why not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I think a buffet should have hundreds of different items, not necessarily gourmet food, just a great selection.   Bev Roberts  NY

*   I think a larger of hundreds of various foods is better than a smaller number of gourmet foods because more than 1/2 the people prefer More variety, than a smaller selection of gourmet. If they want the "gourmet" foods, they would go to a regular nice restaurant, not a casino...people in casinos want a lot, compared to a small selection.  sandi  Chicago, Il

*   It's very simple! The only reason I really go to a casino is for "the large selection of dishes"!   Richard Green  Lewisville, TX

*   I think they can do both. Good tasteful food does not have to be expensive and it can still satisfy the majority of the people. I am sure there will be something in a more reasonable buffet to satisfy most people without sacrificing quality.  Nancy Sexton  Port Jervis

*  Depends on property's demographics. For Red Rock, smaller buffet with classier items; for Palace Station, more would be better, Overall, class will draw good money-spending customers.  Dick Doyle  Las Vegas, NV

*   I personally like a lot of quantity with quality. I have eaten at a lot of buffets in Las Vegas and have found some like that.  John Webb  Nixon,TX

*   I believe quality of food is more important, you can have 1000 different foods offered but if the quality is bad no one remembers the selection. Tony Bure  Saint Peters, MO

*   I feel it is better to have a smaller selection of food types that are well prepared and not dried out on the line. The smaller selection does not even have to be "gourmet type" all of the time. A day to day and/or a week to week variety would be welcomed since we frequent the same restaurants and buffets that provide excellent preparation And variety. Let me know the name of the casino that is smart enough to request a survey prior to remodeling...We will become promotional customers. Thanks!  Ken Arasim  Henderson, NV

*   I feel quality is better for the buffet. Quantity is a dime a dozen and many of the buffets run around the same amount of money. If the meal is tasty and you have some variety then I believe you'll get the people coming back. If it is quantity they will keep trying to find one with more and more variety.  Gayle Collins  Grand Island, FL

*   I have been to a few buffets in vegas. And I would like to see a smaller selection of gourmet type foods. The more there is the more you think you have to eat. Just seeing so many people handling the same utensils with so many germs out there is frightening. So a smaller buffet with clean utensils at a fair price is what I look for. The best buffet was the fire light buffet in veges. It was clean and neat when I was there.  Gordon Spraker Dunnellon FL

*  I don't envy any food service trying to guess the next eating trend. My
friends and I are still trying to find "value", that is the best food for
the cheapest price. My most recent report is that the tendency is for the
value buffets to upgrade their selections and go upscale with the prices,
a'la Aladdin and Rio in their competition for "Best Buffet". Finding a
$1.99 breakfast is apparently a fond memory, as is the midnight Steak & Eggs (unless the LV Hilton still serves their famous dish). Even a hamburger comes with a theme, and a price. Then you have the price/quality balancing act that encourages upscale diners who want better food and a more exclusive atmosphere that filters out the undesirable classes, with signature chefs and velvet ropes.   Don Bartley

I feel quality is the better of the two. I would rather have fewer choices than to get a plate full of food and not eat over half because of the taste. "Less Is More" Having gourmet foods on a very small daily rotating basis would be good. Having good desserts are also a must!  Don't put out boxed Sara Lee and expect it to go.  Shirlee Oosterhoff  Zephyrhills, FL

I'd like to have a wider variety of food, some people are picky or allergic. It would draw more customers for the variety. A little bit of everything is appealing.  Jennifer Eubanks  Creve Coeur, MO

Quality is much more important than quantity, given that the price of the two buffets is comparable. The overall crowd seems to have a "Food Network" or "Martha" taste for food now and appreciates good taste over a grazing field of carbs. Just keep the costs affordable - you know we love to pour the money into slots but hate to spend a lot on our buffets. We enjoy tasting a variety of gourmet foods rather than piling the plates high with run of the mill entrees, pastas and desserts.  Kay Cole  Berwyn, IL

 I vote for quantity. I'm not a fan of gourmet foods so I'd prefer having a larger selection of foods, salads, desserts, etc.  Joanne Kammer  Lansdowne, PA

*  I feel it is better to have a larger selection of food at the buffet. If I want gourmet type food I would go to one of the many 5 star restaurant that specialize in that type of food. I don't go to a buffet for gourmet food, but a larger choice of quality food. Terry Freiberg  Walla Walla, WA

I definitely prefer quality. What good is quantity if it does not taste good. A small selection of gourmet type foods is best. But the buffets should have a rotating schedule so there is not the same menu day in and day out.  Stanley F Dluzin  Westland, MI

*  Quality! Quality!  When I go on a vacation, I'm looking for the best. Las Vegas is blessed with a great selection of buffets. Why should I settle for standard tasting quantity when I can get great tasting quality. Quantity usually equates to everything tasting the same.  Harl Donley  Woodburn IN

*  I would prefer higher quality gourmet type foods over quantity any day.  Joanna Osterling  Lafayette, IN

*  Quality & healthy types of food is more important.  Robert P. Balino  Pearl City, HI

*   One of the best ways to set yourself apart is to offer a variety of some gourmet type foods. It is not that the hundreds of various types are not needed...but what other buffet in town does not already have that? Put some extra effort in the preparation and presentation of even the ordinary fare. Developing new recipes with great seasons & marinades is not costly and would give great benefits in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.  Feed with passion!  B.L. Biddle  Morgantown, IN

*   I think that it is better to have a smaller number of selections that are a better quality gourmet type of food.  Joseph Gloss  West Palm Beach, FL

 If you can do it...BOTH, but I like alot of choices.  Harvey Crowley  Austintown, Ohio

My wife and I differ on this. I feel it is important to have a large selection of many different foods. I like having small portions of a large selection, then going back for larger portions of the foods I liked.  She prefers to have smaller selections if it means more gourmet types foods, if they are "low fat" and "heart healthy".   Either way, a smoke-free buffet would be a deciding factor.   Bill Perry  Houston, TX

We visit Las Vegas 2 or 3 times each year and eat almost exclusively at the various casino buffets. We honestly look for the best quality at a good price. A good example is the buffet at Orleans or Golden Nugget downtown. We would not eat at Stratosphere or Circus Circus even though the price is low. I'm pretty sure we have eaten at every buffet at a casino on and off the strip.  Larry Altomaro  Troy/ MI

*  When we go to Vegas, we look for a Buffet that serves good quality food with some variety of selection of foods. I am alergic to fish so I have to be careful of what foods I eat. Also, I have found that the foods served at a buffet are not hot--there is nothing worse than eating food that is cold. After gambling, we were so tired so we decided to eat at the buffet at Circus Circus but the lines were so long; we walked out and ate at another restaurant with no lines. Edith San Jose CA

I don't need gourmet food but better quality food is the key to a good buffet. Creamy not sloppy mashed potatoes, fresher vegetables, not soaked in water, tender meat, not canned mystery meat, cheesecake instead of ice cream and sprinkles. Fresh breads, fruits, cheeses, vegetables. Real butter, real eggs, Real Food!  Sandy Ashmore  Lethbridge, AB Canada

I think quality is best. If the food is not good, why bother eating it.  Alores Michael  Chester WV

*   I prefer the larger buffets with more of a selection, while the gourmet buffets (like the one at Wynn) is nice, at $30 a person it is quite pricey and seems to cater to the upscale and foriegn visitor. While the days of the 1.99 buffet are gone, It would still be nice to have more buffets in the 7 to 10 dollar range. I have been coming to Vegas twice a year for 25 years, and perfer the buffets at the Rio, Main Street Station, Sahara, Stardust (closing soon) and the Fremont.   Charles Merica  Omaha, NE

I prefere quality over quantity. It seems to me the food taste better on buffets with smaller selection. When there is too much food selection I believe the cooks are in too much of a hurry to get everything cooked they dont pay enough attention to quality and to me it shows in the taste of the food. I think with the smaller quantity they can concentrate more on the quality of the food.  Tommy Law  Pinson, AL



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