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Reader Polls Feedback for: November 25, through December 4, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


Las Vegas is now gearing up for the Christmas/New Years holiday season. It appears this year there is a lot of controversy throughout the United States about Christmas holidays and is it socially correct to decorate homes and business for the holiday season. What is your opinion about Christmas decorations, should casinos decorate for Christmas, what type of religious decoration should casinos consider displaying, or should no Christmas decorations be displayed? What is your opinion? Why or Why Not? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think Christmas was just fine before all the radicals wanted to change it with restrictions and complaints on decorations.  Leave it alone if it is not broken.  Lynn D.  NY

I don't really care what they do on the strip, but please leave downtown alone. It is unique and charming and we love staying and playing there.  Florence Burchell Elk Mound Wi

Christmas is a holiday of being kind to each other. There is a story of a man who went out of his way to leave presents on each persons door step in his villiage each year on December 24th just to be kind to his neighbors. His name was Nick. It had nothing to do with religion. Of course Christmas decorations should be displayed to remind everyone it's nice to be kind to each other, if not all year, at least during the Christmas season.  Claire Latsko  Audubon, PA

I think that Christmas decorations mean different things to different people. I am not a religious person, but I appreciate the fact that this season seems to bring people together and raise the level of kindness amongst the average person. That is not to say that other religious beliefs could not do the same thing. But since the culture in North America has been to celebrate Christmas as a festive season, how can anyone seriously not want to see people happy.  Daryl Wright  Halifax, Nova Scotia  Canada

The founding fathers recognized God. They also recognized religous freedom. With those conditions I see no problem with decorations of different religions being used over the holiday seasons. It is time to take the politically correct and send them packing. Tolerance should be practiced by all parties.  Nick Cignetti  North Canton, OH

I think Christmas lights and generic decorations would blend right in with other Vegas lights bells and whistles. I think, like any other "home owner" that a casino owner can do what she / he pleases, when it comes to holiday decorations.  S Lee Tillinger  Cleveland, OH

Controversy? Because a very small percentage of squeaky wheels get press time because they're news and so people begin to wonder if it's right to decorate for Christmas? Oh come on, this is a democracy - the majority rules, and while the majority of people are Christian, damn right they should decorate for Christmas (hey, aren't most Mexicans Catholic?) So put up Christmas trees with lights and tinsel! That's So Vegas! The Bellagio sets a great example with the way they decorate their gardens.  Kevin Coolidge  Corona, CA

I don't see why casinos can't decorate for Christmas. So many have already taken the Christ out of Christmas. It would be nice to see Christmas decorations and people saying Merry Christmas again and remember what Christmas is all about.  Nancy  Port Jervis, NY

One of the beauties of the holiday season is that everything is decorated and changed. Yes casinos should decorate for the season, not the religious celebrations, but the seasons. Judi Ketchum  Willoughby, Ohio

I see no problem with having decorations, this is the US and we have all kinds of people from everywhere, we should have one set of decorations for everyone so as not to offend anyone, but everyone needs to be tolerant of other religions, so come up with something new for all ethnic groups.  Janet Baumann  Bolingbrook, IL

Decorations honoring the multitude of cultures we have in the United States would serve as a worldly reminder that we all celebrate the holiday season in a variety of ways.  RacerOne  Albuquerque/N.M.



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