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Reader Polls Feedback for:  May 5, through May 14, 2010

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Within a few months, the Hoover Dam Bypass Project should be completed. This project, started in January of 2005, consists of a new bridge over the Colorado River, located approximately 1,500 feet south of the Hoover Dam. This new bridge, a 1060 foot twin rib concrete arch bridge, along with 3.5-miles of new highway will expedite vehicles between Nevada and Arizona. The bridge is 900 feet above the Colorado River. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question, when visiting Las Vegas, is this feat of modern engineering something you would take a couple hours out of your Vegas time to travel the 40 miles to view this man made wonder?   What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the exact words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

Thanks, on my next trip to vegas I will certainly take a few hours to see this bridge.  I had no idea this was being built.  Bonnie C.  Denver CO

Sure looks impressive, count me in, I am there to see this when completed.  Lawrence Mills

Yes i would go to see it , acctually i already have gone to see it while they were building it in January . I think its interesting because i know what it looked like before the bridge was their from a previous trip to the Dam . Thanks for your newsletter! Keep up the great
work!   Jim Dippolito  Kingston , NY

Being someone that has seen many parts of the world, what I thought would be a lesson for my 2 grandchildren amazed even I when crossing this magnificent example of American workmanship.   Don Turner    Brunswick

Have passed by the project 2 or 3 times during it's time line. Watched on a couple of TV shows. Amazing feat of engineering & construction skill. Hopefully, they'll add an area to the Hoover Dam facility to discuss the obstacles in building the bridge. We'll be there
next week, darn, it's not going to be finished. The answer to the question is heck yes it will be well worth visiting the new bridge. The advice will be to visit both the dam & the bridge.  John  Taos

 I definitely would take a few extra hours to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas lights to see this modern marvel. Nevada has so much to offer. You need to get out and see the great sights of the desert   John Bierbach   Waterford,WI

Yes. I would & have driven to see the dam and the construction.  Brad Hubbard  Saskatoon Canada

 Yes, I absolutely would make this a must see priority on my next Las Vegas trip. I have been to Hoover Dam many times over the years and wouldn't miss driving over this new bridge   Barbara Hennessey  Lynn, mA

The bridge design is amazing and certainly worth a visit in my book! I predict it will not only draw me to visit this wonder but will become an ongoing attraction for the area. I love Vegas and visit every year but also enjoy some time away from the strip to venture out to the surrounding areas-this gives me one more sight to see!.   Karen Torino  Charleston, SC

We have visited Las Vegas several times. On our first trip we crossed the dam on the way to the Grand Canyon. We will probably make the trip again (when I find another job). Is there a place to stop and take pictures from the new bridge? We enjoy looking at the lake when flying into LV.   Gene McPherson   Seabrook, TX

Yes , we will visit it when we are in the Las Vegas area.  Dwight & Karen Alexander   Escondido, CA

Absolutely. I would spend my evening hours in Vegas, and take a morning or mid day trip to see the bridge. I used to drive the Hoover Dam route as a youngster and look forward to seeing a new modern marvel. Greg Burch  Mesa AZ

yes.   David Diehl  Spring Hill, Florida

Yes I would definatly spend a couple of hours veiwing this engineering marvel. On my many trips to vegas for the winter I have watched this project from its inception. Edward Girard  St Clair Shores Mich

yes i would indeed love to travel over it just look at the view.  tom   jacksonville, fl

 We drove out when it construction was in very early stages. It was a nice drive and a fun outing and a very cook sight to see. We were impressed enough that we have decided that we intend to go back, see the completed bridge and take the full day Dam tour. Susan   Pricco

We definitley will drive the 40 miles to see and expierence the Hoover Dam bypass bridge. Will we be able to get out of our car and look over the edge of the bridge? It should be a spectacular view.   Robert Bliss Kansas City, KS

We have been on vacation to vegas 3-4 times, and used vegas as our home base. Been to CA. Sequoia Park. And UT.Brice Canyon last year. I have been watching the online webcam of the building of the bridge. Was wanting to go last time but knew it wasn't done yet. So can't wait to go back again sometime to see it. It would be one more thing to see outside of the Vegas Strip. And go Back to FreMont Street where we have the best times. Gordon   Dunnellon fl

As frequent visitors to the Las Vegas area, we are eager to see anything new that is made of built. One of our favourite sites is Hoover dam and we have watched the new bridge being constructed over the pas 5 years. Would certainly travel 40 miles to see it.  Anne Heafield  Epping, Victoria  Australia

Yes, not only to see it but it looks like you will be able to take a great picture of Hoover Dam.  Len Boscarine  Seattle, WA

That is the route we drive to Vegas and of course cant wait to see it.  Barbara Knick  Normal Illinois

Yes-It is an additional reason to go see Hoover Dam. My children have taken their children to see Hoover Dam because they remember the fun & interesting time they had when I took them as children.  shirley   La Canada, Ca

Absolutely worth the drive, Drive out to Boulder City, stop at the Coffee Cup Cafe for some of the best pancakes you ever ate, then take a walk down to the park and back, hop back into your car and go down to see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. If you have the time, take the scenic route back along Lake Mead and you can drive through red rock canyon for some awesome scenery. Definitely worth the trip   Steven Steinman Austin / Texas

 I came by there a few times when it was being built. Will certainly go and see it when it will be completed. Hope for guided tours to be organized and take people there from Vegas.  Micheline Marchand  Brussels Belgium

I peddled a bike on the historic railroad trail from Bolder City to the dam to see the bridge in February, on my 54th birthday. I will definately do it again when the amazing bridge is completed.  Nick Ogle  Knoxville, TN

We've been to LV four times in the past year,in three weeks will be our fifth.We have gone to see this amazing project each time.Our next trip will be no different.Can't wait to drive over it and take another twenty pictures to add to the fifty we already have.It' a must see in my book.  James E. Buetow  Cedarburg,WI

i will go see it after a few thousand other cars have croseed it safely.900 feet is a long way down.  Howard Kendall  Indianapolis

As one who has observed the progress of this man made wonder since the beginning (we drive from Texas to Las Vegas each year) I would love to learn the specifics of how the bridge was planned and the special engineering required to build it. I believe this bridge would be well worth the drive to see it. An added bonus is that you get to view Hoover Dam from a whole new perspective. I can hardly wait for the first trip over the bridge on future travels to Vegas.   Donald Marburger   Rockwall, Texas

We make it a point to go to Hoover Dam each time we are in Las Vegas (every year to a few years.)Last year we saw the bridge was being built. Our brother-in-law, whose left arm is paralyzed due to a stroke, was so fascinated by the bridge last year that he built a model of it, visualizing the completed center section. We revisited this year to see the progress made and compare his visualization to the real thing. We figure by next trip the road and bridge will be ready for travelers.  Cassandra & Chaz   North Tonawanda NY

We normally do not rent a car while in Vegas but for a good change would make a day trip to see the bridge and other sights.  Brian McDonald  West Bend, WI

I visited it already, and thought I would not like it, but it was quite interesting.  john lenzie  tannersville, pennsylvania

We would definitely go see the bridge. There was a program about the constrution of the arches from both sides. It was fascinating.   alores michael  chester wv

i think that the bridge is cool, but it is the coolest to drive on the damn. it is part of history. yes i would come see it as the last time i was there it was 1/2 way there.  Nichole Archibald  Wellington, co

no it ruins the look of the dam and I am sure they could have located it somewhere else. I have already seen the dam and we went down to the bottom of it. We loved every minute we were there.  ann clark  courtice, ontario

I am coming out in spet 25-oct 2 and will take the time to go see the bridge!! Wow.  Steven G Rees  Covington Ohio





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