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Reader Polls Feedback for: May 5, through May 14, 2009

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The Nevada legislature is considering putting a "SERVICE TAX" on every person that provides a service to anyone else in Nevada. For example, if a hair dresser cuts your hair, you would have to pay as much as 7% more to the state. If you went to the doctor, he would add 7% to your bill. This would cost tourists more money for services bought from a Nevada company. What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

(The Nevada legislature needs to hear from you loud and clear that you are against the service tax. Take 2 minutes and call 702-486-2626 and tell the legislature that you are 100% against the service tax.)

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think this is rediculous and I will call that number and give them a piece of my mind.  Let the government become more efficient rather than making new taxes to cover their poor spending practices.  D. Ryan, Las Vegas, NV

We think of going to Vegas less now. We went 3 or 4 times a year then down to 1 or 2 times a year for vacations or just a get away. Flying from Fla is bad enough. To pay more of unfair taxes, etc, is the cause of our less travel there. NO MORE TAXES! I Feel sorry for the people trying to make a living there. There has to be another way. Why cause the state more money problems than it already has? It will backfire!   Faith French  Dunedin, FL

Tourists pay enough gambling tax to run Nevada. Just because the socialists in California have driven many people to call Nevada home for tax purposes, don't think you can tax to us death. Cut spending. We have many low tax destinations available.   Gregory Plagmann  Palm Bay, FL

This is just like every other state and the feds. They think sencr the money doesn't come from their pockets , they can wast our money. We are taxed enough. They need to learn to cut back like we do.Soon it will be like gas. We learn to cut back when the price went up. We can learn to cut back our trips to vegas to.Then what will they do. Just like
every where else, raise another tax to make up for us not comeing to vegas. (because of a new tax)We sure don't come to vegas for higher taxes. Do we.   Steve  Sedalia.Mo

Being from out-of-state and a frequent Vegas visitor, any service that I would need such as haircut, manicure, etc, I will do prior to coming into town. If there sole purpose is to increase revenue from the people coming in from out of state- Then the people of Nevada should be exempt from the service tax.   Sonny Garza   Sugar Grove, IL

I live in Allegheny County, PA, and we have a 7% sales tax - presumably the highest taxed county in the US. People drive to neighboring states to make big purchases - cars, funiture, etc. so if you can stop your legislature from imposing a 7% service tax, good luck to you. The people in the Pgh area voted Against building a new stadium and
new ball park, but we got them anyway - who actually listens to what people want? Again - good luck!   Florence Mack  Pittsburgh,PA

why didn't the coffee drinking, donut eating suits come up with this when the economy was good. oh no they come up with it now when things are tight. i realize its a money making idea they have i just question why now. vegas is down like from what i heard near 20% this year. this is not good news for all vegas businesses. now add the 7% tax and business could suffer more.get the people back then think about a tax.not now!   ralph  hamden,ct

This will not only fail to meet financi needs it will cause a revolition among business people at all levels. Plus it's a dumb idea. The Legislature needs to raise txes on banks, the mining business and raise business license fees (Lowe's and Home Depot pay $100 for their licenses.  Dick Doyle  Las Vegas

No thank you... Prices in Vegas are not like they were in the old days... .99 hot dogs and margarita on every cornor.If a tax like this passes, what is going to happen to the Economy in and around vegas? Will visitors still come to Vegas yes, but will tourist be a little wiser with their money... Oh ya   Cynthia Stotts   Gardner, KS

I, as a Las Vegas visitor, would not object to the 7% service tax. LV hotel tax, at 10% is still less than Florida's or Hawaii's. 7% of a $100 service is oly $7. Besides, how many visitors get hair cuts, see doctors or dentists, etc. when on a less-than-a-week visit to LV.  Margaret Russell  Colorado Springs, CO

I hear a government vaccuum starting - just trying to suck more money from us. Not a good idea - especially in this economy.  Janette Bach   Puyallup, WA

No! But its a good way to run more tourists away. Raise tax on rental cars too,a nd maybe a nonresident tax at the airport. My three trips a yeat could be spent at Tunica, New Oreans or at the five casinos here in St. Louis. Good idea raise taxs. John Lagana  High Ridge,Mo

More double taxation... They already have a sales tax. This would be another reason to just stay home and do it yourself if you can. Like smoking ordenaces in restaurants. They gave the business owners no options to build a smoking area, so smokers would rather just eat at home, or fast food in there rooms and enjoy themselves.. Just what the resteraunt owners dont need in this recession... Service tax's will just kill more business
and leave you wondering why your tax base continues to shrink.  Rob  Cedar Park

Wow,does that include a 7 percent service tax I would have to pay my wife when we visit Las vegas?  Larry Grant  Lynn,Ma.



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