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Reader Polls Feedback for: May 25, through June 4, 2008

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

As we all know, the price of gasoline has been on an increase. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . will the rise in gasoline prices keep you away from Las Vegas over the next year?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:


The rise in gas prices does effect me for taking long driving vacations but I will still continue to come to Las Vegas every six months.  Darrel Sway

Overall the gas crunch costs me about $1,000 more a year.  So that amount may be what I dont take on a trip to Vegas.  Other than that, look out Vegas I am still coming to play.  Barry Winslow  NH

We live in L.A., so compared to flying to Vegas, a tank of gas is still a bargain - and you have cheaper transportation once you arrive.  For those too far who need to fly in, the airfares should not have changed severely enough to prevent the flight. So, in my opinion, Las Vegas should see little change in visitor ship based directly on the price off gasoline.
However, other economic factors will likely cause potential visitors to seriously consider the total expense of the the vacation.  Steve Weinhouse  Simi Valley CA

Probably not. We already have a flight booked for July of this year. The taxi ride might be higher priced, due to a fuel surcharge or something, so we'll just increase our transportation budget a little and cut down on something else a little. Unless you plan on driving 2000 miles to Las Vegas, I don't see how it would effect someone.  Steven Tillinger  Parma, Ohio

We do factor in the cost of fuel when taking a long trip by car and it might stop us from doing some things that are not entirely necessary, but Las Vegas is one of of our most enjoyable car trips from Phoenix, and we always come with another couple, so we will continue to enjoy this vacation even if we spend $10.00 more for gas. Arthur Stackpole  Surprise, AZ

only if the airlines raise your price alot! Otherwise we will continue to go! We rent a car, went in May , traveled to all the out lyoing casinos. Spent 4 night. Gas in rental was $37.00. Nothing compared to what we lost in Casinos! Yes will go again!   Pam Roszak
 Farmdale Ohio

The price of fuel will not change my mind this tear, but that is only because I got my airline tickets early. Next year if I don't get some really good deals, it's good-bye to Las Vegas. We have shows, gambling, ect. near here.  Alan Wagner  Sheboygan, Wi

Absolutely not. We may have to cut back on the quality of food, or entertainment, but we will still make it out to Vegas each year.  Lena  Watsonville, CA

No, we will be coming to Las Vegas in June.  D. Hayes  Ponca City, OK

Heck of a question, no doubt in my mind it will. Was in Vegas about 10 days ago, and the price of gas is even higher now. Not to mention the higher prices of hotels, meals( with less comps) tighter machines. So if your not a big high roller, seems like whats the point! No money left to gamble with. So sad been coming at least 3 times a year for the last 28 years. Long for the old Vegas. James mcElyea  Fabens, Tx

I don't believe that would be a reason that would keep me from visiting Las Vegas because we don't do alot of driving in Vegas since everything is close together. Tessia Perkey  Douglasville, GA

No, we have planned on our trip for this June and we will come as planned!  Terri  La Porte, Indiana

no, infact we are coming in about a week. but it will probably keep me from driving to destinations.  ruth wermont  stuart/FL

 The price of gas will only keep me away from Vegas if it translates to much higher airfares. We can handle the cost of transportation and it's increases when we arrive, but it's the airfare that will "make or break" our return this summer. On a side note, I've noticed decreasing prices on hotel rooms which are probably due to the concern that less people will be traveling into the area due to gas prices!  David  Cleveland, OH

 My husband and myself have had our Vegas trip planned since Jan. I really doubt that the gas prices will keep us away. We are driving, so there is always hope that the prices will drop somewhat. We will be there in July! Nothing can keep up away!  Patricia Kekuewa  WSMR, NM

Not if I can find a good deal in a room. All other things are the same. Gas will curtial some of my other activities, but my wife and I get to Vegas ever year and this year should be not different.  Bob Smith  Shelby, NC

 We will be taking fewer weekend trips to the niagara falls casino's because of heavy fuel cost, but we want to celebrate out 40th wedding aniversary with a special friend who is younger than us but has a very bad heart. We will be going to vegas in October and we will rent a small car to see all the sights, gambling and shopping.  ann clark  courtice, ontario  canada

In February, I purchased myself a nice Trek commuter bicycle for my 52nd birthday. I peddle the 5 mile round trip to my job as a RN 4 days a week. The 'gas and maintenance' money I am saving is being spent in Las Vegas! I was there at Harrah's last week from the 19th to 23rd, and I have another trip booked next month to stay at the Lexor and see Bette Midler at Ceaser's! Gas prices promote my new lifestyle of bicycle commuting, and the planned trips to Vegas (at least 4 this year) is my reward!  Nick Ogle  Knoxville, Tennessee

I have already booked a flight to Vegas for this July. I have a free room and meals. ( Not really free since they are comps). I book flights early enough to get the cheapest fares. I utilize cheaper modes of transportation and free shuttles in Vegas. The machines have been tight for sometime now and don't look for any changes there. I will continue to visit Vegas as others will unless there is a huge increase in everything, which could possibly happen. Chuck Middagh  Tucson, Arizona



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