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Reader Polls Feedback for: May 25, through June 4, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


This week the Nevada Senate passed another law protecting animals in cars. Keeping with animal protection do you think casinos should allow pets. At this time the major casinos do not allow pets, do you think that should change or stay the way it has been for decades?  What is your opinion?  Why or Why not?

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I like my pets but I dont want to stay in a hotel room that has been previously occupied by various animals, who knows how well they have been cared for or treated.  Roger Davies, Indianapolis IN

*   Casinos should allow seeing eye and helper dogs. IT would be nice to have areas that cater to animals or pet sitters in a designated area.  Roxie Patterson  Lancaster CA

*  Yes Pets should be allowed. We travel alot and stay at the LaQuinta because we are allowed to bring our pet. Anyone who cares enough to bring there pets I'm sure are responsible enough people to take care of them. We have a 100lb German Shepard who would not hurt a fly, she's probably better behaved than some of the children I've seen (nothing personal). But Yes I would feel better knowing my pet was with me.  Barbara Sclafani  New York

*  Pets do not belong in casinos...people will forget to 'potty' them as they are so engrossed in the gaming aspect. Leave Your Pet at Home Where They Belong!  Do Not Take Them In The Cars and Leave Them There To Suffer Needlessly!  Kudos to Nevada's Governor.....I'm proud of him!  Anna Sjogren  Manistique, MI

*  I can see why casinos would not want pets in the general public but why not offer manned kennels? Cages of various sizes near fenced in grassy areas) kind of like Disney? They could charge a fee (people love their pets and would pay handsomely for good care so that they could relax and gamble, have meals, watch shows etc.) Would be terribly convenient and would save alot of poor animals from sweltering in cars while "don't know any better owners" spend the day in air conditioned casinos. Sandra Rickard  Niagara Falls, NY

*  Yes, I think that pets should be allowed in restristed areas because of the high heat in the Nevada area. Many people travel with their pets and they are like their children to them. Only fair that these "children" have the comfort of the air conditioned area as well as their owners who spend the money in the casino. I think it is great if this is done to save the suffering of these pets considered part of many people's lives. Hope it happens.  Ellen Marie Grieger  Great Falls/ MT

*  I think that the casions should not allow pets mainly because there are a lot of bad pet owners. Good pet owners find responsible caregivers for their pets while they travel. Some pet owners that insist on bring their pets everywhere may also allow them to not respect casino grounds and interiors. Many people are allergic to pet dander, and this could affect the owners ability to rent rooms. Responsible pet owners leave their pets where they belong-in the comfort of their home.  Cynde Hujarski  Aurora Ohio

*  no no no no pets in the casinos, I have allergies.  These people who want them think their pet is perfect---it's not! and those same people don't keep good track of them in public, either  marc ocon  tucson, az

*   I feel that the casinos should not allow pets in because as we all know people can not be 100% in control of their animals. no one wants to see people scooping poop while trying to enjoy a gaming table, slots or a drink or meal. I believe one can enjoy their vacation much better by leaving their animals at home. I am a avid camper and see a lot of poop scooping going on there and I do not wish to see it in the casinos. Also I am not in favor of hearing dogs barking at each other.  Bonnie Bowers  Taneytown, Md

*  Through the years Las Vegas has evolved into not only a gambling destination, but also a great place to dine, party, see a concert or show, and relax in an opulent hotel. Las Vegas has so much to offer that it can't really be considered just a "gambling destination". The one thing that Vegas does NOT need is pets...oh yeah,... and add kids to that list too!  David  Millersburg

*   I think they should be allowed. Many people travel with their pets which would open up another market all together. There could be floors designated for pets only, just as they do for smokers. there could always be some type of damage deposit if the casino's are worried about room damage. they could also put a weight restriciton on the pets. Some pets are like children to their owners, so do they ban children next?   Kenny Brown  Clarksville, In

*  Casinos should not allow pets, just like they don't allow kids. The responsibility lies solely with the owner. I own one dog & one cat and would not allow either unattended in a vehicle or otherwise. As a pet owner, if you are going to the casinos, leave your pets at home.   Mark L. Hernandez  Upland, CA

Casino floors are no place for pets. Accommodations are made for guests who absolutely need a companion pet in their room. If a casino wants to play the caring game, they can set up a "pet check" kennel area staffed with groomers, dog walkers, and caregivers (for fee). Cheaper than replacing a window. On a hot day in the desert, stuff melts inside a car. Dogs and kids should not be left to suffer, the right to free them is a good thing.  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

Pets should not be allowed - what next? Children?!? Casinos are for adults, not their substitute babies. What about people who are allergic to animals? Should they not enter a casino because someone's pet is in there? No way!  Liane Sellick  London  United Kingdom

*  I think they should, not all of them but someone on the strip should and it may be profitable. If were lets say The Sahara one of the chepest on the strip and i catered to pets, then i could increase my rates and i would definitely gain more clientel. They cater to just about anything in Vegas why not peoples pets, some people spend more on their pets than they do them selves, a casino can open up a pet spa for to pamper pets.  rob judge  North Versailles/pa

Pets should not be allowed in Casino for the following reasons: They could bite someone, people are alergic to animal hair, they shed and may go to the bathroom on the casino floor and lastly and more importantly, they will be scared by all of the noise from slot machines. Keep the pets at home or in the park where they belong!  robin vahoviak  burbank, ca

No, even though my 22 year old cat is legal to gamble.  Caroline Schoonmaker  Edmonton, AB Canada




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