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Reader Polls Feedback for
May 25, through June 4, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Las Vegas was recently rated 170 out of 200 major US cities for driving skills, one of the worst contributors to this statistic was the elderly. Only Illinois has special rules for elderly drivers. Do you think Las Vegas drivers or any drivers should be treated differently once they reach a certain age? Should drivers be tested every year to make sure they retain proper driving skills? Should Las Vegas implement special rules for elderly drivers? What is your opinion? Why or Why Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

My opinion is that everyone should be tested each year and that way people will continue to know the rules and not take the privilege of driving as it is not a given right.  Bobby W

We were in Vegas last week...yes the traffic is terrible...but who do you think almost ran us over on Las Vegas Blvd?...not the elderly, but a young woman ...making a u turn and speeding past us only to get a 100 yards to the store she missed on the other side! So i would say that there are many bad drivers of all ages on the roads today!  ducks perry

*   I've said for several years the elderly should not be on the road. now what constitutes elderly? in my opinion reaching the age of 70 would be construed as a good starting point for testing. lets face it the reflexes go fast. and on top of it cell use by elderly only adds to the problem. hearing fades too with age. sight also. testing at 70 to retain the driving license would be a great start. I also have said for years if failing the test, give the elderly some sort of discounted bus passes or free if possible. many cities and towns have free transportation for people over 65 to doctors appts. and for food shopping ect. so yes testing is a great idea. hopefully it will happen soon. Ralph

*  I think all drivers including the cab drivers need to take a refresher course in correct driving procedures and common courtesy.  The rudeness of some people on the Vegas streets rivals the New York cabbies.  Joan W.

When I left Mexico City I thought the crazy driving styles were behind me.  This city has people eating food, drinking, talking on cell phones, pointing at tourist attractions and doing many other things than driving safely.  It surprises me that Las Vegas is not rated 200 out of 200.  Juan H.

Hi, I don't live in Vegas but we're there often enough to notice the driving situation. We live in New York so we are familiar with aggressive, careless drivers. I have seen enough elderly drivers to know that once they reach a certain age, some should not be driving. I fully believe that after a certain age, there should be laws requiring them to be tested to see if they are still capable of driving safely. I realize many will feel "stereotyped" because of their age and there are people in their 80's who are excellent drivers. But there are too many elderly who drive too slow, are hard of hearing, and their reflexes are not as sharp as they used to be. They can be a hazard to themselves and other drivers. While I realize driving is pretty much a necessity in Las Vegas, sometimes you just have to know when it's time to give up driving. I don't know if there is a program in Vegas for the elderly/handicapped which is run by the city where there are shuttle buses that will transport them to wherever they want to go for a very small fee. We have this in New York (called Access-a-Ride). It is an excellent
program. You call them in advance and they will take you to wherever you need to go and pick you up. As well, I don't think drivers should be tested every year to see if they retain proper driving skills, BUT.... If they have moving violations, then I believe they should!  I also believe that defensive driving classes should be mandatory for all drivers every few years. I'm not sure if you have the program in Vegas. We have it here in NY but it is optional and helps you reduce points on your license and entitles you to a discount on your car insurance.  Judy Einstoss  Brooklyn, NY



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