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Reader 2olls Feedback -
Reader Poll for May 25, through June 4, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

This week’s Reader Poll comes from a conversation IVLV had today with a major LV casino. The casino wanted to know what our readers thought about a gasoline discount for casino players. Their thoughts were to bring back the good old days with a $0.25 a gallon gas for all qualified players. Would a promotion like this make you move from your current favorite casino to partake in this promotion at another casino? WHY or WHY Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I would really enjoy gasoline at $.25 a gallon, bring on the promotion.  Glen D. CA

* Absolutely not... I would hold out for $0.26   Bill, NYC

* I think any quality slot promotion or tables game promotion that would help reduce the cost of $2.50 gasoline would be very helpful for us California gamblers that drive to Vegas a couple times a month.  Glenda H.  CA

* Since I live in New York and do not drive to Vegas it would not interest me.  Mark S.  NY

My wife and I do fly to Vegas, but we rent a car and with rental car companies charging nearly $3 a gallon, this might be of concern depending on how many hours they wanted us to play to receive .25 gallon gasoline.  Robert O.  Georgia

I do not think that there would be that much impact or casino switching, due to these factors 1. a great number of gamblers fly into LV and use public transportation. 2. many guests play only at the casino they stay at 3. the lure of saving a few dollars on gas would not mean to most large dollar gamblers. 4. families would be more interested in discounts on family activities and shows more than a few gas dollars. The one group that this may appeal to would be locals. While they may be a good size number I think they may abuse this more than it would be worth to a casino.  Donald Himmelreich

* I recall reading that 40% of Las Vegas customers reside in California. The idea of a gas mileage discount is a good idea. I believe the discount should be based on the number of times the customer visits. For example, if the customer goes 4 times in 3 months, he can get a mileage discount. It should be distributed quarterly.  Another way is to get a discount based on the number of times you stay at a place. If you visit the Bellagio 3 times in a quarter, (3 months from Jan - Mar), you could get the discount in the next quarter (April - June).  Vincent White

* Any promotion that gives us players a better break is perfect with me.  Arne G.  TX

Not interested, rather have cash.  Deb CO

Sounds good to me, anytime the casino gives back anything I am ready to accept.  George Harold 

Sure, send all the cheap gasoline my way, I am tired of the casino taking all my money now I can drive around on their money.  Bob & Jeni 

No, because I think it would be to hard to use on my end...It would be like jumping thru hoops to qualify or to utilize it at my local gas station.  Brett Spindler  Las Vegas NV


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