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Reader Polls Feedback for:  May 15, through May 24, 2010

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This week, we had the pleasure of meeting with a group of concerned citizens who seem to be upset over the number of helicopters, commercial, private and the military that fly over the Las Vegas strip area. Even though there have not been any prior helicopter problems, but this concerned group of people would like to make the Las Vegas strip area a no fly zone, for any type of helicopter. What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the exact words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

The fact that helicopters fly over the strip i see has no fear of anything.  Gloria S.   NY

If no helicopter has created a problem up until now, why should these people worry about something that has never happened?  Leave them alone.  Robert F   Chicago IL

Im ok with helicopters over the strip. Never seem to notice them anyway. Let them fly. Garry  New Braunfels

I agree. How many people would die if just one went down. No, there is no reason for chopers or anything else to fly over the strip.  Steve  sedalia,mo

The sound of freedom!   Andrew  Surprise, AZ

Sure, stop all helicopters.....then stop all the lights on so late at night....then stop all the noise from all the people partying on the strip.....then close all the casinos. The End margie abelson   buffalo/ny

then what is the point of having helicopters if they cant fly over the strip.  tom jacksonville, fl

Las Vegas is Vegas! Anything reasonable and sometime not goes in Vegas! I think it is dumb standing up in the moon/sun roofs going down the strip but we are in Vegas. Some of those flights are a business for tourists! Leave it alone unless it is a problem!  Don Turner  Brunswick, ME.

As a frequent visitor to Las Vegas, who primarily stays on the south end of the strip, I can confirm that the number of helicopter flights over the strip can totally destroy a relaxing day at the pool. During a recent stay at Mandalay Bay, we counted at least one flight per minute. Also many sightseeing helicopters seem to fly in between Mandalay
Bay and The Hotel @ Mandalay Bay, directly over the pools.  Gene Rasmussen   St. Paul, MN

Can't see anything unless in the front, so why have them anyway...   Carol Armstrong  Port Orchard, WA

I agree, I think this poses a accident waiting to happen.  Albert McClammy  pensacola, Fl

And while they are at it, make it a no fly zone for any aircraft, a no drive zone for any vehicles, a no gambling zone, a no walking zone. The list can go on for ever. Give these so called concerned people an inch and they will grab a mile.  Chuck   Omaha, NE

Tell the Communists to shut up. Those military helicopters belong to the men and women who protect there freedom to whine. Be proud of our troops and their bases (Nellis) close by. If they don't like the helicopters, airplanes and such.... don't come back.  Rich Hofius, MSgt (Ret.)   Henderson, NV

I can understand the need to restrict the altitude of helicopter traffic over the strip although the military should be exempt.   Nick Ogle  Knoxville, TN




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