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Reader Polls Feedback for: May 15, through May 24, 2008

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Casinos are obviously looking for other avenues to bring in more revenue in this sluggish economic market. We talked with a senior VP of one of the major Las Vegas casinos this week and they ran a very interesting idea by us and wondered what our readers thought of their concept. Las Vegas casinos are contemplating opening topless clubs within the casino. For years they have been allowed to have topless entertainment shows, but they want to get a piece of topless club income just like they took full control over the nightclub industry. Do you think this is something you would attend or is this a bad idea? What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think it is a great idea.  Then I never have to leave the casino until it is time to go to the airport and head home.  Glen Barker.   FL

Sorry, as a female, it would not really add to my Vegas experience and could, in fact, have the opposite effect since it would give the impression that these entities are only interested in increasing the male revenue. I believe they would do better offering more daytime shows which are typically less expensive or perhaps offering live entertainment from up and coming bands and entertainers.  Robin Woodruff  Louisville, KY

 I wouldn't attend. Something like this would be offensive to me. There are lots of 'gentlemen's' clubs in Vegas where one may go to delight in bare charms. I say, leave something to the imagination. Besides, I think nothing draws in more customers than the thought of Winning. Isn't that why we come to Vegas?  Connie Keenan  El Monte, CA

On the surface, this is another way for casinos to get back customers winnings. However, it would tarnish the hotels' image among senior citizens and families with children. Strip clubs and hotel rooms in the same building oozes sleaze in a state where prostitution is legal. The question you should ask is "Would I want my children sleeping in a room above a strip club?" For most people, the answer is no.   Greg Russell  Lago Vista/TX

No, I would not attend a topless club at the casino.  I think it is a bad idea.  Bob Collins  Wellington, OH.

Not in favor.   Margie Holguin  El Paso

 I am not interested but I am a female. I think it is a genus idea and they would make a lot of money. It is sin city after all.  Rachel  Las Vegas

A great idea, why not. Would project a nice image for the clubs also.   Tom Alborn  Burlington Wi

If they want to attract more gamblers, maybe they should lower the cost of the rooms instead. Going topless would be more of a distraction than an enticement. IMO.  Wes Smith  Wooster/OH

For me its a bad idea . I would not attend.  Dolores  Alpine,Ca.

I think this is a very bad idea. Having topless shows is a part of the art form and entertainment of the show. Having topless cocktail waitresses in a casino would be vulgar and take away from the class of the casino. I don't want someone deivering my cocktails with their nipples staring me in the face!  Kenneth Brooks  Atlanta, GA

 I visit Las Vegas at least 2 times a year. I go to the adult shows at the Hotels. I would go to a topless club if the cost would be no more than seeing one of these shows.I think there is a lot of money to be made, but it has to be done in a way the guest are not offended. Ken Stachnik  Commerce, MI

Its about time, this ideas is perfect. I think customers would like a option like this. Now you have to take a taxi that charges a lot. I would definitely stay in a casino that offers this than one that doesn't. I come to vegas every year for about a week, so if they think they can do this it would help me in my decision to stay in a casino that offers this.   Tony Leask  wetaskiwin  Canada

Bad idea.  Lance Berly  Loranger, LA

My husband would love it! He wouldn't have to leave the hotel.   Lori Pollock  Indianapolis IN

The idea is plausable, but... 1) Admission prices for these clubs would go through the roof. This means I don't go. 2) I personally don't need another reason to stay in a casino. I do that enough. Kenneth Flickstein  Las Veags, NV


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