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Reader Polls Feedback for
May 15, through May 24, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

It seems more Plasma TVís and HD TVís are placed in Las Vegas hotel rooms than any other city in the world. This weekís Reader Poll asks the question . . . How important is a state-of-the-art TV when you visit Las Vegas, are you really visiting Las Vegas to watch TV?  What is your opinion? Why or Why Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I went to Vegas for three years before I even noticed my room had a television. To me, a TV is a waste of money in a Vegas hotel room.  Dominic T

*   I like looking at a TV that I will never own.  Gives me a slight pleasure and adds to the mystic of all the things in Vegas that I cannot have back home.  Angela S.

There are televisions in the hotel rooms? I've been to Vegas several times and I've never turned on the tv in the room. There's too much to see and do while in Vegas to spend any time in the room watching televison. In my opinion, HDTV in Vegas hotel rooms is not necessary.  Sandra Thetford

*  It is not important at all to place Plasma TV's in hotel rooms. I rarely watch television while in Las Vegas - only the news in the morning while I'm dressing and that's it! Any TV will do for that.  June Greenhow

Short and Sweet...I'm not going to Vegas to watch TV. However, it is a nice touch to have a plasma tv, just not something I am looking for when making a decision on where to stay.  Bring back the cheap Vegas of the 90's!   David Schaefer

*  I really like to watch TV but if I am only arriving for 3 or 4 days not interested.  Very good for families that have kids keep them in the room at night.  When staying for a week a large TV is a must so that we can amuse ourselves with the show we watch each week,  So short trip no kids no TV.  Longer trip or with younger children a must. Thanks.  Doug

*  I am going to Las Vegas next week for the first time and I know I won't be turning on the TV at all.... the only thing I plan on doing in my hotel room is sleeping and showering. When your in Vegas who really wants to watch TV... Its Vegas... Go out and have some fun... it wouldn't matter to me if there was a 13 inch black and white tv or a 50 inch plasma tv because either way... I won't be watching it!  Yahhhh Vegas!  Jill Chant

As a traveler it is nice perc to have the plasma TV in your room. No we do not go to Vegas to watch TV but it sure is nice when you want to that you have that type of TV.  Bonnie McKinnon

*  You have to focus on the entire Las Vegas "experience", of which real-time information is a big part. Local and national news, sports, and weather, a movie during your "down-time", in-room gaming, an internet connection through the TV, all are conveniences we have become accustomed to recently. The next step in the evolution is to remove the big power-wasting "tube" and install space-saving low-energy Plasma Screens with HD capability. Premium in-room movies, and pay-per-view sporting events with room service. Watch
your stocks and get the KENO game picture-in-picture. The value-added conveniences are endless, and with a big high-def screen, the marketing presentations will need to bump up the quality a big notch.  Don Bartley

No! I don't go to Vegas to watch TV. I go there to see the sights and sounds of this wonderful city of lights. Do a little gambling, see things that are not found in most other places. Why on earth would I want to sit in a hotel room and watch TV no matter what state of the art type it is. That is my opinion!  emgldymay

Don't need any TV in my room. I'm out having fun. who as time to watch TV.  if you are going to watch TV stay home and watch it.  G. J. Smith

Over the years I've seen the evolution of the TV in the hotel rooms. 13in. with local channels, the 19in. with cable to now with the 27in.movies on demand, the Internet all in your room! Wow!  HD and Plasma TVs is just the next step in room entertainment. I know after hours of losing my pants on the casino floor, and had a Little to much to drink I can go up to my room, turn on a new HD TV, pay $9.00 for a movie and after five minuets fall asleep. That's about how much TV I watch while I'm in Vegas. If room rates are not high enough, now we have a $500 TV to pay for too. How about softer beds and coffee pots!  Douglas Mitchell

For most of us it makes no real difference what TV is in the room or even if there is a TV at all. Some visitors need to have a TV. Some will Really need a TV that is state-of-the-art in order to having bragging rights back home. The logistics for the hotel are another matter. the flat panel TV is easier to handle. It takes up less space - thus making the room "bigger". It is a selling point for the hotels with them. And is a negative for those hotels which don't have them. The downside is that most hotels seem to have a limited number of free channels and few or none that would really take advantage of the Big Screen. Another thing is that I usually start the day with a coffee and pastry at the table by the window and if the TV is bolted to the wall then I wouldn't be able to turn it so that I could see Katie and Matt.  So, yes it would be nice to have a big screen but if all I'm watching is the morning shows or whatever happens to be on when I' m in the room changing clothes etc then I don't really need it. Keep in mind that most of us are there for things other than watching TV. In fact if that was what we wanted to do we could not go to Las Vegas but stay home and spend the money on one of those flat TVs. Adrienne & Bill Sheneman

I usually visit Vegas Sunday through Friday. three times a year. if I watch a total of like four hours of TV. I'm watching a lot. usually catching sporting scores, checking the weather channel for what's going on back home and if my luck it going bad I'll watch one of my regular prime time series. that's it. so nice sets in the room really doesn't matter to me. who comes to Vegas on vacation and spends time watching the tube?? people with children of course but not the average visitor. Ralph


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