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Reader Polls Feedback for: March 25, through April 4, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


Just when you thought it was safe to go into a casino, a new war may be brewing, according to a meeting IVLV had this week with a few casino employees. Living in a politically correct atmosphere, a small group of men is trying to get their 15 minutes of fame by trying to get hired as cocktail waitresses in major casinos. Yes, I said male cocktail waitresses. I guess nothing is sacred. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Do you think men should be hired as cocktail waitresses or should they be excluded from this occupation? What is your Opinion?  Why or Why not? 

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I am not sure about politically correct, but I dont want some hairy guy severing me a drink at 2am.  Bob T.  FL

This sounds like another ploy for someone to get their name in the news. I hope no one takes them serious, I sure dont and dont want them to be in a short outfit. yuck!  David H.  NY

Cocktail waitress or beverage sever? No difference.  What is unsaid is the attire. Don't wish to see a guy in a costume and heels like the gals at Paris. Otherwise, I am used to male servers who can be found in various MS casinos.  They are usually faster and more efficient probably because they wear street shoes vs. high heels.  Gal or guy - I don't care. Just don't leave me wait 20 minutes for my adult beverage - assuming one comes around at!   Bob Miller  St. Pete., FL

*  I see nothing wrong with having a male cocktail waiter..I think Women would appreciate it as much as men have a sexy cocktail waitress bringing a drink to them....  Thank You, Peggy Barger

My opinion is that men can be hired as cocktail waiters, I could care less who brings me a drink and I'll tip them all the same, but men should defintely not be hired as cocktail waitresses. Perhaps there is an unintentional confusion between terms in your question, waitress versus waiter, but hiring men as waitresses brings drag queens or female impersonators on to the casino floor serving tourists. That's Ok for a laugh or two over a short while (hours or days), but in the long run is a complete waste of time.  If I want to see a drag show I'll go catch Frank Marino's show, but leave me alone when I'm playing video poker, please! Besides, no female impersonator can ever compete with a God-created woman in the cocktail waitress costumes used at Orleans and Sunset Station. There's just nothing else like it.   Does the market ask for this new product, which is to say, have casino patrons asked for male waitresses? If not, skip this entire subject. It's a waste of time and a transparent attempt at the perennial 15 minutes of fame by self-serving poilitical activists.   Respectfully, Steve Greenhow  Austin, Texas

* My favorite casino in the Orleans, and one of the main reasons that is is, is due to their amazing coctail waitress' and the outfits. Men? No way!  Joe Espinoza  O'Fallon, MO

yes, especially if they don't have hairy legs. bill schmeltzer  rockford, il

Why not. I would enjoy a nice looking man serving my drink. have you noticed how many women are playing in the casino's? Why should that be a female exclusive job. It's 2007 not 1967.  Claire Latsko  Audubon, PA

Absolutly the eye candy ladies should not be the only ones getting to run there butts off giving ungratefull patrons drinks.  Jerry Burr  Vero Beach, FL

 I see no reason why not. There are a lot of women customers in casinos. I wouldn't mind a male cocktail waitress, if they looked and dressed like chippendale dancers.  Caroline Downs  Tye, Texas

 I've been comming to Vegas for 30 some years. 20 years ago I would have said "Heck No!" But, nowdays, I would be happy to have anyone as a cocktail server, as it seems that service now is few and far between as compared to years past.  Chuck Merica  Omaha, NE

Men should not be hired as cocktail waitresses but as cocktail waiters. It would be very nice to see a firm six-pack instead of cleavage. I'd love it! There's nothing wrong with pleasing all the patrons and not only the men. There are some good-looking hunks in Las Vegas that are being wasted in other jobs when they could be bringing in female customers if they brought us drinks dressed in a skimpy outfit and a smile. I say bring 'em on!  Donna  Maineville, OH

Heck yes, and it's about time. And, they better be wearing something very skimpy and tight, too!  Don't forget, that they need to be very good looking with excellent bodies. Yes, tell me what casino they are working in and I'll be there! Excellent idea and I garantee, the casino that starts using men as coctail waiters along with waitresses, will be bringing in the moola-la. ......and isn't that what's it's all about?  Thaddea Sweitzer  Sterling, Illinois

Absolutely Yes. Let`s let the lady gamblers enjoy some Vegas sights as well. Heather Miller  Vancouver, B.C. Canada

know way cocktail waitresses in vegas are the most pretty wonen you can fine . (no men in that group).  jim miller  worcester ma

 It would be difficult to discriminate against the hiring of males, but I'd prefer it if the ratio of females to males on any one shift was 8:1, or even 10:1. I'd still rather order from an attractive female while I'm enjoying the casino.  John Frawley  La Mesa / California

 yes, I do think that men should be hired as cocktail waiters, I would like to see some men in tight pants or some other costume that I could enjoy looking at, right now the waitresses are all for men to look at, but what about the women, we need something to look at too. too.  Bernice Huser

Although female hostesses are one of the many sightseeing items LV is known for, it's time to move with the times. The males would have Very nice looking, very gracious and fit male hostesses to serve the women that visit in LV. I'd tip a good looking man taking care of me and my friends!  Jennie Sanchez  Clovis, CA

 I see no reason why men should be excluded from delivering drinks in the casinos. It would be no different to me than men as waiters in a restaurant. If you will notice, there are as many, or more, women playing in the casinos as men and I'm sure they would just as soon see good looking men as nice looking women.  Karen Sue Means  Excelsior Springs, MO

*   I am all for it. Why shouldn't men have a chance to make great tips by serving women. Of course they must be kind and attentive. We women don't really care about appraising body parts by checking the skimpy clothes, high heels and fishnet stockings. Kathleen Cahill  Dallas, Texas

*   I think a good looking male in the almost buff would be good for business for females after all they like eye candy too. Maybe dressed like the chip-n-dales would be cool.  Lonnie Knick  Normal/ Illinois

I am female and would Love to have a "hottie" deliver me drinks while I play the slots. Come on....give us females some eye candy too. All you males have been eyeing the half dressed cocktail waitresses long enough. It's time to make us ladies happy too!  I vote For It.  Mary J. Webster  Oklahoma City OK

It would not bother me if a male waiter brought me drinks while I was gambling , but to me it would take away from the Las Vegas atmosphere of beautiful women cladly dressed serving drinks. I enjoy being waited on while playing slot machines by these beautiful women. My wife on the other hand may feel just the oppsite. The bottom line is I just want my drink and not have to wait a long time for it.  kevin buckley  salisbury beach, Ma

*  If women can do men' jobs then men can be a cocktail waitress, which they would be considered waiters. And they should have to wear skimpy clothes also, I am all for it.  Janet Baumann  Bolingbrook, IL

*  It would certainly be interesting to go into a casino with men as cocktail waitresses. As a women, I would enjoy having a male waitress. I think it would attract more women to play in those sections of the casino. Just like the men enjoy looking at the waitresses, the women would ejoy the same scenery.  Chris Graziano  Utica, NY

*   I think it would be okay for men to be cocktail waitresses. Why should the men that gamble be the only ones to benefit from have a nice piece of eye candy bring them drinks? Tell you what, if I had a man bringing me drinks for playing in the casino.....i would probably be more inclined to play more!   Kaye Miles  Chesterfield, VA

 I think male cocktail waitresses is a no go for me. Maybe for the young gals it might be a turn on but not me. I guess I shouldn't say this but guys are already trying to put the moves on gals and that would just make it easier for them.  Shirley Cotterman  Sidney, Ohio

*  I say Heck No! this occupation is has been performed by beautiful women ever since I can remember, it creates a certain mystque that should never be tampered with. Gambling and Cocktail waitresses go hand in hand like a sacred institution.  John Crouch  Los Angeles, Ca

 It seems only fair. Woman wanted equal rights and work in fields that usually men work in. When Atlantic City Casinos were on strike I seen some young men working as coctail waitresses. Remember women you wanted equal rights now it is their turn. Nancy  Port Jervis NY

 It would be strange, but I guess if they really want to wear those cute cocktail waitress outfits..... Patti Williams  Flushing, Mi

Men as cocktail waitresses is ridiculous. Some people will try anything for publicity. But if they want to be waitresses that bad, I guess they could find work in the gay bars. Good place for them!  Rick Stein

*   Yes to male cocktail waiters, why not do somthing for the women to look at?  Susie Keller  Veedersburg

I think men should be hired. In fact, I have been waited on by a cocktail waiter at Bally's last year. What's more amazing, I still remember his name, Jackson. The reason why? Not only was this a first, being waited on by a cocktail waiter, but this guy was good. Of course, it's always nice to have an attractive waitress coming around to look at, but bottom-line, people want great service. What good is a hot blonde waitress if she's bringing You hot beer? Service is not gender-oriented.  Alex Zangotsis  Burlington/NC

Yes Only hot guys dressed in revealing clothes. Vegas is all about men. Its a slap in a womans face to watch her husband drool over half naked women. And what do women get? To feel inadequate and ugly. Men would not like it at all if the tables were turned. Oh sure, we can go to some male strip club pay to go see some guy strip down to his underwear. Men get to see that much in the casinos for free. It boils down to they dont want to see it nor do they want their wives looking at it.  Diane  Oregon

Equal rights means equal rights. What's good for the Goose is good for the gander. I just want to see the kind of tips the guys will get. I doubt if they will be as easy on the eyes as the women and will be tipped accordingly and I know that the waitresses depend on tips to survive. (I hope everyone tips well for the "free" drinks they receive).  John  Overland Park, Kansas

Absolutely! It would be helpful if they were really serious and not just trying to make a statement or get 15 minutes of fame. How long did it take the airlines to seriously consider using men as flight attendants? I personally wouldn't mind seeing a little male flesh serving me my next drink!  Verna Abercrombie  Andover, KS

*  my wife might like it if they have there *%@&'s hangin half way way out of there pants.  paul  appleton wis

*  There are things in life that should not be tampered with!  However, if the men insist, I say go for it as long as they wear the same work clothes as the women, high heels and all, or is it less.  John H. Buckingham  Byron, Minnesota

*  There absolutely should be male cocktail waiters! But they must be built like the Thunder From Down Under guys, and dress like them too. Hey, if male casino patrons get to ogle scantily clad waitresses in bustiers, why shouldn't we ladies get some eye candy too?  Becky Niendorff  San Antonio, TX

Men Should be allowed to work as cocktail waitress. The dress code sould be the same for both men and women. Short skirts and all. No discrimination! If a man wants to wear the same outfit as a women then he should. He probably wouldn't get many tips.  Michael Heldt  Portage IN

*  I believe that the question might be moot. I believe that there are males serving cocktails at the Rio. At least that is the only Hotel/casino that I remember where there are males in this line of work. i for one don't care what gender serves me a drink as long as they are proper ,courteous and prompt. A custumer doesn't wish to be left without service either way. That is my opinion on the matter.  Chuck Middagh  Tucson, Arizona

Gosh, no ! There are certain things I will Not ask a man for. One of them is a drink. If I wanted a good-looking guy to flirt with me so he'll get a begger tip, I'll go to a gay bar.... Not that there's anything wrong with that. ( Seinfeld episode )  Steven Tillinger  Cleveland, OH

*  I do not see why men should be excluded from being cocktail waitpersons. If women want equality - why not men!  P.S. Why not put the guys in skimpy costumes also so the women can enjoy themselves - great eye candy.  Freda Roth  Las Vegas, NV

*  Is nothing in Vegas sacrosanct? first the Dunes, then the Sands and now this! Elvis - please save them from themselves!  Thomas Turner  Overland Park /Kansas

Yes, Yes, Yes, Give us women something to look at!  I'm pretty sure men can walk and talk and take a drink order at the same time, so let 'em at it.  Lori  Wisconsin

*  Why not, if their good looking! Women need eye candy too. Brionna  New York

Yes! Why not put them in skimpy outfits you could draw in all the ladies.  Cyndi Oldenburgh  Willoughby, Ohio

*   Men getting the drinks, no problem. Just be pleasant and be quick with the drinks! It just might not be as easy as they might think. Good Luck guys.   c hall  MA


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