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Reader Polls Feedback for
March 25, through April 4, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Along the sidewalks of almost every major street in Las Vegas you can find newspaper racks filled with newspapers containing suggestive photos, phone numbers and text designed for non children. These unattended newspaper racks can easily be opened by anyone, including minors. This week’s reader poll asks . . . Should this type of material be allowed to be distributed on hundreds of Las Vegas streets or should they be removed and made available in a different way? Why or Why Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I feel that free speech is great, but when minors can have access to adult material, that is wrong.  Do away with those dispensers.  Gloria Betts 

It does not mater to me, I do not have kids, but if I had kids I would not want them tainted by those type of publications.  Ben W.  TX

*  Las Vegas has been and should remain first and foremost a place for adults. They are a part of the "adult" atmosphere. Leave the newspaper racks where they are and leave the kids at home! Should people choose to bring their children they need to exercise the extra precautions needed to keep them away from these things. I have become very irritated in LV by children who have been "turned loose" by their parents who did not want to be bothered with them once they arrived and it certainly is not a safe thing to do. I really do not enjoy constantly listening to grumpy parents telling their whiny children who are saying (mom or dad) "I'm bored", "no, I'm not giving you any more money. If people want to vacation with their children they should go somewhere like Disneyworld and spend their time with their children. Do Not go to Las Vegas and turn them loose while they sit on a slot machine.  Shelley

They need to be removed from the streets of Las Vegas. When my husband and myself go there @ first it was ok but the more we walked along the side walks the more we seen thrown along the streets. I love Vegas and the "scum" that makes a living off of this type of work will not make me change my mind about the city. But, they need to put this type of material in a appropriate place ( adult book store), (bar's), where children should not be.  As for the mothers with the baby strollers handing out the card's What kind of example are they setting for the future generation? I don't get it but that is my opinion....  Cynthia Leshko Tamaqua PA

* None of these items should either be left out on public streets or be handed out to passers by unless otherwise requested. The material is often handed to minors who fail to understand what the implications are or the fees that can be charged by contacting some of these advertising pamphlets even by phone. Also many of these unwanted and unsolicited flyers end up on the street creating litter that must be eventually cleaned up at tax payer expense.   Greg Dunn

* The papers along with the gnags that hand out those cards Must Go! An ordinance needs to be created that bans them.  The racks should not be accessible to anyone - charge a quarter or something so children cannot just open them and see the contents. Also, one should not be able to see the contents/cover - they should be blacked out with only the name of the product inside. This is a matter of the contents be only for over 21.  Mayor Goodman must be able to come up with a plan to end this side of old Las Vegas. It's time has come.  Mark Lawrence

* No don't need that junk on the streets. get them off the streets.  G.J. Smith

* Take the smut off the streets -- it's unsuitable for youngsters, as well as some "oldsters".  Joanne K

* They should limit the access of publications that contain nudity.  They should limit them to areas that only adults visit such as inside Bars, strip joints, or highly supervised areas. They should eliminate the ability of someone to hand out these publications where they can litter the streets. This would be allowed under the provision that local governments can restrict free speech if it conflicts with local "decency" laws. In this case, "indecent" is the litter, and the ability for children to see the images unsupervised. Also, the congregation of people who hand out the literature almost serves to "block" reasonable access and movement of crowds on the sidewalks.  Scottmonfort

* Yes leave the papers in the street, Las Vegas is an Adult town , kids shouldn't be there.  Pat Ski


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