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Reader Polls Feedback for: March 15, through March 24, 2009

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The Las Vegas Strip has always been a place for traffic grid lock but now with all the slow moving billboard trucks it appears traffic is worse than ever. Not only is the quantity of billboard vehicles driving at near stop paces, the adult contents on the billboards have many people not happy. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Do you think these vehicle billboard trucks should be allowed to cruise the famous Las Vegas Strip?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

My opinion is that all slow moving vehicles should be removed from the roads.  If these trucks are just going slow to promote their advertisers, I think you should fine the truck drivers, the truck owners and the content provider and that will stop the traffic problems.  Gina Towers  Fl

Personally I think these adult type advertisement is the last resort for desperate companies and i make sure i never attend any business advertised on those trucks.  I hate anyone that would slow traffic and if that is how they want to advertise they lost my business.  Mathew G.  NYC NY

I hate those slow moving trucks, get rid of them.  Fine the truckers and get them off the street.  Paul Hargraves

I think the should be allowed but only during off peak hours not.  not during lunch or at 5:00 at night when the srip is the busiest.  dennis mann

No, I belive that driving up and down the strip only contributes to air pollution and wastes fuel. The content on the signs does not bother me, but they should find another way of advertising. Scot Stuber  Orlando, FL

Either ban them from the strip or require them to have a license to operate. Billboards have rules, these useless traffic blockers should, too.  Greg   Palm Bay, FL

I can understand why they drive the strip. They want your business. But the Hotels pay a lot for their land. to keep the strip a class act. No I don't think the moving bill boards should be allowed.  Steve Goodwin  Sedalia,mo

I feel the billboard trucks should not be allowed. The traffic flow is bad enough without them. It would be beneficial to both residents & visitors if they were not allowed. As far as content, I personally do Not find them offending but they do not persuade me to take advantage either. They are really advertising something illegal in the county. Possibly that is one way to get them banned.  Edward L Schulz  Urbana, OH

Get them off the streets! Can you imagine the gridlock when the economy gets better and more people travel to Las Vegas. If you don't know what's going on, ask! You should need a billboard to tell you what show is playing, how you can get laid or where the strip club is...Ask the sponsors how much money their making vs. how much their spending. The
proof should be in the numbers.  Rich   West Boylston

Absolutely not, not because of their content as Vegas is an adult playground, but mainly due to the traffic conditions. There are plenty of other means of advertising for these businesses and there is no need to add them to the traffic mess that already exists.  Larry Williams  Indianapolis, IN

no they shouldnt. they are polluting.  stephanie  calgary canada

This was in a poll before, and my answer is still No. If Vegas wants more people with famlies to visit, those slow moving trucks are an eye soar. How would you like your teen seeing that? Anyhow I wonder why people who drive there for a living have not compained it must be a pain!  Alan Wagner   Sheboygan Wi.

I don't think they should be allowed because of all the tourist traffic. It really just causes a lot of trafiac jams. We do not have children that we take to Las Vegas but a lot of people do and we do not think some of these billboard trucks have adult content that is not fit
for children to see. It is in very poor taste for such a grand place as Las Vegas. We visit there two or three times a year and love the festive atmosphere but can absolutely do without billboard trucks slowing traffic.  Peggy Miller  Danville, Illinois

From a traffic perspective, as a Las Vegas local, I feel these are a nuisance. Traffic on the strip should be the tourists. I say levy a large license fee on billboard vehicles to cruise the strip. This should limit them severely.  From a morality perspective: The majority of images and messages are suggestive of prostitution. Exclusion of these messages should be conditional for licensing. Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas and we should not tempt our guests with it.  Kenne Flickstein  Las Vegas, NV

The obivious answer is No. The visiters that go to Las Vegas are on borrowed time, and there for a short visit, and ones time is very precious. Slow traveling billboards on trucks interferes slowing down traffic. It isn't something one looks forward having to deal with. The hotels have enough lights, signs, and Ads to entice people to visit and
participate.  Peggy Rodriguez  Los Angeles, CA

It's better than being hounded by individuals snapping cards at you on the side walk. You dont have to look.  Tom Harnishfeger  Westfield, In

Take those slow moving death traps off the road and let us tourists spend our money.  I cannot believe someone is stupid enough to allow these slow moving vehicles delay traffic.  Robert Rose   New York


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