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Reader Polls Feedback for: March 15, through March 24, 2008

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

As the economy continues to slip, it seems to be taking a tool on the Las Vegas entertainment, the casino shows to be exact. Many shows are changing venues and some are closing. With all this shuffling of shows, it takes us to this week’s Reader Poll question. We want to know when you plan a trip to Las Vegas, how important is seeing a show(s) during your stay? Frequent Las Vegas visitors, are you attending more or less casino shows each year?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I seem to be seeing less shows each year.  The prices are way out of control, the fun is gone.  If it wasnt for the half price shows your web site offers I would not see any shows during my stay.  Linda Hamilton CA

Show in Las Vegas are a PLUS....I do not go to Las Vegas just too see the shows.. I go to play the slot machines. While there if there is a show that I really want to see it is nice for it to be so readily avaliable. Since the economy is taking such a beating right now if I have to save a little money while there it would be excluding the shows as good as they are. Peggy Barger  New Smyrna Beach, Florida

It is very important to see at least one show while in Vegas. We are going in April and plan on seeing at least 4 shows.  Marlis Hampton  Kenner, LA

I'm in Vegas twice a year approx. and I'm seeing at least two or three shows each time. Some are expensive, it's true, but I wouldn't miss them for anything in the world!  Micheline Marchand  Brussels  Belgium

We are arriving in Vegas inmid-April for 10 days.We want to be entertained!  I am finding as much info as I can so we can make some type of game plan and see as much as we can. This will be our first trip. Like others, we have heard alot about the various acts-good and bad. As the economy down-slides, it is important to treat the visitors right or they will go elsewhere. But I would hate to go to all the shows and have it ruined by poor service or bad attitude employees. Thank you  Roy Collins Nanaimo, BC  Canada

It's not important that I see a show, although they are enjoyable, they are priced way out of my budget! I prefer the free shows or casino lounge shows. I refuse to pay $200/ticket for something I can watch on DVD later for $15. I only go to them if I get comp tickets like I used to in the past.  George Gryak  West Mifflin, PA

Going to a show in Vegas is and always will be the allure, mystique and attraction that brings 100's of 1000's of people to Vegas every year.  Vegas isn't called the entertainment capital of the world for nothing! I just wish they could make the more expensive shows more afforgable, then they wouldn't have close or cancel shows.  Keep the Shows!  It's part of Vegas History Baby!  John Crouch  Los Angeles, Ca.

Well, at $100 per ticket, my wife and I have been scheduling a show every-other visit to Las Vegas. We have a budget, for food, for gambling, for entertainment, etc. The only way we can continue with our yearly vacation plans is to stick to our budget.  It would help if the hotel we stay at would offer some decent discounted tickets to the show that's at that particular hotel.  Steven Tillinger  Cleveland, OH

We visit Las vegas once or twice each year. We like to go to shows while there. But I believe the big problem with the shows is the cost. None of these stars are worth $100 to $150 per person. this is $200 to $300 per couple. Some shows are good, some are lousy. Some of your comedians can't say a complete sentence without using profanity. Why should we pay $300 for this?  Mary Thill  East Dubuque, Illinois

I will be going to Las Vegas for the third time this coming April. Sadly, I haven't attended a show yet. I have always wanted to attend a show but I haven't been able to afford the headliners. I'm a college professor on a meager salary. I wish I could attend the shows. I think the shows have for the most part, raised the price so high that fewer and fewer people are able to attend and do all the other great things. May be a reason why the free stuff is so popular. We're not all cheap! Just Poor!  Barth Cox  Greeneville, TN

To be honest, it's not very important to me unless there's a specific entertainer I am wanting to see. The first 3 times I went to Las Vegas I didn't see any shows. I have seen a couple shows now but it's still not high on my to do list when I'm there.  Tammy Turnbill  Tipp City/Ohio

We plan on going to LV from June 15-22, 2008. We go to Vegas every year, and always look forward to seeing some of the shows offered there. This year is no different, sinse we get most of the tickets at the half price places, or coupons from the pamphlets in many of the hotels. I would like to see "O", or simular shows but the price is way out of line for me. I see about the same amount of shows to date, but I think it will be less this year.   Alan Wagner  Sheboygan, Wi

We frequent Last Vegas one to three times a year. Each time we try to see one to two shows per visit. We are seeing less expensive shows unless we can get a deal on the internet before we leave. I believe more people would frequent the shows if they were not so costly. You rarely see discounts for the expensive shows. Jone Dault Erlanger KY

We don't usually go to the shows.  Dee  Alpine,Ca.

My husband and I usually only go to one show, but it is not really all that important to us. We just like to walk the strip and gamble in different casinos. We also rent a car and take in the sights around Las Vegas.  Nancy  Ohio

We come to Vegas about twice a year and have quit going to shows about 5 years ago they have gone way to expensive and so we quit going so if they leave they have brought it on themselves.  Barbara Knick  Normal/Illinois

We get to Vegas once a year and try to get to at least one show per stay. Next trip will be in September of this year. Out 50th Wedding anniversary. Will be trying to stay at Cesars Palace for the first time. This will be very important to us.  John Makcen  Willowick, Ohio

Attending a show during our trip to Las Vegas has always been an immense part of our "Vegas Experience", whether we are taking part in history and seeing Wayne Newton, or being highly entertained by a current comedian, like Rita Rudner! Vegas is the classic show town. Vegas is the Rat Pack, Elvis, Wayne Newton, Buddy Hackett, and Don Rickles. I only wish I could travel back in time and see one of those headliners, a dream come true. I hope Vegas will always mean, entertainment & Shows! Judi Tometczak Portage, IN

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