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Reader Polls Feedback for: March 15, through March 24, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


As Las Vegas expands and creates new casinos, it leaves in its path a long list of old casino names and memories. Long gone is the Sands, Dunes, Maxim, Marina, Hacienda, Bourbon Street, Boardwalk, Algiers, Castaways, Vegas World, Continental, Desert Inn, Thunderbird, Debbie Reynolds, Klondike, Showboat, Westward Ho, Vacation Village, key Largo, Aladdin, South Coast, Tally Ho, El Rancho, Paddlewheel, Holiday Casino, San Remo, International, Landmark, Mint, Pioneer Club, Silver Slipper, Silverbird, Treasury, and now the Stardust to name just a few. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Do you think when a Las Vegas casino is torn down and/or replaced with a new casino project should it keep the original name or should it leave all old ties to a casino and start fresh with a new name?  What is your Opinion?  Why or Why not? 

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
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Reader Poll Replies:

I feel Las Vegas is losing some of its history every time one of the old casinos is blown up and rebuilt with some mega resort.  I liked some of the old casinos.  Gloria Townsend  FL

New casino = new name/theme. I have been to or stayed at 19 of those great casinos listed, and look forward to their new space takers.  Joe Espinoza  O'Fallon, MO

stay new that what it all about . but there should make feel new and make it feel like to old way casino use to be fun and good to play there . all of people do like to win some time small hit wrok and it fun them them and there for 3 to 5 day good food at good price . I been going to L V for years and i been To All The Place You Name there need alike new and a like old.  john cataloni  laguna niguel

 I think they should keep the name, Las Vegas has lost it's charm. Nothing but new huge corporate casinos with no themes being built.  Michele Kotlarsky  Waterford, MI

It doesn't matter what name they use it won't be the same as the old. I miss the old Vegas and the old casinos. Now they are bigger and more glitzy. Bring the old Vegas back with nice hotels and reasonable rates. I remember most of those old casinos and enjoyed Vegas back then. We still go but it looks like another hotel might be going. The one we stay at. Nancy  Port Jervis

*  The real pity in the loss of the original casinos is two fold. First the architecture. The design and style of the older places will never be seen again. But second, and perhaps more importantly, would be the vibe. Las Vegas having come up from nothing in the middle of the desert possesses (possessed?) its own unique atmosphere. The lounges, entertainers and music have all changed so radically that there are precious few surviving examples of it. With anachronisms like Art Vargas finding it all but impossible to secure an engagement and the Stardust showroom, last home to acts like Rickles and Steve and Eydie now gone, finding the real Vegas will be quite a task.  The casino names like the Sands and Silver Slipper have a wonderful kitschy value, but without the old-school vibe inside, the name would come to mean something else almost instantly.  What I find hard to believe is that no one has had the forethought to create a Vegas-themed Vegas property! People want to wear a jackets and dresses. They want to sip cocktails to the sound of swing and lounge music. George Clooney had the right idea at Las Ramples; why isnt anyone else picking up the hint?  So names are cool, but The Real Vegas was cooler no matter what the property was called.  Steve Weinhouse  Sun Valley

I think that it's sad to see all the old casinos being replaced with new. Yes, the new are shiny and bright but they lack the old feel of what Vegas was all about. I think the name should be new because the casino will be nothing like the old one, sorry to say. For all the new people who only remember the mega resorts, they have really missed out. It makes no sense to keep the old name when the casino will not resemble the old at all.  Joanne Kelly  Holbrook, MA

When you think of the Sands, Dunes, Boardwalk, etc.. everyone has a memory or can share with you some piece of history about that place. Therefore, a new casino is just that new. It needs a new name, so no past can be associated with it. These new casinos are built so much bigger, and glamorous than the old ones. Yet the old ones are history, and will never be forgotten.  Stefanie  Perrysburg, OH

Key word here is "should". No project "should" or "should not" do anything the owner can or can't get a permit to do. If a brand has a positive name recognition, it might be financially beneficial to retain it. In most cases, the old name is worn out and needs to go along with the shell. But it should be up to the owner to decide if the name or the function should be retained. Why so many new condos?  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

* I don't care if they keep the name; but, I would like it if they would keep at least some kind of the Old Vegas atmosphere. No matter what the theme of the new casinos, they are all starting to look alike and Feel alike. They are all pretty corporate now and rather clinical.  Cindy Ballard  Battle Creek, MI

*   I enjoyed the old casinos especially Debbie Reynolds because it had some fabulous movie displays of famous actors. The new casinos are great, but if they decide to use a different name they should put the old name in parenthesis stating the original name. Ex. (formerly known as the Stardust Casino) Edith from San Jose

* For 2 reasons I feel they should start fresh with new naming for each new/replaced casino.  1. We always remember our first. Those of us with a love affair for Vegas casinos are no different. Let us create new memories.   2. Each casino spends money and effort trying to create just the right combination of atmosphere, gaming, and entertainment to be the best at the niche they market to. I feel it would be tieing one hand behind their back if they were forced to use the prior names.  John  Henderson, NV

no. this is what keeps it fresh every time i visit.  however, They should try to keep a piece of the old vegas too. So, possibly build with part of the old casino the design. edmund tsai  toronto, ontario canada

to me renaming the casinos depends alot upon the original casino. in the case of the dunes, sands, and stardust; I believe the name should be tied to the new casino. many of the casinos which have a less significant place in las vegas history, make little difference with its former connection. I personally am waiting for las vegas to have a sci-fi based casino, can you imagine the possibilities... Robert Rice  Marion OH

 I feel that once it is gone it would be too hard to have the same name so a new name and a new place seems correct to me.  Lonnie Knick  Normal, IL

*   I think it would be a huge fraud upon the consumer to keep the old name on a new complex on the old site. Right or wrong, many people still have a loyalty to the casinos where they stayed for many years. To suggest these new complexes have any similarity to the old places is just not true and should be made clear by changing the name.  sandra porter  hilliard, OH

El Rancho was on the Southwest corner of LV Blvd and sahara. It's motif was Western/Country. I remember it even had a very large windmill near the main entrance. This land has set vacant for eons, and I do not know why. I think replacement resorts should get new names because that is what they are, new! New is more exciting and a mystery to to previous customers, so they will go see the new resort creating footsteps for the new resort.  Robert Bliss  Kansas City, KS

This should be the decision of the owner /developer or financial risk taker. las vegas, in my opinion, is what capitalism is about.  Bill Wright

  I think it would be nice to keep the old names of the casino. Some of the casinos hold such history and Remolding or rebuilding is a good idea, as it's the buildings showing ageing. Thier names are history.  carlene trivett  bluff city, tn

As I wait anxiously to see the lights reflect in my children's eyes on thier first visit to Las Vegas. I regret that they will not see some of the forefathers that paved the way for the modern Las Vegas experience. In saying that, I believe that time marches on and so does the need for change that has made "sin city" the new disneyland of our time. A small tasteful tribute to yesterday is enough, the rest, including the name, should make way for tomorrow.  Sandra Cameron  Cyril Ok

*  It would be great if they could incorporate the old name or part of the old name into the new name, but the Vegas of the 50's and 60's is gone, as is most of the performers of that time so, it is time to let the old names go.   Jeannie Scovel  Gladstone, OR

A new casino should start new. Any business can be closed down and rebuilt but it's not the same, especially for those employees that basically grew up there. You can hold on to memories, but you can't actually revisit them. It is a bitter/sweet feeling. You know that in order to survive, you need to move on and create whatever it takes to attract the tourist, but yet you still hold on to what was once there.   Patti Williams  Petersburg Mi

*  Change is not only part of past in Las Vegas, it is part of our everyday lives as well. What I would like to see at the locations where the casino/hotels have been replaced is an historical maker outlining what was on the site prior to the new and improve?? facility.   chuck Hibbert  Indianapolis, IN



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