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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for March 15, through March 24, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

When Steve Wynn opened the Bellagio he had a rule that people staying at the casino could not have minors with them. Also, kids were not allowed to enter the building without an adult, even into the shopping areas. Do you think this no minors rule should be implemented when Mr. Wynn opens the new Wynn Casino on April 28, 2005?  WHY or WHY Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I thoroughly respect his choice to keep children away from casinos.  I think what I see at the Excalibur and other hotels where children are coaxed into playing games for chances to win prizes and exposed to gambling is just plain wrong.  Keep kids at home, not in a casino  Bettie W. 

* There are plenty of properties which cater to children, (ie Circus Circus and Excalibur).  This is a private business, so Mr. Wynn has the right to exclude whomever he wishes.  This is America. If people don't like the idea they can boycott his resort. I am sure it would have no impact on the resort. if someone believes otherwise, why don't they open a no adult facility (not)!  Howard Kendall

Most definitely, I think Las Vegas itself is not a place for minors, let alone the casinos. I have actually seen a young child sitting on his fathers lap in a corner of one of the large casinos pushing the buttons on the slot machine, where was security? where are the controls? once a minor gets through the doors. This is where the nonsense would stop at the front door which I think is a good idea This is the only city in the world for adults and lets keep it that way.  Lynda Loipersbeck  Toronto Canada

* I believe kids should not be permitted in the new Wynn Casino.  Ronald Fitzke

Unless there is access to shops and restaurants without children going through casinos, then minors don't belong in casinos. I have bumped into young children that were watching games being played when I turned around from a table.  D. Turner, Brunswick, ME & Gulfport, MS

*   I totally agree with Steve Wynn's decision at the Bellagio and I think that same rule would be wise at his new place. A casino is an ADULT playground and having children around can alter normal adult behavior when in this environment. When on vacation in Vegas, we get to do thing and act unlike what we do at home. It's our playground. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Joe Koch  DeKalb, Illinois

I love my children but knowing that others do not I couldn't imagine having them in Vegas. Vegas is for adults; By Adults. It's a getaway location for adults not a bring the family together location. Keep it up Mr. Wynn!  Frank Schwarz  Columbus, OH

* I absolutely believe Wynn has the right not to allow children into his property if he so chooses. A statement like this always has to be made with reservations, of course, there are exceptions to everything.  For the most part, however, Wynn's new establishment resembles to me a giant country club. It is an exclusive place to those who want to pay the higher prices for the best in luxury. It's not that the children would be annoying, it's that they would be bored! It's not fair to children to prance them around an upscale hotel with restaurants' whose cuisine includes dishes many of us can't pronounce. Children enjoy color, energy, music, and foods that they are comfortable with and enjoy. They should have pools with slides and fountains in which they can splash and play. Wynn's place is designed for adults. Period. It's not fair to bring kids there and it's not fair to adults who want a place to escape to without having children running around burning off their youthful energy.  Tim Phillips

Yes, I agree. Vegas is not the place for children.  Sheila Leask

No kids in Vegas. Send them to Disneyworld.  GJ Smith

* Definitely keep the kids out of Wynn's. Las Vegas is for adults. Disneyland is for kids. Let's open a casino in Disneyland and see how they like it.  You can't walk down the strip any more without being hit by a baby buggy. Please turn Vegas back into an adult town.   John & Margie Amon

*  Yes I do.  When I come to Las Vegas I prefer to children are not around. Several years ago even walking the sidewalks one was swamped with strollers and then they moved inside around the slot machines where you can't even get through. This is a town for adults to play so leave the kids and the strollers at home. Take the children to a place FOR children.  frazzled

I agreed with Steve Wynn by not allowing children into the Bellagio, I hope he decides to enforce the same guideline with Wynn Casino. C'mon folks, this is an adult vacation land - take the kids to Disneyland, we deserve our own vacation!  Debbie Maycock  Groveport, OH

If this rule worked, it would still be in effect. While bother implementing such a restriction when it's been proven that - it doesn't work.  jharker

I think it is fair because when I go to Las Vegas it is to get away from kids. I thought it was wrong when they tried to get Las Vegas kid friendly. It is for adults and should stay that way, Take the kids to Disney World. Nancy  Marion, Ohio

* Unless there is entertainment provided for them, casinos are not places for children. Smoking and the adult games that have no interest for them should discourage parents from taking minors there.  Phyllis Moore  Las Vegas, Nevada


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