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Reader Polls Feedback for: June 5, through June 14, 2008

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Summer is upon Las Vegas and that means time for pools to open. This year we are seeing a widespread epidemic of casino topless pools and that includes strip clubs cutting deals with casinos to make topless pools. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Would you prefer a topless pool, adult only pool age 21 and above or a regular family type swimming pool?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think the topless industry is really trying to get their foot in the door of the casinos, or maybe the casinos are trying to open topless clubs under the disguise of topless pools.  If that is what you want is to see topless dancers in the daylight, wet, then you can have it.  That is why topless clubs are always dark.  Roger  LA CA

I would prefer a regular swimming pool.  I dont need to mingle with topless females.  Linda NY NY

i see no problems with a topless pool age 21 and over, however i would like to see this pool in addition to a family pool.  i will be in vegas june 29-july 3.  jeanene  collins

Family pools would definiately be my preference. There are enough strip clubs around to satisfy the male appetite in town. I enjoy a break from the parade of showgirls. and like watching families having fun in the pool. The atmosphere is entirely different at a topless pool as the purpose for being there is different.  Dolores Randmark  Mt. Prospect, IL

 No! I would prefere a regular family pool. I should not be uncomfortable at a pool. Nor should I have to choose a hotel based on it's "topless" policy.  R  oly, wa

 I prefer an adult pool, topless or not. I travel to Las Vegas without my family, and I prefer peace and quiet when I'm at the pool.  Michael Payne  Woodstock/GA

I would prefer a family pool because i am sure there are enough pools in vegas that are topless and probably some go totally nude. sometimes my mom and i visit vegas and that would not be appropriat for a 78 year old woman. We should not be subjected to nudity if we dont want ......there is a time and place for everything   sheila  washington pa

Family pools, please. A great number of Vegas' visitors are "of the elderly persuasion" and don't like to be reminded of how their bodies have changed. And, on the other end of the equation, more and more families are bringing children to Vegas. Families Need the pools during the summer months. There's enough adult venues in Vegas already. Linda Graham  Lynn, MA

Regular family type swimming pool.  Pat  Corrales NM

I don't think topless pools are really necessary. There's enough of that for anyone who wants it "inside" the hotels. Besides, Las Vegas is advertising how it is becoming more "family oriented" and to me, it would be a step backwards to go with topless pools.  Sandra Bowden  Trenton Ontario Canada

Who goes to Vegas to swim? If I had to choose it would be an adults only pool.  William T. Marks  Weston/Florida

I go to las Vegas with my grandchildren, I certainly don't want to be in a topless pool. Isn't that topless stuff supposed to be kept in a night club? I would not go to a hotel or casino that allowed it. We have been going to Excalibur for 15 years. I hope they never allow it there.  JoAnn  San Diego ca

Usually I would like to go to a pool just to relax and try to get some relief from the heat. It really needs to just stay a regular swimming pool. You can get topless women in their designated bars and show. Why be forced to see them at the swimming pool. So much for family fun?   Patricia Kekuewa  WSMR, NM

I have a 14 year old son. We come to Vegas at least once a year. I think Vegas should have the topless pools. I know enought to keep my son from them. Any good parent should. But Vegas is Vegas. We come there to see life in a different life than we live it. Vegas go Topless. Yes  Stephen Goodwin  Sedalia,mo.

 ( looks over his shoulder, t make sure his wife isn't around..) Oh, my I have No problem with a topless pool. If I want a "family" pool I'll go to Best Western or Motel 6.  Steven Tillinger   Cleveland, OH

30 years ago I would have loved a pool to be topless.  However, at my age, I love babies and little children from afar and I love to hide what my babies used to love. Thanks Ginger Corcoran



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