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Reader Polls Feedback for: June 5, through June 14, 2007

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Summer is upon us here in Las Vegas and that means pool time. With all the nightclubs trying to capture the casino’s pool area and make each pool better than the other it appears they will stop at nothing to gain popular control. IVLV had the luxury today of talking with one casino mogul about the swimming pool war and he wanted us to ask the IVLV Readers this provocative question . . . Is Las Vegas ready for a total nude pool area open to all adults?   What is your opinion?  Why or Why not? 

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I like the idea, but not sure I have the body to make an appearance.  Glenda J.  NY

 why not? ....each to their own is my philosophy ! If you don't want to see nude bodies, go someplace else. As long as they don't let the 'gawkers' in, there should be no problem.   Anna Sjogren  Manistique, MI

*  Las Vegas has been long dedicated to finding ways to allow people to participate in as many of the 7 deadly sins as legally possible. A full nude pool with day bar and nightclub would certainly cater to a segment that wants to see and be seen. Security must be proactive to deter people who would seek to profit or free-lance exploiting this new form of entertainment. Cameras (internet sites), prostitution (escorts, blackmail) , drug trade, would all focus on a new trendsetter like this.  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

 If I were 20 years younger and had a rocking body, I would be all for a nude pool area in Vegas. Unfortunately, those days of bikinis are long gone for me. I say, go for it! My vote- yes.   Mary Webster  Oklahoma City, OK

There will need to be a qualification test: The women will be required to put on a pair of those short with "las Vegas" emblazoned across the derriere. If you can read see the L or last S completely from directly behind you must wear clothes. For the men: Take the length of the flaccid male member and divide that into the waist measurement. Anyone with more than a "score" of let's say 7 would need to remain covered.  Yes, just as long as there is a couples only or womens and couples only section to avoid just a bunch of gawking guys. Although I think it would be better to have a topless pool with topless waitresses or nude entertainment and dealers. There also must be a "hotel guest only policy." Most important can we keep it open 24 hours as the Tropicana does on an informal basis? Judging by my last trip all the northern "lobsters" could really do some real damage.  Phil Butler  Blue Jay , CA

 I don't think so. It will attract the wrong kind of person to the casinos. For the most part I think young boys esp. would show up who don't really gamble that much.  Maybe some older voyeurs, but as far as gamblers, not so much. We gamblers are the mainstays of Vegas, I hope they don't forget that. I'd like to see more of interest to the seniors since I am one now. And I really, really love to gamble in a lovely, plush atmosphere!  bea pitassi  coraopolis pa

*   ( pauses to look over his shoulder, to make sure his wife isn't around) Yes, I think that is the next logical step. I would prefer not to see nude men, though. Not that there's anything wrong with that...( here comes the wife) "How about those Yankees, hon?!"   Steven Tillinger  Cleveland, OH

Yes, why not. If it is only for adults it is o.k. You know the saying "What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas.  Judy Virden  New Cumberland, WV

No place should have a total nude pool if the clientell is over 55. At my age there are some things that are better left unseen.   Merv Miler  Orwell, OH

No - I don't think any of the current pools would do for a totally nude pool. A totally nude pool would have to be in an area that could Not be seen from any area outside the pool. Not from passers by or from any of the hotel rooms. Until that physical requirement could be met, a topless pool would be the nudest one you could have. Total nudity equals hard core; topless equals soft porn and that can be seen many places in Vegas.  Richard Pinter  Schaumburg/IL

To Answer the question about a total nude pool area in Las Vegas - I can't see why not! If the "Rat-Pack" era would have thought of that concept, then they probably would have it already in Las Vegas. But, I am a proponant of partial nudity (only) on the strip and total nudity allowed within a fair legal distance from the strip as per the nude clubs laws permit. I wouldn't be surprised if the nude clubs start building olympic size pools anyway.  Larry Strehl  Tampa/FL

*  Yes, if you know your going into the area why does it matter. It's just a body, men would have more problems that woman.  tim  alma, mi

*   Consenting Adults - Yes  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  brenda  Del Valle, Tx




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