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Reader Polls Feedback for
June 5, through June 14, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

This week's Reader Poll asks the question about this Email Newsletter. Weekly we cannot use certain famous entertainers names, show titles, or event names in this email newsletter because the email would be rejected by many email filter systems throughout the world. After 11 years of sending the newsletter by email, we are considering changing the email newsletter to a newsletter posted on a secure web page. By posting the newsletter on a web page we can give you more information because the email that will be sent to you on the 5, 15, 25 days of the month will only contain the secret web page location and the code to enter. This week's Reader Poll asks . . . Would like to continue receiving the email newsletter or would you like to obtain more Las Vegas information by reading the newsletter on a web page? What is your opinion? Why or Why Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I like it the way it is, dont change a thing.  I am not good with changes, however I would always like more Las Vegas info and I do understand the spam filters.  Glenn Edwards NY

Yes, I like the idea of having it posted and I can refer to it often, Email is getting so bad with spam that I hardly sort it out any more.  Gloria T.  NY

I would like to read the newsletter on a website...but would like email notice to say when it is available,  just to make things simpler and to ease the filling of my email box.  Anna Sjogren  Manistique, MI

Why can't you do both? Send out the regular email with a link to the additional information!   Melody White

*  Personally I think that it would be wonderful to have your newsletter posted on the web. We all get the emails, so how much of difference would it make to click on a link to view it, especially when that means that all of us Las Vegasoholics can get even more information to fill up that curious point we all have. I say go for, good things always grow and get bigger and better and what you have going its definitely a good thing. Thanks for Listening,  Melanie Taber

Although I've only been receiving your news letter for a short while I've really enjoyed reading all the exciting news contained within. I wouldn't mind going to a web site at all I think that you will be able to do a even more impressive way to get the information to the public. I am going to go to Vegas for the first time in August and you have given me a lot of ideas on where to go and how to enjoy our vacation. sincerely.  Barbara Arnold  Spokane WA

Both ways will be great. I like to read and stay up to date about my favorite winter vacation getaway, and I also like to be able to let other people know about it as well. This way I can have the best of both. The newsletter for highlights, and the web for pics and more detailed information!  Virgina Weidenbenner

*  I already have several news sources that just send a link. Some even imbed a unique password so you can track my entry without me having to actually type a character. The result will be the capability of publishing an html page in color with borders and ads, things that draw your eye. Replace the ugly blue links in the bland text newsletter with colorful gif buttons.  Yeah. It sounds like a good thing to me.  Spam filters are a necessary evil, like the TSA. Do what you have to do.  Don Bartley

*  Web page is fine by me as long as the link is seamless. I will not hunt for the page.  Dan  Michigan

The more info the better. I would like an e-mail reminder on given days to check my web page for updates. I would visit the web page more that way.  We travel to Vegas about every two years, but would go more for concerts.  Matthew Nelson

I suggest that your e-mail looks more like an actual newspaper with headlines in different fonts and then the typed articles/info. I faithfully read the news, but sometimes skip all the advertisements.  I would certainly go to a secure web site and read more details because I am a huge Vegas inquirer and I want to know what is going on.  Janae Griffith


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