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Reader Polls Feedback for: June 25, through July 4, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


This week during a conversation with one of the Las Vegas movie theater operators an interesting topic about cell phones arose. It seems some of the Las Vegas theaters are considering installing cell phone blocking systems so no phone reception could interfere with the movie goer’s experience. The week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Would you go to a movie theater that blocks cell phone reception? Why or Why Not?   What is your opinion? 

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

Blocking annoying people and their cell phones would be a welcome sound to my ears.  Yes, I am in favor of blocking cell phones in movie theaters.  Brenda S.  Maine

Bad idea. Those of us who follow the rules simply turn the ringer off. But I want my phone on, even if it's silent, in case the babysitter has an emergency. My wife checks her phone periodically in situations where we can't have the ringer on.  Ron Nipper  Auburndale, FL

If enough venues block cell phone signal, it will become reasonable to assume that you will not be able to make or receive a cell call or text in any gathering where people don't want to see or hear you communicating. You will make arrangements to have coverage for your calls, and enjoy yourself. You will check for messages when you exit. OR you will not go to a blocked show at the time you absolutely have to be able to use your phone. Can't just thump the rude people over the head, block all.  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

Yes Yes Yes. There is nothing more irritating then someone talking on their phone or it has a loud ring tone and they don't answer it.  beth salzl  roseville mn

*  Yes I would! To be able to sit and watch a movie without hearing several different conversations going on or hear loud ringing music going off would be great! The majority of the people have no cell phone manners. What a wonderful idea. More business' should consider doing the same.  Angelina Urena  La Puente, Calif.

 I would absolutely go to a theater that blocks cell phones. Cell phones are great for emergencies, but have no place in a theater, restaurant, car, or any other establishment for that matter.  Candy Quiles  Cleveland, OH

*   I think it is a great idea and should be considered for a few other areas also, such as restaurants and almost any kind of public function. Most people with cell phones are very inconsiderate of others while using their cell phones. Last but not least is that they should be blocked in cars except for being able to dial 911 for emergencies.  Dale Rehberg  The Villages Fl

*  I think blocking of cell phones at events is a great idea. I feel we have an entire generation of younger kids that have no manners and think nothing of talking on the phone during a performance or during dinner. If you have something going on that is so important that you need your cell phone you can always go to the lobby to check your messages, leaving others to enjoy the show or dinner.  Kim Harbison  Cincinnati, Ohio

I would love all theatres to install cell blocking technology. As we advance technically , mankind de-advances socially.  Terry Gautier  Jefferson, La

*  I love the idea of no phone calls because you are there to enjoy not keep a cell pone stuck in your ear. paula stull  texas city, tx

Sure I would go. These cell phones are a nusance when you're watching a movie & hearing it ring or someone talking at the same time. In Hawaii there is a notice on the screen to shut off all cells.  Robert P. Balino  Pearl City, Hawaii

Yes, I have a 5 cell phones, but they all have voicemail. I do not need to be bothered and could not possibly need to respond within 2 hours of any show. Once outside the phone will receive the voicemail.   Jim  Kokomo

*  Yes, I would still go to a movie theater that utilizes a cell phone blocking system. There is nothing more annoying than someone having a phone conversation during a movie! However, if they start blocking movie theaters, will casinos be next?  Jan Harris  Tucson, AZ

*   A person should be able to do without a telephone long enough to see a movie or show. What about the disturbance of the other people in the theatre? Do they need to be bothered? I vote for blocking the phones.   Don Turner  Brunswick, ME

 I personally would have no problem with a cell blocking theatre. However, if I were an ob doc who needs to be available 24/7, I would pick a theatre that doesn't block. And I am sure that there are numerous other patrons that need to be available for emergencies.   Trisha Jessee  Canton, Ohio

*   Yes I would! I find the constant cell phone use very annoying . Both the ringing & the the talking . Who wants to hear the conversation?  Dolores Kling  Alpine, Ca

All theatres should block cell phone use.  For the dollars we pay to get into the shows I want to hear what's on the screen (or stage) not some rude person who absolutely has to talk whenever they feel like it.  Joanne Kammer  Lansdowne, PA

block them.  James Byler  Moreno Valley, CA

*   I definitely would appreciate not having the possibility of having a cell phone ring or having some idiot talking on one. I think cell phones are way over used in public. Thus, I would be more than happy to attend these theatres.  Jim Krinke  Lodi, WI

I would attend theatres that say No to cell phones. Those who do not turn off their phones are rude and discourteous. Ban Cell Phones In Theaters.  Dick Doyle  Las Vegas, NV

Yes, I certainly would support a theater that has chosen to ensure a decent movie-going experience by blocking the ability of people to rudely interrupt other people's concentration by talking on their cell phone. Since we are conditioned to "answer the phone" when it rings, and aren't we popular after all when our public demands us, the temptation to answer our cell phones is best eliminated electronically.  Brian Haynie  Hillsboro / Oregon

when in vegas I don't have my kids so I would have no issue turning off my cell phone. At home, it might keep me from visiting that theater.  Melissa  Frederick, MD

Yes I would still go to a movie theater which blocks cell phone reception, because I believe that one can live a couple hours without being hounded by cell phone. It is annoying to hear phones ring in church and any where that you are trying to enjoy a show. Now a days we act like it is a matter of life or death if we don't hear our cell ringing. Don't get me wrong I have a cell but I respect the people around me when entering church, movies and restaurants etc.   Bonnie Bowers  Taneytown, Md

*   Yes, I would even go out of my way to attend one. I want to enjoy the film without being bothered by some stupid ringing sound.  Erla Hackett  San Francisco, CA

Absolutely. I find it most annoying when someone sitting nearby has to talk on their cell phone. I always turn mine off before the movie starts. If I am expecting an important call, I don't go to the movie that day. I wish this was adopted by movie and show theaters everywhere. People wanting to reach me can use voicemail until the event is over.  reggie patterson marsh harbour

Yes I would go and welcome their solution to a huge problem.  Some people simply forget to turn their phones off, others are just plain rude and will talk through an entire movie if allowed.  David Boyd  Fort Gratiot, MI

No, I would not.  Why?  We are supposed to be a Free Country, no more stupid "laws" telling us what to do or not do.  We Americans should be smart enough to know to shut off your phone, for the courtesy of others. We should Not have to be told this!  Why not?  How about installing a device that stops people from talking as soon as they enter the Theater.  Call it the "Talking Blocking System".  Hhmmmm....  Hope this helps you to realize how Stupid both ideas sound.  Thanks!  Denise Fox  Indpls.In.




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