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Reader Polls Feedback for
June 25, through July 4, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


This week’s Reader Poll concerns cell phones versus Las Vegas. Once again Las Vegas is rated number one is a category and this time Las Vegas is rated the highest user per 1,000 people of cell phones than any other city in the world. That being the case, why does the Sports Books inside casino outlaw the use of a cell phone within the Sports Book area? Do you think this cell phone restriction is good, bad, practical or ? What is your opinion?  Why or Why Not?


Reader Poll Replies:

I think banning cell phones in the Sportsbook is crazy, all you have to do is stand 10 feet outside the sportsbook and make all the calls you want and nobody can say a word to you.  Come on casinos, get into the 21st century, cell phones are here to stay and you cannot regulate them.  Barney W. 

 Being a avid cell abuser (don't know what we did before them), I have to side with the casino's on this one. They put a lot of time in coming up with odds and are just protecting there investment for as long as they can.  Ken Wilder  VA

*  I think this is a great idea...there are far too many places where people are disturbed by a ringing phone. If a call is necessary, they can go out of the general area.  Suzanne Matlosz  Mesa AZ

*   I think that banning cell phones in the sports book area is a good idea. There are so many places that cell phones can be used, if they are in the sports book area they must be there for a reason other than using the cell phone. People want to hear what is going on with the sports, not what is going on with your life outside the area. Cell phones are banned in many places because of security!  I use a cell phone also, but I respect the rules on where and when one can use a cell phone.  Bonnie Bowers  Taneytown  MD

*  I don't know why they ban them either but I am glad to see just one area they can't be used. I am a food server in a strip coffee shop. Just try to take there order, they can't stop talking long enough to give the order let alone, acknowledge that you are there. Hurray for the sport's books. What did we do before cell phones? We all survived until we could get to a land line, and the country still showed progress.  Sue Phipps  Las Vegas  NV

*   I wish they would outlaw cell phones in more places. like restaurants! Then we could eat a nice meal in peace and not have to hear some idiot's whole conversations! As far as the sports books. I don't see why they are restricted there. No one is going to be getting any hot tips constantly, which I am sure they are worried about.  Sue Martin  Chesaning MI

*   I endorse ALL indoor cell phone use restrictions. In sports books, phones can be used for dishonest wagering.  Dick Doyle  Las Vegas NV

*   I Think it's a dumb idea to limit their use. What is the real advantage anyway. If you're going to shop point spreads it only shortens the amount of time it will take you. If you're calling your partner to shop the spread, what's the difference if you step 10 feet further away or not?  Brett Jeross  Las Vegas NV

I think cell phone use should be restricted everywhere in the casino. It is a distraction and there are plenty of places you can go to use your phone.  Melissa Osika  Valparaiso IN

*  I don't see the ban on cell phone use in Sports Books areas being lifted anytime soon. After all, if someone is forced to go into the casino to place a sports bet, there is a good chance they will stop at a slot machine, poker table or roulette wheel on the way. If the casinos allow cell phones, people will be doing phone bets or betting on the side. This reduces the Casino's take. Ultimately in Vegas, it's all about the money!  Jan  Tucson AZ

*  Cell phone use should be banned in any gaming area. In fact, the use of any electronic technology should be suspect near a casino gaming floor. Its no question that cell phone signal should be blocked within sight of a sports book, due to the ability of someone to run his own book. Otherwise it would start to look like the floor at a commodities trade. Conversely, the hotel lobbies, elevators, rooms, public restrooms pools, and eating areas should NOT be blocked.  Don Bartley  Portland OR

*   I personally do not see the valid reason for the cell phone restriction. When the question was asked, I was told that an advantage could be gained by exchanging information and therfore the "house" must take steps to negate this advantage. The only advantage that I can see is the potential for the bettor to compare odds at different casinos and play where the odds are greatest--In my opinion the casinos are afraid of the head-to-head competition that this communication will bring!  Bryan T. Miller  Boyne City MI

*  There was a reason that phone booths (remember those) had doors on them. Most of us really dont care about anothers conversation. Now if you dont mind me standing next to you and joining in on that call, well if I have to be a part of it I might as well participate, then we will be talking. Leave the phone off when you are in the casino, restaurants, shows, stores, etc. Just leave it in the car or room, you probably aren't as important to others as you believe you are.  Kenn Silligman  Tracy CA

*   On my last trip to Vegas there were people everywhere with cell phones to their ears while the other hand was punching the slot machine button. They didn't care if they were disturbing anyone who might have wanted to come to the casino to get away from the telephone. People in the Sports Book have inventive ways of cheating. The cell phone would just encourage people to cheat. Also people should be able to enjoy themselves without listening to your argument with your wife.  Cindy Ballard  Battle Creek MI

*   Great idea. More places should ban their use. There are just certain times when it is totally annoying to have to listen to someones conversation while playing the slots. Just like smoking is so bad in vegas. The casinos are just full of smoke.  Sharon Butterfield Ft. Lauderdale , FL

This is not limited to Vegas. It's to deter cheating. There is a slight time delay in satellite transmission to remote viewing areas that conceivably would allow someone to place a bet after the race started if this were not done.  L. A. Graham  Lynn MA

Go outside the sports book area to take your call. Cells are distracting while you are trying to make bets.  Nancy Lippert  Sterling Heights MI


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