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Reader Polls Feedback for: June 15, through June 24, 2008

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Las Vegas is becoming the resort destination of the world, with elaborate casinos, unique theme buildings, extensive shopping and outlandish spas. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . How important is the spa to your Vegas experience? Do you consider the spa facilities a big part of your selection of which casino / hotel you might stay? What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

My spa experiences are very limited in Las Vegas because that is not what I come for.  The things that excite me about Vegas is the casinos and the girls, certainly not the spas.  Will  Los Angeles, CA

I come to Vegas to gamble and that is all, oops and drink.  Carl T.  NY

Spa is increasingly becoming important when we spend a week plus in Vegas. Having fun in the desert can be exhausting with the traffic congestion spa is relaxing after along day and evening to soothe the body and recharge the body internal batteries.  Dick Scally  Reading,Berkshire  England, UK

The spa experience an facilities is NOT an important factor in my decision as to what hotel I stay at during my vacation.  I love Las Vegas for it's glitz, shows, gambling and area attractions, I never have enough time to sit and relax in a spa, as there is way too much wild excitement for me to see and do!  Lynette Latzko  New Castle, DE

At this point, the spa is not important to me....every time my wife and I visit Las Vegas I ask her about scheduling a spa appointment....she always replies that she would rather eat, drink, gamble and fool around. So, no spa for me...Steven Tillinger  Cleveland, OH

Spas in Vegas hotels are of no concern to me at all. As a matter of fact you have got to be kidding me if someone goes to Vegas primarily to go to one. every town in America has a health club right? Most of the better ones incorporate some kind of health spa in thier facility. So what are you going to Vegas to go to a spa for? the rich and famous are an exception of course. its "gosh" don't ya know. oh my husband was golfing or gambling and I was at the spa getting a mud bath. Give me a break. but since casino's have them they must be making money. Which translates what the heck do I know. Ralph

Spa facilities are wonderful but not of total importance when visiting LV. There are too many other things to do while I am there.  Lori Andrews  Normal, IL

 Not at all.  Bob Branstetter  Stanley, KS

The spa facilities in Las Vegas are not important to me at all. I personally feel that the spas in Las Vegas are overpriced and you can get the same experience, for a lot less money, at a decent spa in or near your hometown. I have had massages at a massage school and also at an expensive spa, and found the massages to be equal, only I paid more at the expensive spa. I go to Las Vegas for the shows and gambling, not to go to a spa.  Kelly Gouin  Barre, MA

Spas do little or nothing for me. I have been staying at The Luxor 2 to 3 times a year since it opened and have visited their spa once. And that was because it was new and I had free access.  I still get free access to the spa when I stay at Luxor, I just choose not to use the spa. Don Bartlett  Indianapolis, Indiana

 I suppose it would be nice to go to the spa on vacation, but when we go to Vegas, we like to spend our time out on the strip or in a casino or watching shows. No spa for me!  Patricia Kekuewa  WSMR, NM

Yes the spa treatment is very important. My husband and I want to do exciting things together when we go to vegas! To date, every one that we have used has been wonderful!! Yes, yes very important.  Jeanene Collins  Wellington, Ohio

Spas are nice, but he price in the casinos seems to me a little high.  Granted all things cost more, but it seems like this is a service that should be attracting people rather than only serving the wealthy.  Vince T.  Oklahoma

I always visit the Bellagio spa and salon when I come to Vegas (from Florida) which is 3 times a year. Wouldn't trust a haircut to anyone else. Don't stay at a hotel, have a place at the Jockey Club next door to the Bellagio. Best places in Vegas are Bellagio, Wynn, MGM, Slots O Fun and of course Freemont Street. Have not tried any other spa besides the Bellagio, guess it is because I don't know anything about the other spas...Joyce Holiday, FL

no, spa facilities are not at all important to me. I don't come to Vegas for that. I come to see as much as I can, eat at nice inexpensive places (thing of the past) and do some gambling. I enjoy just watching other people. It used to be you could come to Vegas for an inexpensive getaway, but times have really changed!  Roxy Rummel  Speed, Kansas

 If spas in Vegas were making money on me in Vegas, they would go broke. My b/f and I are getting married in Vegas in July, and we aren't coming out to do any spa thing!  Kristy Chiplaski  Phillipsburg, Ks

A spa visit to me is unimportant. If I get a deal for a spa, I pass it on to my wife to decide if she wants it. I do not consider a spa visit in my decisions about what hotel or casino I stay at. Vegas is for gambling, shows, meals and fun.  Donald Burkhart  Harwood Heights. Illinois

A spa facility is not required nor is it a factor for determining the hotel that I will be staying at. All I require is a room to stay in to rest and change. Vegas is about gambling, shows and fun. I feel the same way about internet connections, which is of no importance to me either.  Chuck Middagh  Tucson, Arizona




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