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Reader Polls Feedback for
June 15, through June 24, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


Last week's Reader Poll asked the question about converting the IVLV Email Newsletter into a web page newsletter, thus allowing IVLV to give you more information without the risk of spam filters. In the seven years we have conducted Reader Polls this question received the most attention and positive response. Overwhelmingly converting to a web page newsletter and receiving more information was the mass choice.

With that said, this week’s Reader Poll asks, now that we moved the Email Newsletter to the secure web page posting, how do you like the Newsletter now?   What is your opinion?   Why or Why Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I really like it, you really have outdone yourself this time Mr. Reed.  Congratulations on a great improvement.  Lloyd Fischer  TX

I like the newsletter before, but now it is even better with it on a web page.  I had no problem clicking on the link in the email and then entering the password.  Darrell Simms

Thanks for making the newsletter even better, I enjoyed getting more in depth information about my favorite city, Vegas!  Gloria Townsend

Hello, I just wanted to say that having to view the newsletter on the website is not so convenient as you are not able to cut and paste the password onto the website. Can I subscribe to have the newsletter sent to my email address again? It works fine then.  Thanks for the great Vegas tips!  Kind regards,  Annette Reichstein

I love it. Looks so much more professional. Good job!  Judy Wilcox

Yes, it does require me to make one more step by putting in the password, but it has a lot more information, more details and I dont have to look in all my email folders to see if your emailed newsletter was put in the spam files.  Overall, this is a much better process and since it is free, how can I complain?  A loyal fan.  Marion Phillips

At first I did not like the idea of not getting your great email newsletter by the old method, but after seeing the web page, the graphics and the more information provided, the web page idea is much better.  Angie Bellows TX

Great job, it is a lot better posted on a web page, easier to read and more information.  We appreciate all your hard work, keep it up.  Your fans in Florida.  K & W Collinsworth

Looks good, very easy to read and get to the items I want.  Bob R  NY

I like the old email version better, maybe I am slow in changes.  However, if my choices are web page or no newsletter, then the web page is fine.  Ben Cohen NJ

Excellent job, this looks a lot more profession and much easier to read than a long text email.  Barry O. 

*  I have been a subscriber for over six years and at first I was concerned you were changing your newsletter.  To my surprise you only improved on what I thought was great to start with.  I have never written to tell you how much my family and I appreciate your accurate and helpful information.  Your web site has made our eleven trips since subscribing to the newsletter the best ever trips to Vegas.  The money we have saved the information you have given us has been a dream.  Thank you.  Roland T.  GA

The web page would be a better idea. More information could be included as well as the current email items. More rows of topics and graphics would be a plus. You have a great email full of great news and advisories as well as helpful items for those who visit Vegas. A larger viewing screen covering a greater area for the reader.  Charles Middagh Tucson, AZ

 I would like to see the newsletter as a web page also. I love the newsletter. It gives the most up to date information and everything I am interested in it covers.  thanks.  Deb Buono

*  The newsletter seems to be easier to navigate. I like the picture icons next to the articles that will catch people's eyes and they will be able to read about subjects that they may be interested in.  David Holmes Tamaqua, PA

Good more intimate Newsletter and Street facts are as good as ever for your overseas readers allowing us to still feel part of the Las Vegas scene.  Jim Brown  Scotland UK

 Very easy to access and the information seemed to be easier to read. Loved it!  Dawn Schlauderaff  Brooklyn Park, MN

The password sign in could be easier.  Greg Plagmann Indian Harbour Beach, FL

I love the fact that you have the pictured links on the side of the story that you are reporting about. This format is much cleaner and easier to read!  Andrea Brown  Everett, WA

*  Love the webpage newsletter but not the idea of having to use a different password every time. Yes I know I can save the site if I want to read it again but why not just have a one time password that gets set in a cookie and so you never need to enter it again as long as you use the same computer?  I like the layout and the graphics down the left side of each 'article' as it makes reading them much easier and clearer.  Ian McKillop  UK

 I guess it is easier if you are going to seek additional information which is I am sure what your sponsors would prefer. As far as read ability it is a toss-up.   Matt  Ambler, PA

Well done. It is very eye appealing with it's format and colorful icons. It is also very easy to navigate and find the info. Thank you for this change and I give it a big thumbs up.  Nelson Dunn  Fredericton,New Brunswick

*  Now that the Newsletter has moved to a secure web page posting, I like it even more. It can be longer, and it doesn't take up more space in my inbox. I think the password is good because it makes you truly feel like an "Insider". I would like it if there were more hyperlinks within the newsletter to the places mentioned. For instance, when you mention Tao night club, you could have it so that people could click on the word Tao to go to their website.  Mary Keener  Ypsilanti, MI

*  I definitely like the website format. Much easier to scan.  Richare Burris  Medical Lake WA

I like progress, but you mentioned "free for now". I hope you are not joining the rest of the Vegas Moguels in trying to get rich off of us.   Howard Kendall  Indianapolis, IN

* Well just to begin this is the first newsletter I have received and I will be going to vegas in just a few weeks for the first time so with that said I want to say that this newsletter is the most information about vegas I have received yet and by far gives so many things to look at without doing a search on different websites for no information at all. There is no frustration or aggravation here. just a click away. So thanks for all of your help with my trip in just a little time.  Michelle Springs  Vidor TX

*   This format is great! I always look forward to the IVLV newsletter anyway, and the html format makes it's even more exciting. I rely on the Street Facts to keep my in the loop since I'm all the way out here in Texas. If this format allows you to provide even more info, I'm truly stoked about it.  Lisa Weishner  Lewisville TX

*   I love all the great information that the newsletter gives me. The only thing I didn't/don't like about it is that you can't cut and paste the password from the email I receive to the secure site. I tried and tried and it won't accept it. I understand you want your information protected but it is difficult to get the right password if it will change every so often. Thanks,   Paige Sumberg  Henderson NV

 I love the new web page format. It is much easier to read and I like the information. Is there a way to create our own password rather than having to use the one assigned in the email?  Melissa Osika  Valparaiso  Indiana

Its just fine with me, looks good and is quite nicely done.  Tom Ayers
  Montclair, CA

*  I have always loved reading the newsletter and anticipate each and every issue. However, with the new format, I find accessing it with a password a bit of a pain you-know-where. The web version is gorgeous and easy to follow, but that password bit has got to go! I'd rather pay for a subscription for access than skipping back and forth from email to the website to access the password. Keep up the excellent work! I STILL love you guys!  George Gryak  West Mifflin, PA

*  I love reading the new Email newsletter I find it easier to read and I am able to retain more information from it and for newbees it will be easier and have the same comfort and ease that you have come to expect from Insider Viewpoint I hope they continue to do things this way Insider Viewpoint has always been my source for Las Vegas but now you have made a huge step forward for the readers. Hats off to you for a job well done thank you.  Dorothy Duve  Port Saint Lucie FL

Great Idea, Great web page! Colorful and well done. Much easier to read and navigate. Delightful in all respects!  Thank You!   TallPaul Kingfisher OK

 I really like it. lot easier to read.  Matthew Ross  Cypress, CA

*   It is chock full of great info and easy to read!! I love it.  Marilyn Conway
 San Diego CA

*   I think it's more readable now. Good work.  Mark Lubnow  Sunbury PA

 I like this new version of the newsletter. Good job!  Kathie Bachman  Gilroy  CA

*  Easy to access - Much easier to browse and find what I'm looking for.  Congratulations  JoanneK  Lansdowne PA

It extremely impressed me. It's cleaner, crisper and very professional looking!  Renee Mcconville  Branson MO

I've been a reader of your newsletter for some time now. I find it to be very informative. But now you have turned a great newsletter into an amazing newsletter. 1st class in every way. Really well done. You should be proud of yourself for now bringing the newsletter into the 21st century. Thank you and keep up the great work.  James Gagliardo  North Port FL

*   Liked it and the cute lil icons.  Darren Fine  Fort Collins

 I think it is only gripe is when I tried to simply copy and paste the password, the system would not allow me to do so..had to go back and forth between windows for the password.  Suzanne Matlosz  Mesa AZ

I thought the new Newsletter format to be good.  Eddie Schulz Urbana OH

The "new" look of IVLV is fantastic! It looks first class, more organized, and is much easier to read! Instead of skipping from section to section, I now find myself reading everything in the newsletter! Reading IVLV has always been enjoyable, but now I anticipate, enjoy, and appreciate reading with pleasure! Good Job!  Marie Fuentes  North Las Vegas  NV

*  The new newsletter is awesome! More pictures, more white space, and the fonts are interesting and easier to read. Advertiser link buttons make a lot more sense and are easier to find. Information in general seems a lot easier to locate, and re-locate later. There seems to be a lot more to explore.  The fact that I need a Password to view the newsletter puts me in that "special" access group... and dang it, I Like That Feeling.  Thanks, Good Luck and, keep'em coming.  Victor Hanson  Toronto Ontario Canada

The web page is much more reader friendly and attractive to the eye. It jumps out to say, " Pick this item". It is a great improvement. The colors are catching, items are spaced exactly right for me. There are a lot more categories to be chosen on a page it seems. As I am going to Vegas next week, as always, your information is a great mine to choose from. Great job.  Charles Middagh Tucson, Arizona

*  Excellent choice. I like the design of your web page. Keep up the good work.  Tom Barton  San Francisco CA

Today was my first time I read the new email, love everything about it.  Jim Miller  Worcester MA

*   I like it very much and think it is more convenient.  Keep up the good work.  David Corbin  Arcadia OH

*   It's a great idea to put it online with more information --- however, it's a pain in the butt to have to type in a stupid password - what's the purpose of that ---- it's just a newsletter!  I say skip the password!  Kristin  Gilbert AZ

*  With filters I didn't worry about spam but now I have to go to do more work to get to information. I get tired of clicking and clicking to get to info. Probably won't check out your site as often as before.  S.Silver  Rochester Hills MI

*  I think it's more readable now. Without email reminders I'd forget about it in the sea of subscriptions I have so don't change that.  Mark Lubnow

*  Change is good.......Thanks.  Tim  Greencastle PA

*  I like the new web page newsletter. I typically don't read every line in the newsletter when I am not close to another trip to Las Vegas, but I DO read every newsletter. The new format has icons next to the news clips to help me identify hotels/casinos that I am interested in reading about now. As I get closer to my next trip, then I can go back to reading each line. Thanks for the updates.  Roger Bay  Chicago IL

I do not like the idea of having to put in a secure code.  It was more enjoyable when I could just open the email.  I do like the way it is set-up when it finally opens.  Carolyn Brierley  Peabody MA

* HI, I love the new look! Keep them coming!  Sincerely,  Annie Breslin  Arlington MA


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