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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for June 15, through June 24, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Rumor has it that a couple Vegas casinos are trying to get Michael Jackson to perform as a headliner in their showroom. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Would you pay between $75 and $200 a ticket to see Michael Jackson perform in a Las Vegas Casino Showroom?  WHY or WHY Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I don't think I would pay $1 to see that person perform.  Angie D.

* In my opinion, Michael Jackson's career is over. After watching him self-destruct these past years, it would be a farce to see him get on the stage and put on a highly charged show after seeing him as he just recently was viewed during his court appearances. How can he go from someone who is in a drug-induced state due to pain killers to someone who can dance and move around the stage performing as he once did. Even if he could get back to the entertainer he once was (highly doubtful), I would not pay even $25.00 to see him perform. Guilty or not guilty, he has lost all his credibility and has shown the world what a odd person he is.  Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion.  Diane McDonald

*  I would not pay for tickets to see Michael Jackson in Las Vegas. Irregardless of my opinions about the recent verdict I never liked him as a performer. My feeling is that the generation who idolized Jackson has grown up and moved on. I do not see him as a long lasting musical icon and would not even consider seeing a show in Las Vegas, there are to many better shows to see.  Linda Timmons  Clifton Park NY

Absolutely no way. I will never support that child molester. He should retire from show business. His days of glory are over.  Kathie Bachman

* NO!!! I feel he has lost his credibility and pizzazz as a headliner. Perhaps in a smaller venue. He does not command top dollar anymore. He lost his American fan base and appeal. Why he is still the "king of Pop" in foreign countries is a mystery. I guess it is because he is an American and they like things American. I would spend top dollar to see a better act than him. George Gryak Pittsburgh, PA

* Who are we to throw the first stone? Was He PROVEN GUILTY? We appreciate Michael Jackson as a performer and WOULD pay to see him.  Annie F.  Las Vegas, NV

* There is no way I'd pay 1 cent to see this sick puppy. Sheila  Leduc, Alberta Canada

* I would NOT go see M Jackson ( IF THEY PAID ME $1000.00 To Go HE IS S I C K )  Bob Miller

* Yes I would.  Michael Jackson has been found NOT GUILTY - which still makes him a Mega Super Star. My opinion is that he ranks under the same category as Mike Tyson to the degree that no matter what Tyson does - people will still pay to see him fight. I feel the same is true of Michael Jackson - no matter what he does in life - people will pay to see him. After all, he is and will remain so until proven guilty - A Super Mega Star - The King of Pop.  And now, most of all, I would pay, to see for myself, if he can bounce back and do what he does best - Entertain the Public with his Music and not all the drama we have seen the last decade.  Jacqueline Wilkins

* I wouldn't pay anything at all to see Michael Jackson perform. He is a creep. I wouldn't let you pay me to see him.  Debbie Adams

* I would buy tickets for his show...we feel that he may be a little different, but that's not a reason to not see him perform and we were glad he was found not guilty of those ridiculous charges.  Patty Gero

*  I'd rather see Bubbles his pet monkey.  Watcherboy

It is interesting to see the plethora of negative response. As for me, I still believe in the justice system and that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Apparently, Michael is being judged by the public as guilty regardless. I would pay to see him. As many people would pay to see Kobe Bryant, Nick Nolte, Robert Downey Jr., Glenn Campbell, Dennis Rodman, etc. etc. Vegas shows with Michael will sell out as their are less self righteous people than your poll would indicate.   Bill  N. Las Vegas

* Michael Jackson BELONGS in Las Vegas!  Elvis, another performer with plenty of idiosyncrasies has his own museum here. The Rat Pack (by impersonation) is still going strong. ONLY IN VEGAS can something like this be embraced. You can bet there are still plenty of fans that would pay exorbitant amounts of money just to SEE Michael Jackson even if he were not performing. He is still talented. And he will never be forgotten as a music icon in his lifetime.  Eileen Mac Mullen  Coopersburg PA

* Yes I would go see Michael Jackson perform ANYWHERE, I'm sure he is innocent, Money talks any celebrity could caught in the same trap, Michael is a fantastic entertainer and we need to see more of him ,YES YES YES We would go spend $200 for his show.  Lavinia Soldinski  Bonne Terre  Missouri

* No way. can't stand the little boy. He needs to stay home and play with his self.  G.J. Smith

* Would I pay $200 to watch a true legend of music? There are few individuals/groups I would and Michael Jackson is one of them! His music and his performances (as well as his videos) are recognized all around the world as being of top-quality and the energy he provides is beyond imagination. Whatever the rumors etc. are about the man, the performer is worth every penny!  Roy CCR

Pay to see Michael Jackson perform?  I've seen enough of his performances on the nightly news! (For free by the way!) I wouldn't go see him if it were FREE! If I wanted to waste my time in Vegas I would sit through one of the numerous timeshare presentations. At least I could walk away from that with dinner, show tickets and some gambling money!  Tammy Turnbill  Tipp City, Ohio

* No way, if I wanted to watch someone who appears to be a middle-aged woman perform, I'd request Liz Taylor, then Michael could come and be her back up performer.  Michael Jackson and sunk to low to really make any kind of real come back, and doesn't seem to have kept himself conditioned to really pull off a truly Michael performance.  It would be better for him to not embarrass himself with what would be obvious mediocrity.  Linda

* I would pay the price if I had the money. Michael Jackson is one of the top entertainers in the U.S. I believe many would pay the price. Michael Jackson in Vegas - right on!  Freda Roth  Prince Frederick, Maryland

No way jose!  And it has nothing to do with the case and him showing up in p.j.'s in court. I have seen enough of him over the years and don't dig his music anymore.  Pia -  Las Vegas  NV

* Not a Chance in ____! I would not even pay $20 to see Jackson play (with himself, as he does all too often) in a casino or anywhere else. He should be in Jail performing for his fellow inmates on a nightly basis.  Dan  Michigan

* The answer is definitely Yes! Even though he's a bit off, and what mega famous super star isn't?...Michael Jackson is an amazing performer, and my husband and I agree, it would be awesome to see him in concert. My husband and I were married in Las Vegas last year on July 30 and one of our wedding songs was Michael Jackson's "Do You Remember The Time", so it would have a lot of meaning for us as well to see him. So if he ever does come to perform in Las Vegas, we'll definitely be there!  Thanks!  Heather Willams  Tucson AZ

* No, I wouldn't pay to see him since he comes with too much baggage these days. I would however go to see him if I won tickets somehow. Just for the curiosity factor. TBoneGmblr

* Absolutely not!  I would never knowingly contribute financially to Michael Jackson. Regardless of what the verdict was in California, and regardless of the fact that the victim's mother was out for monetary gain, I do FIRMLY BELIEVE Michael Jackson is a child molester.  It's not normal for a grown man to want to share his bed with children.  Shawn Fechner  San Antonio TX

Nope, don't think I would. Feel bad for the way he is being treated, but he's becoming too much of a circus act to be enjoyable anymore.  Roxanne Davis

Why would I want to pay $75 - $200 (US) to see Michael Jackson in a show? He looks freaky enough, and with all the media coverage and tabloids covering his scandals, there is more than enough of him shown. Now, if they were to pay me from $75 - $200, I would still have to consider whether it would be worth it to waste my time like that (especially if you can get $125 for a 90 minute presentation).  Thanks, and keep up the good work on your newsletter.  Wingo Siu



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