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Reader Polls Feedback for: July 5, through July 14, 2008

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

This week IVLV was approached by one of the major casino’s head of promotions. During our conversation they wanted me to ask my readers the following question. With the economy weak and gas prices raising, what type of casino promotions or casino specials would be the most interesting and would make you visit one casino over another?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think lowering the prices of hotel rooms would be of interest to me.  Sandra S.  Long Beach CA.

To entice me, you need to offer free or extremely discounted food.  Food was such a bargain for years, but in the past few visits to Las Vegas the cost of a decent meal in a casino restaurant is out of control in my opinion.    Howard & Betty.  Florida

With gas prices raising visitor will try to find a deals to componsate for the gas prices. Wether you drive or fly you'll still be paying for the increase If you fly the airline makes you pay for your first & secon luggage you also pay for your non alcool drink. I think visitors will be looking for a deals such lower hotel prices, free gas with stay or even meals deal. I'll be in Vegas in 2 weeks and I need to spend more $$$ to fly there.  Lise Bedard  Brossard Quebec  Canada

I would come more often if inexpensive hotel rooms were available. Thanks to development, inexpensive hotels like The Boardwalk are gone. Higher gas prices and airfares have reduced my discretionary spending dramatically. Instead of building more and more high end retail stores move the outlet mall stores closer to downtown or the strip. At least improve the bus service to the Outlet Malls.  LV no longer has as many well known entertainers to draw people so offer value for our dollars.  Len Boscarine  Burien, WA

Comp rooms with discounted or free airfare would be nice. While your at it throw in a couple of comp meals and seal the deal.  Loren Ouellette  Burbank SD

 I'd like a really good price on my hotel room (like you got before) as well as lower prices on food. A discount on shows would also be nice.  Carol  Providence RI

Cheaper room rates. free buffet or discounted meal comps, would make me visit one casino over another.  George Gryak  West mifflin, PA

Reduceing the room rates won't help get e there. They are good as they are. Pay for my gas.I drive out there. thats the kicker for all of us.Getting there. I don't mine paying for high price food, its worth it. I don't mine the rooms rates ,thy are worth it. Getting there is the problem. Get me there and I'll spend my mony at Your Place.  Stephen Goodwin  Sedalia,Mo

I think transportation is on everyone's minds whether it's at home or on vacation. I would be inticed to stay at a hotel if they offered free Transportation vouchers to use for cab rides or a gas card to use for filling up the tank of my rental car.  Jason  Seattle, WA

I bought half price tickets from you other web site,, and I am good for discount tickets, but room rates is another storey.  I cannt believe how expensive a decent room is in the middle of summer.  Lower the room rates and I will stay a few more days.  Gives you casinos a better chance at winning all my money.  William D. Canada

To get more of my money you need to lower the drink prices in the night clubs.   What a joke.  Stand around like a sardine and then have them ask for $14 per drink.  Forget about sitting down, that is another $250 or more.  What happen to the fun nightlife of Las Vegas.   Ben T.  Dallas TX

For my husband and I, a trip to Vegas will be our major vacation for the year. My husband is in the lumber business and that is not good.  We made our decision to visit Vegas based on the variety of entertainment opportunities and would welcome a casino that would offer a total package special ie. rooms, gambling, dining and entertainment all in one. It is very important to get as much "bang" for our buck as possible. Thank you.  Michelle R. Dye  Colorado City, Colorado

It's a pity that most of the good old resorts on the Strip are going the one after the other. I think it's a mistake to build sophisticated and extremely expensive ones instead. I love to come to Vegas once or even twice a year, but if I cannot get a room, a dinner and a good show at a decent price anymore, I would be very sad but would have to think twice about it. Don't forget I'm coming from Europe, my flight is already not cheap ... Micheline  Brussels  Belgium

With the cost of everything going up up up. Trips to Las Vegas are getting fewer. I am going to be there in August an am looking for not only cheaper hotels but buffet since I eat most of my meals & do the most of my gambling at the casino where I stay. Its nice to get the free drinks but on my last trip out the waitress was so busy her area had increased she didn't get around very offen so its either do without a drink or go seach for one which means less time at the machines. Dotty Murphy  Parsons, TN

Stay, Play, Eat, Relax and Enjoy! Airfare/Hotel Package with $20 free play, 2 for 1 buffet, 2 for 1 hotel show ticket, and spa discounts.  Babette Soileau  Ville Platte

I think the best promotion that could be ran right now would be something involving free gas for a year, 2 years, 5 years, etc. (with some sort of $$/year cap of course).  Tammy Turnbill  Tipp City, Ohio

During the summer it would nice to get reduced rates on cabanas as part of a room package - enjoying a day in one of those can make you really feel like a high roller but they can be very pricey especially on weekends and holidays.  Ed Farrar  Fort Worth TX

With the economy being what it is, the casino's should look for someway to promote air/hotel packages that are more afforadable to the customer. Rooms are not that cheap, but if they were very cheap, or free more people would consider vegas. The big thing now is the giving away of gas cards if people buy or stay certain places.  Kenneth Brown  Clarksville, In





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