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Reader Polls Feedback for:  July 5, through July 14, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Casinos in Las Vegas are trying to offer you more and keep you gambling. The latest promotion we have seen is giving away snacks while you play your favorite slot or video poker machine. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Do you think it is good or bad to have casino employees walking around the slot area giving out snacks to the players? What is your opinion? Why or Why Not?


Reader Poll Replies:

I dont like the idea of food around where I am gambling.  Donna T.  AK

Sure, if the casino wants to give me smacks for free, I am in and welcome a little nourishment.  Juan R. 

I think you are going to have many "undesirables" in those areas trying to get a free meal.  Bob L  NJ

I think that is a fantastic idea. There are times when I am on a roll and do not want to leave a machine but hunger takes over and a snack just then would be great.  Jean Bloom-Smith  Henderson Nevada

Utilizing existing technology, machines could be monitored for use by casino club members, and flagged by the pit boss, servers could provide snacks to documented "mini-whales" or consistent customers. Except for the greasy "spin" button, it sounds like a good idea. Mount a food tray on the otherwise non-functional coin bin on machines that pay out with paper slips. Sounds like the follow-up to mounting a Visa card reader on the machines. Not all VIPs play Blackjack. (No food at the 21 table)  Don Bartley Portland OR

I suppose if I was playing a slot machine and got hungry, a free bag of snacks might keep me there donating my money longer but I'd hate to see empty bags and crumbs all around the casino. They'd better have a sharp clean-up crew.  Donna Wallman Maineville OH

I imagine that if Casinos want to give people playing slots food, it's their own business.  With free food and drinks, people will still have to get up sometime.  William Cameron  York, PA

It's a good idea from the casino perspective. It keeps the player in action by preventing them from making trips to the cafe, and also cuts down on expense of comped buffets and cafe meals. Salty snacks mean more business for the cocktail waitresses too! The customer feels a greater value added with the extra perk.  Jay Fenster  Las Vegas, NV

*  Certainly. I think it's good to receive free snacks while gambling. I usually forget that I'm hungry or haven't eaten. A free snack and drink will keep me happy & at the slot machines.  Nancy Fabian  Franklin WI

Why not! They bring food to the poker rooms just like room service. As long as it doesn't impede other players or slow down the game I'm for it. Use the little handheld order takers like they have at Major league Games and Bring Me Some Snacks!  TIm  Buxton NC

Sounds good to me, will they do it at the poker tables also?   Rosemay McLain  Mobile, AL

Better food than alcohol as the worst gambling decision is the decision to drink while playing.   Masrk Lubnow  Sunbury PA

* I think it would depend on the type of snacks provided and the attempts made to keep the area neat and clean. This would be less offensive than all the dirty ashtrays!  Judi Evans  Cincinnati, OH

We are the fattest nation on earth, so I am sure people will be pleased to have a snack, along with their free drink while gambling. It is human nature to get excited and enjoy something of value that is "free", so to speak.  I am not sure how many hands I need: 1 for my drink, 1 for my snack, and 1 to play? I may have to use my feet to play the machine, so I can eat and drink at the same time.  Janae Griffith  Ankeny, IA

 I don't base my gambling decisions on when , where or how long I play at a particular casino on the cocktails [or in the future what snacks they offer]. I don't think it will hurt things one little bit, that is of course unless the cost of these snacks starts to cut into my comps! If I get bored with a certain machine or casino, I'll move on no matter what "goodies" the hand out. It may, however, keep those inside a bit longer on days where the heat might be too unbearable.  Robin Fitzsimmons  Bumpass, VA

*  Snacks!  It's about time! Of course our higher-rollin' brothers and sisters have been able to order themselves snacks, platters , dinners and etc while playing for the big bucks for probably as long as there were casinos. Now it's the turn of the low roller to get some back.  Just try not to leave a mess for the next person to use the machine.  And how about putting the servers on roller skates just like back in the old days at the drive-in dog & burger joint.  And where will we put the plate?  Bill Sheneman  Red Hill PA

*   No.....I already almost burst my bladder before I'll leave my they are adding a whole new issue!  Elizabeth A. Bailey  Lakeforest IL

I think it's a great idea. When you are on the slot machine you may lose track of time. Especially if you have a medical condition (diabetes). You need to snack/drink something to keep your blood sugars on track.  Kathy Yoda  Pearl City HI

*  Free snacks are a nice touch that I personally would like. But I imagine it may be distracting for many players.  Eddie Schulz  Urbana OH

* Actually I think it is good idea for the casino. If a customer is munching on a snack, they may be more inclined to put another bill in the machine while they finish their snack...Haven't you ever been waiting at your machine for a drink to come, you use up your credits so you put another bill in the machine until your drink makes sense to me, a person will keep munching/playing until their snack is finished...they just have to watch for people that take advantage.  Donna Kearns  Austin Texas

*   I think it's a great idea. Not just for the player but for the casino. That would definitely keep me gambling longer. When we are in Vegas, we usually just eat a mid-morning breakfast and dinner. The snack shops are not usually near the machines, so when you need a quick snack you have to stop gambling to go find one. Not only would this be a convenience for the customer, but the casinos would keep more people gambling longer between their main meals.  Sherry Pierce  Maumee OH

 I think it is a bad idea. When I play the slots, that is what I want to do. I don't want to have snacks interrupting my play and taking up space on the machines. It is bad enough when you go to play a machine and someone's drink glass and full ashtray is still sitting there-now there will be food too. The machines will get sticky and who wants to eat anyway while they are handling dirty money or touching dirty machines!  Kim Simmers  Lima OH

*  I don't think this is a good idea. They will have workers walking around trying to pass the snacks out and workers walking around picking up the paper and vacuuming up the mess in a already congested area.  Mark Przybylo  Flat Rock  MI

*  No. It is a distraction.  Dolores Kling  Alpine CA

 Sure I think it's a great idea!  "Eat and play - stay all day."  Pat Bucher Mount Airy

*  I think it is great! Sometimes I don't want to leave a hot machine but I get hungry.   Louise Knight  Pottsboro TX

I would have no problem with it as long as it doesn't get out of hand. A snack is one thing but if a "snack" morphs into a full-size tray of nachos, it could get messy on and around the machines.  Joe Coughlin  Loxahatchee FL

*  I think it's a great idea! Whats not to like? When you're losing its nice to have something for free. As long as they're not paying those employees out of slot payouts I say Great!  Joanne Kelly  Holbrook MA

*   I don't think it is a great idea. Alcohol or other beverages is fine, but snacks are not. The machines will be covered with grease, salt, etc and people will be dropping the wrappers all over. If they want to have a complimentary buffet of snack foods - give players a special token that they can redeem at their convenience. Even though the name of the game is to keep players playing - this is not the best way to do so.  Dorothy  Monroe NY

I do believe locals could care less about snacks and they be messy... fingers, machines, etc. bad idea... if you like like to give away, punch card for a buck...better idea more profit....just my thought.. coming to vegas on the 12th for 3 days. could use tickets and spare change... thanks Dennis and Vicki DEVRIES

During my recent visit I stood in line for the $3 million giveaway at various Harrahs owned casinos. A number of other persons in line appeared to be "street" people. In addition, a self-admitted alcoholic bus driver also extolled the virtues of getting free drinks in casinos on the basis that the waiters/waitresses really did not care who they gave them to as long as they received a tip. A food giveaway may attract the same types of people.  James Shaner  Mancos, CO

It would be much better if comps for food were give out instead of serving snacks while playing the machines. A player could then accumulate comps and invite friends to dine with him/her... also encouraging more players to visit the casino.  Phyllis Moore  Las Vegas, NV

* I think that is a great marketing idea! The traditional free drink marketing works for some people but: the drinks take a very long time to be delivered causing some people to give up and move one and some gamblers don't drink alcohol. Everybody loves a snack and it is an immediate reward for staying at your machine.  Melissa Osika  Valparaiso, Indiana

* I think it is a great idea! I think it is beneficial for both the player and the casino because people will be more likely to stay and play more and if they get hungry they would have the option to stay longer on their winning or losing streak. Although there is always the question of how many people are going to be leaving around garbage because of the snacks, so as long as the casino kept things maintained it would be a marvelous idea.  Emily Kuphal  Pewaukee, WI

*  It is good for the players and bad for the casino. The players will be grateful, and full. They will continue to gamble, but will not leave to go to the casino restaurant. Maybe the casino will make more money if the players continue to gamble and maybe they won't.   Joyce Beaman  Flagstaff AZ

*   I don't think snacks are necessary at slot machines. Can you imagine the crumbs that will be left everywhere along with all the trash left behind. YUK.  I vote no to the snack idea.  Anne Rockwell  Connersville IN

*   I think it's a good idea to offer "comforts" like this to players - but I think most people would prefer a more rewarding player points/comp system than free snacks that might not be to their liking. Just like the free drinks, pretty soon everyone will be doing it, so it will become expected, and not "special" any more. For a casino to really differentiate themselves, they should be offering unique incentives - and the best way to do that is through their comp system.  Eleanor Elliott  Canada

*  European casinos offer a wide variety of snacks and drinks while you are playing slots. It really is a nice touch. It should help both the players and the casinos as it keeps the players at the machines. They don't have to go eat so often and they can keep putting their money into the machines. Of course, there is the issue of handling a dirty machine and then grabbing a snack!  Cindy Ballard  Battle Creek, MI

 I think that serious slot players just want to be left alone to play. The more interruptions, the more aggravating it is. If they must do this though, here's a better idea: Casino employees walking around with $10 or $20 cash bills which they insert into the slot machine as a spontaneous bonus for slot players. "Cash" speaks louder than anything else. Russ  Riverside



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