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Reader Polls Feedback for: July 25, through August 4, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


Yearly, the thousands of taxi cabs in the Las Vegas area move millions of people. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Do you think the quality, service, helpfulness, price, cleanliness, etc. of the cabs are good or bad in Las Vegas? What is your opinion? Good or Bad, we want to hear from you.

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I like the taxi cab situation in Vegas.  There always seems to be plenty of them at the airport and at the larger casinos.  Vivian Charlotte, NC

Cabs all look the same to me, hard to get into, cost a lot and now most of the drivers do not even speak English.  Or at least they dont reply when you speak to them in a courteous way.  Being from New York City, all cab drivers seem to be more polite than ours.  Roger A.  NYC

 I have always been very pleased with the service of cabs in LV until last year. We were leaving Las Vegas to go home and got into a cab in front of the Imperial Palace to go to the airport. The cab driver started to turn towards the strip which would take us the wrong way. As we drove towards downtown, we yelled at the driver. We were really scared and threatened to report him. He finally left us at the Wynn at no charge( how generous). We reported the incident to the taxi commission.  carole unger  fair lawn, nj

*  I have never had a good experience with Las Vegas cab drivers and I usually fly in 2-3 times a year, the only good thing is that they are faster than the shuttles. They driver dangerously, have bad tempers, often don't help with luggage and always take the long way to your hotel and then they expect to be tipped several dollars. Don't they realize most people would tip more if they didn't feel like they were being ripped off! I always ask Bellmen approx. what the cab fare should be.  F. Sharp  Hamilton ON Canada

I have been Las Vegas for the last ten years and have seen a considerable Decline in the cleanliness of the cabs. The drivers are rude and still continue to talk on cell phones instead of giving the tourist a little Las Vegas information and just polite courtesy conversation.  Cathy Wise  St Catharines Ontario Canada

*   I have found that most large cities have some bad eggs. NYC has a monopoly on rude, cabbies that passengers can not understand. Compared to that, Las Vegas has the cream of the crop! 99% of my experiences have been courteous or at least satisfactory.  Don Turner  Brunswick, ME

*   I think they are fine, except when they try to take advantage of tourists by going long routes.  Tiffany Phillips  Las Vegas, NV

*  Coming from England each year, we find the taxis in Vegas to be very good. We find the drivers polite, friendly and helpful. The prices compare very favourably with ours--and with the the Monorail for two or more people. We love our annual stay in Las Vegas, and the ample taxi service contributes the our enjoyment.  Ronald A Fowler  Nth.Yorkshire  England

*   The cabs that we have used from the airport to our hotels have been very clean and the drivers are extreamly nice, but the last time we was there in Jan. we stayed a little to late at freemont street so instead of waiting for the Duce bus to get back to the strip we went to one of the hotels and got a cab, it was a mini van, it smelled, the bench seat was so dirty I was glad that I had on dark pants (I didn't sit back!) The driver was very rude. Not that it will keep us away!  Audrey Dillon  Tipp City, Ohio

 I have only been to vegas once. I thought the cab service was excellent. They scared the hell out of me but I arrived at my destination safely every time.   chris urban  calgary / alberta  Canada

*  Some of the taxis I have used in Vegas are hard on us non-smokers. While it is is nice to have taxis lined up at most properties, drivers need not take the scenic route just because they have a tourist aboard  sheila smith  thornton, AR

*  As a former "tourist", now, a resident, I would say that my wife and I have experienced both, good and bad cab experiences. Good, were the cabs were clean, drivers friendly and professional and did not try to rip us off, by trying to go out of the way, or sitting, meter running, while everyone crosses the strip. Or the ass who charged us $40 for a trip to Green Vallet Ranch from Mandalay Bay, after promising he could do it for $20.  Rich Hofius

We were at the Tropicana and wanted to get to a show at the T.I. and asked 3 cabbies and 2 of them didn't want to go as it seamed the fare wouldn't be high enough. The 3rd one took us and it was a ride of our lives..... speeding and hitting the breaks 2 feet before hitting the car in front of us. Going down a 1 way street (The Wrong way) Cutting over 3 lanes to make a right turn. Getting charged $17.00. I will not ever ride in a cab in LV even if it's free. I will pay for a limo!  Michael Clark  Baytown, Texas

*  I've travelled a number of times with Vegas cabbies, and have never had a bad experience. All have been helpful and informative. The only negative thing I ever heard about, is that some cab drivers will take people going from Mccarran to the strip, through the tunnel, in order to run up the meter. My advice has always been to tell the cabbie up front that you don't want to go in the tunnel because you are claustrophobic and you will start to scream if he does go through it. Reginald Pattersosn Marsh Harbour Bahamas

*  Based on the last trip to Las Vegas, my opinion on cab rides there is that they are very good overall. Clara Kim Vancouver Canada


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