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Reader Polls Feedback for:  July 15, through July 24, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Summer is in full swing and in Las Vegas that means more family vacationers throughout the hotels / casinos. Sure Las Vegas casinos have built many excellent facilities to keep children amused when the parents are being separated of their money, but we want to know you opinion on children being exposed to casinos in any manner. This week’s Reader Poll asks the very controversial question . . . Do you think kids and Las Vegas go together?  What is your opinion? Why or Why Not? 
Reader Poll Replies:

I have never liked children in casinos and think they should never be exposed to casino life until they are 21.  Dawn D.  FL

*  I bring my children to Vegas every year and they enjoy it.  My children are well behaved, unlike some of the little monsters I see running around the hallways of the casinos.  Debbie Hawkins  NY

*   No, no, no!  As a former school teacher, I want to go get away from other peoples' kids. With not a whole lot for tourist kids in vegas, parents should consider other ventures for family vacations.  Mark Sharp Maysville OK

* Las Vegas is an adult playground. Adults seem to loose their inhibitions when in Vegas. The strip area is geared to adults. Children do not need to be exposed to that atmosphere. We told our children that it was out place to go to vacation. When they were over 21, they could go there themselves. All 5 are over 21....only 2 of them have gone. They now tell us they understand why we didn't want to take them.  Pamela S. Hunter  Houston, TX

No children should not be in las vegas, they learn to much as it is, growing up to gamble and drink, they belong in a family resort.  Janet Maresca  Jackson Heights NY

* I think kids do fine in Vegas. my grand children have had lots of fun there. I always find something new to do there when we visit. most of the time what we do is free and that makes it better . the casino scene doesn't bother them. yes kids and Vegas go together. they don't mind going through the casino's and don't pay much attention to what's going on.  Lois Withrow  MI

*  I wouldn't say Las Vegas & kids actually "go together" but me and my daughter have been taking summer vacations to Vegas since she was 10. She's 16 now. We always have The Best time there! Her only exposure to the casinos has been walking through them. What she loves is the shopping, the shows, the site-seeing, atmosphere & the excitement of the city, just like her mom. She doesn't even care about the casinos and personally I don't think the exposure has had any negative effect on her.  Lisa Weishner  Lewisville TX

*   I really don't think they do; especially with the current "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" thinking; it is the Only hideaway for we adults, with opportunities for partying like we were 20 years younger, maybe sneaking away to a strip club or other adult entertainment, and maybe "investing" some money at a casino. There are thousands of Disneylands and variations therof that cater to kids! I will be in Las Vegas at the Wynn in 3 weeks!  Dwight Alexander Escondido, CA

You have got to be "kidding" Las Vegas is for the adult visitor. My wife and I only come in July because our 10 year old son goes to visit grandma and grandpa in another state the entire month. Nothing makes me more angry as a parent than seeing another parent(s) walking or strolling a small child or baby down the strip at 1:00 in the morning. There are plenty of places family's can go to. Las Vegas is the one place we should be able to go to get away from our kids. Adults should have a playground.  Erich O'Brien  Renton, WA

Children should not be allowed to walk through casinos. Children should not be exposed to the smoke, excessive drinking and gambling. I would prefer special entrances for families so that children are not any where near the adult entertainment.  B. Graham  Massillon

No. It is an adult DisneyLand.   Dolores Kling  Alpine, CA

Las Vegas is an adult vacation spot. And I like it that way! There are so many other places parents can take their kids. Why would anyone expose their kids to gambling, drinking, swearing, smoking and filthy literature laying around? Parents take your kids to Disney instead of Vegas.  Sue  Oakwood

The city, doesn't fit well with children. the big problem, isn't the casinos, but what's outside on the strip. people are constantly handing out flyers to the chicken ranches etc. the city doesn't do anything about it.  Edmund Tsai  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

*  I say no to the kids in Vegas casinos. reason: booze, scantily clad woman, and of course gambling. let the little tikes find out about these things in due course of growing up. unless, I say unless they can bring along a babysitter and do fun stuff around the city every day. keeping them away from the aforementioned not reasons.  Ralph  Hamden

Children do not belong in Casinos. Even walking through a casino to a theater, you can see their eyes light up as they get sucked into the sites and sounds of the machines and people cheering or cussing. We don't need them to become gamblers at a very young age. Please keep the children Separae from the casinos. Separate entrances to the theaters and children facilities are a must, with No access to the casino. I have seen children standing on walls or waiting in cars for their parents.  Annie  Las Vegas, NV

No! I was just there with my 10yr old granddaughter and there is a tremendous amount of porn there. The guy on the streets handing out the cards that are all over the pavement!  I don't think it is the proper place for kids. The drinking and partying that goes on all night in the hotels. I am by no means a prude and I am in Vegas 2 a yr, but leave Vegas for adults and Disney for the kids. Even at Circus circus.   Sharon  Ft.Lauderdale, FL

* From a parents point of view, I see no harm in children being exposed to casinos, with the right guidance from parents of course. Over the years we have taken our 2 boys to LV many times, visiting the many children's attractions & family shows available. They have also visited many of the desert areas around LV. We are not gamblers and neither are our boys. Now that they have families they intend to take them there also. In fact one son took his new wife there in March for their honeymoon.   Anne Heafield  Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia

* Las Vegas is not for kids now, and it never was. When Bugsy Siegel and his mob partners built the famous Flamingo that put Las Vegas on the map, history speaks for itself. Mobsters didn't cater to children, they left that for Walt Disney. Who wants to sit at a poker table playing for serious money and a child comes by running, screaming and knocks them off their chair? Vegas in my opinion is the Disney for adults. It's the adult get away from kids and reality for a few days.   Tonia McFerin  Columbus, OH

I thinks kids should not be in Vegas, at all! I have nothing against kids nor do I feel that exposing them to casino life will harm them, it is just that Vegas is for Adults!  Can't mom & dad ever go any place and have a good time without the crumb-snatchers? leave 'em at granmas house, she'll be glad to take care of the littler buggers. Vegas has nothing much to offer kids anyway other than few amusement rides. Besides, screaming, out of control brats would ruin my Vegas vacation.  George Gryak  West Mifflin, PA

Our children are grown now, but we have been coming to Las Vegas for 27 years 1 to 5 times per year. When our children were younger we brought them to Las Vegas many times. Our children loved the amusement park at MGM, Circus Circus and Wet n' Wild. Many times we would buy tickets for them to spend the day at these parks and we would be a nearby casino enjoying the gaming. Our children also enjoyed the concerts and shows. We exposed our children to the many venues of Vegas.  Kim Martens  Edwardsville, IL

*  No No No Why were children allowed in Vegas at all ever, it is no place for kids, give us old timers a place to relax, No to kids ever, send them to disney world,  Lavinia Soldinski  Bonne Terre , Mo

Hhmmm, let me think. No!  Chris Fisher  Columbus, OH

* My son was first exposed to Vegas 2 years ago at age 10..he Loved it!  I walked him thru the casinos...he was amazed at all the lights and sounds. You can't help but go thru casinos when your with children, either leaving your hotel, going to the parking garage or just going to get something to eat. As a parent, its your responsibility to inform kids of what the rules are. Besides sending kids to the arcade to play games to win tokens/tickets or stuffed animals is a form of gambling?  Tina McPhail-Hernandex  Margate FL

 I love Las Vegas and the variety that it offers. The idea that it is a good place to take children is insane. If the climatic extremes aren't enough, just think of the crowds! At over 6ft and 275lbs, I get bumped around occasionally. With everything to see and do, it also seems that adults aren't very focused on the needs of their children. Look at the strollers on the strip at 11pm, or the baby carriers in 110 degree heat! People really should think carefully about children in Vegas.  Bob Mihalko  Port Washington, WI

Kids and Las Vegas do not go together. There are plenty of other destinations that are designed specifically for children. One example (Disney Land) They would enjoy this much more than being exposed to casinos and gambling at young ages.  Hello Richard (Still enjoying your newsletter.) Thanks for all of the good questions. Bev Kircher  Clifton NJ

*  My thought is: No. Las Vegas should be a playground for adults. When adults - not just parents - go to Vegas, they do not want to hear kids screaming in the background. they get enough of that while in their own hometowns. They want to be able to do adult things without feeling they are being a bad influence on others' children. I come to Vegas several times a year and do want lots of children there. I leave mine at home.  Kendra  Killen, AL

Keep Las Vegas for the adults. The kids can go to Disneyland.  Gary Taylor  Plano TX

* I think that kids go with parents. I believe most casinos have handled this issue quite well by video game rooms or places to leave small children while parents gamble.  Mike Roberts  Henderson, NV

*  I am absolutely opposed to allowing children under the age of eighteen on casinos floors. Babies, in particular, should not be exposed to a smoke filled atmosphere. Teenagers should be diverted to other activities provided by casinos, thereby allowing their parents or caregivers the time to pursue their gambling interests, and allow youngsters the opportunity to earn spending money on their own in order for them to make gambling choices.  Jeanne Rachles  Delray Beach, FL

No I do not think Vegas is for kids. When I see parents dragging kids around in the middle of the night I wonder what they are thinking. We had 5 kids and they all love vegas now that they are over 21 but we would never have taken them to Vegas as kids.  Edward Gurard  St Clair Shores MI

*   No, that is why they make DisneyLand.  John Hogan Owasso, OK

Don't turn Las Vegas into the nasty Orlando. We enjoy the Escape from the "Kiddie Park". How can parents enjoy the Las Vegas experience with kid worry. As Educators, We enjoy the entertaining "NO KID" Buildings.  It's not fair to the parents that want to Gamble or hang out.  I think Las Vegas is like an Endless Cruse ship. The Strips' Energy is the reason for our travels. With kids: what's next, a "Chuckie Cheese Casino"  Richard Quintilone  Norfolk, VA

 I was in LV a couple years ago. I also have three young sons. there is no way I would bring them to LV for a family vacation. you can tout the various areas that can entertain kids, but no matter how you look at it, these are not located in the type of environment that I consider suitable for kids. also, the "leaflets" being handed out by the score are disgusting. I would not let my kids walk the strip.  Dan Jacobson  Fargo, ND

Yes and No. Though there are more things to keep children entertained in Las Vegas than ever before. I do not feel that children belong in the casino. Though they are not allowed on the actual floor, the pathways bring them through the casinos anyway. If feel it is a distraction to the adults who are gambling and inappropriate for children.  Melissa Osika  Valparaiso, IN

I do not think that Vegas and children mix well. Speaking in general, I have noticed that many parents are torn between enjoying the many types of entertainment that vegas offers and proper supervision of the children. I have personally witnessed a wide variety of techniques to accomplish this task--ranging from complete lack of supervision to "parking" the kids in a cafe near to the bar or gaming area and periodically checking on them. Therefore, I hold this opinion.   Bryan T. Miller  Boyne City, MI

Yes, I think Casinos and family with children can go together. I think that there is opportunity to market directly to families with children. I think it is a wonderful thing that instead of families vacationing without children that the attitude has changed that a "family vacation" is needed by all. Children are stressed in school and peer pressure exists so a "family vacation" is a great idea for all.  Andrea Boyle  Las Vegas, NV

No kids. they don't belong in vegas. they don't call it sin city for the kids.  Gary Smith  South Bend. IN

* There are many places where dragging your children is not appropriate. They are not entertained, and the people around you are not entertained. Take them to Disneyland, leave them home and go to Vegas. I didn't take my kid there until he drove up from Camp Pendleton for his 21st birthday. By then, the Marines had taken him there twice already. Plan ahead, get a babysitter. No sense teaching them vice before they can understand restraint.  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

Kids are part of life. Gamblers have kids, so give kids something to do while the parents gamble. If kids are excluded from Vegas Vegas loses the parents.  Linda Fisk  Manchester

*  I believe that families with underage children should seek other facilities for their vacations. Las Vegas casinos offer facilities for children as an aside not as a primary interest. Children deserve to be given first priority if they are taken on a vacation. Otherwise, leave them at home if it's an adult vacation or give them a vacation of their own in a child friendly location.  Sandra Dafoe  Belleville, Ontario, Canada

* I do not think Las Vegas and kids go together. There are many other vacation destinations more appropriate for kids. If parents can't afford both a family vacation and a couples vacation I suggest waiting till the kids are old enough to be on their own or stay with friends or family members. A Las Vegas vacation should be enjoyed by adults with time to concentrate on themselves and having a fabulous time in the greatest city ever.  Pam Rinzel  Manitowoc, WI

My husband and I have been going to Las Vegas for the past 14 years. We have brought our 2 children with us 3 times over the years. They love it there! When my daughter turned 21, she couldn't wait to go. She has been there 3 times in the past 5 years. Can't wait until my son turns 21 so we can all go together. The children can enjoy themselves if the parents find the time to spend with them and show them all there is to do in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.  Debra Lasota  Toms River, NJ

No I do not think that children belong in Las Vegas. Perhaps some hotels could cater to families and that would be perfect. Guests would not be bothered by this type of family facility. They would specifically book this property and would feel very comfortable with its family inclusions.   Sandra Page  Clawson MI

*  Las Vegas is not for kids! Las Vegas is a "grown up kids" world. Take the kids to Disney World where they can enjoy being a kid and then parents leave children w/grandparents and come to the ultimate "grown up kids" world Las Vegas!  Judy Gribble  Chatsworth, GA

*   I love casinos; however, children do not belong in them, if for no other reason than that they should not be exposed to that level of second-hand smoke. I started going to Vegas in my teens to visit my uncle who worked at the Sands. We were never allowed into the casinos. Parents wonder why their kids drink, take drugs and gamble. They often model their parents' behaviors.  Cynthia Ballard  Battle Creek, MI

*  No!  for parents take kids on vacation then Vegas is not the place to go. Take your kids to Disneyland and leave Vegas as an adult fun vacation place. I would never have dreamed of taking my kids to Vegas too much for kids. Gambling, drinking, smoking and people handing out out porn flyers on the strip. Not a place for little kids.  Sandra Whitehouse  West Yorkshire United Kingdom

Vegas can be a great place for children if the parents have the attention span to mind their children. Babysitting and planned children's activities are great for once or twice use, but if parents plan on relying on such services for every day, they should rethink their family vacation plans. Melissa Stegman  Dayton, Ohio

Kids and Vegas go together. Families traveling together is always a good idea. But responsible parents teach their kids that there are adult things and kid things and kids should be happy with what they've got because they Will be growing into the other world soon enough. However, Las Vegas is an adult world and I don't believe casinos should pander to the kids. Activities are adult activities and visitors should know that while there are things for the kids, Vegas Want Them!  Dick Henderson  Riverside, CA

*  I don't think it matters much as long as there are places that are more adult friendly so that we don't have to share our "Disneyland" with kids everywhere.  Diane Berrojo  Tukwila WA

*   I do not think kids should be in the casinos.  Kids should not be exposed to the swearing, drinking and second hand smoke.  Jim Valla

No! For the life of me, I don't know why any responsible parent would want to bring kids to Vegas. Alcohol abounds. Ads for escorts are driven around on mobile billboards. The list goes on. I have nothing against kids, but this really is an adult playground. To see parents toting their small children along the Strip at 2:30 am is troubling.  Mark DiSanzo  Boston, MA


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