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Reader Polls Feedback for: January 5, through January 14, 2007

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Is bigger better or is there really something in Las Vegas that can be excessive or over the top? As explained in this edition of Street Facts, the Tropicana Casino has officially been sold and the new owners want to spend $2 billion to make the Tropicana into some 10,224 total rooms with 948 condos. Can this city withstand a casino that large, would you like to gamble or stay in a casino that large? What is your Opinion? Why or Why not?

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
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Reader Poll Replies:

Bring on bigger is better, that works for me.  Linda Spears  FL

*  Picturing a casino complex that is twice the size of the MGM Grand is a little startling to say the least, but count me in.  I feel the more gamblers you can put in a building the more fun there is to be had.  Robert E.  TX

ts vegas and bigger is better according to how things are done in this town. the glitz attracts people. its one of many reasons people visit this crazy city. the lights the monsterous structures, somehow makes it romantic and the place to be and tell those tall tales. every new and mega casino is a hit. people just have to see thier decadent side. wander in and look at the bueaty and money thats there. its vegas baby. many folks will check a new mega place out. me included.  Ralph DiDomonic  Hamden ct

I liked the old Las Vegas....everything was comfortable, inexpensive and fun. I stayed for 2 weeks at a time...several times a year. Part of the thrill was how inexpensive rooms, food, entertainment ...could actually afford to gamble more. Easier to go to New york, Detroit, and Canada. Sandy  Garfield Hts, OH

Wow that is a lot of rooms! I do not know if they would ever be sold out. I believe that is to large and would turn me off from staying there.  Sharon Hague  Toledo/Ohio

*   the total size of the resort is irrelavent to me. i come to game and i dislike a crowded casino- it's hard to get a drink, find a good machine, get a good spot at a table, etc. so the relavent aspect to me is the ratio of casino floor size to number of rooms. the larger the better.  keith howard crane  rockford/mi

 Las Vegas has already lost most of its "feel". The friendliness that pervailed in the past has been taken away by the "big money men". It is beginning to take on the same feel as Atlantic City, which is the coldest of all gambling cities. I remember Vegas when you actually knew the people who worked in the casinos. It was an atmosphere that was warm and comfortable.  Patricia  New Jersey

toooooooo big! would not care to spend any time there.  mary  sebring, fl

 I think Vegas is going to max out soon with all this building and building. I prefer downtown now and my next trip will be to the Golden Nugget. I think the MGM so called Grand is very blah and has no character because it's so big.  Jennifer  St Louis, MO

I am concerned about the water demands a hotel/casino housing more than 21,000 plus people can impose on all of Clark County. I would not stay at a place that large because I'd probably get lost trying to find my room. A casino that large is probably going to be very tight in it's winnings ratio so a player is more than likely to lose all of the time.  Carol Denil  Boulder City, NV

*  Everyone thought Steve Wynn was crazy building his over the top casinos with a lot of rooms, but we all saw that they make money, and run efficiently. It would be fun to go and gamble at a super huge hotel, but can those rooms be occupied most of the time. And like the Mirage, NYNY & other hotels, the excitement wears off. It's good for the economy with all those jobs available.  Anna G  Albuquerque, NM

*  I would not stay at a mega motel/hotel like that. I think most of them are two big now. They need to spend some money on getting a little better staff, and make their properties more human friendly.  Unless you are to hgiht-roller, and get all the comps, you spend half your time just getting around the property.  It may not work, but someone needs to make a small friendly casino. We checked out Terrible's recently and will probably try to stay there next time. The staff was great and it just the right size.  smith2580

We like to stay at the smaller hotels, Monte Carlo and the Paris are favorites of ours.  Laura Brown  Taylor MI

*   With over 10,000 rooms, I think that the personal service of the guest will be lost. I would rather stay where I was appreciated and taken care of. But, I will miss the pool and the old fashion rooms with balconies around the pool.  Rose Marie Mezzapeso  Poland, OH

*  Some things are too big. The MGM, for example, is too big. It takes 30 minutes or more to walk from the front to the back. There should be a happy medium. I like the size of Treasue Island. It is easy to get around, meet people, etc.  Janae Griffith  Ankeny, IA

We personally do not like the huge hotels and casinos..they are getting too big and are worn out by the time you get to your room and it takes a long time just to get to the door to the street! we go to Vegas every year and look for a smaller more people friendly hotel to stay at..which is getting harder to do!  Darleen Stremble  Ham. Ont Canada

*  I would not gamble or stay in a casino as large as what is planned for the Tropicana. I prefer a less crowded venue with service being emphasized. I think you loose some old fashioned hospitality when you try to build such a large hotel. The'over 50' yuppies would not appreciate how difficult it might be to navigate through the maze of a large property. Stick with the basics--service and hospitality. Please give visitors and locals what we want. That's what's important.  Joan Greenberg  Carlsbad, CA

*  I perfer a smaller hotel where you don't have to walk so much to get to your room. Cliff Barton  Baton Rouge, LA

*  I say, "bring it on" ! One of the reasons my wife and I go to Las Vegas is to escape from our "regular" lives here in Ohio. I want the Vegas excitement, the Vegas "wow" factor. If I want a concervative enviroment, I'll go to Almish country. ( Looking forward to our visit this summer...) Steven Tillinger  Parma, OH



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