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Reader Polls Feedback for: January 25, through February 4, 2008

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


In the wake of the serious fire at the Monte Carlo casino today, this week’s reader poll question asks . . . when staying in a high rise hotel building of more than 15 stories anywhere in the world, do you ever have concerns or worry about fire? What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think I am safer in Las Vegas high rise than any other city.  Fire is always scary, but it is not on my mind every time I enter a tall building.    Vicki  Madison WI

Yes we have a lot of concerns we were at Circus Circus years ago and a fire alarm went off and on the 18th floor now my husband will not stay above the 3rd floor no matter how much we could save. One walk down stairs and fear of fire did us in.  Barbara Knick  Normal Illinois

The word fire never comes to mind when I stay in a high rise hotel. Materials used today are more fire retardant. The newer buildings are better equipped to handle a potential fire with the alarm and sprinkler systems until the fire department arrives.  J Pelletier  Las Vegas, Nevada

yes we worry every year that we come out there. i worry most about how a person that does not walk very far at a time get from the upper stories down all the stairs to get to the ground floor safely without the using the elevator. that is my main concern?  jack bloomquist  ladora, iowa

I do have concerns. I always worry about smokers, especially in a venue like Las Vegas. People are tired, or have been drinking and they get careless with their cigaretts. I worry they will fall asleep with a cigarette and it will catch the room on fire.  Ellie Nosky  Canton MI

To get to the point quickly, I never stay above the 9th floor in any hotel or casino especially in Las Vegas. You have to consider the people that occupy the rooms and the amount of smokers that present a present danger of fire. The other consideration is that Las Vegas is in a moderate earthquake zone that could present a mega problem. My entire life I have lived by the following: "When All Else Fails Common Sense Prevails." and "In An Insane World The Sane Are Insane."  Nick Cignetti  North Canton, OH

Yes, I have concerns. I lost a good friend and her daughter to a high rise fire. When the fire alarm broke out, in her panic, she took her daughter and went on the elevator, they didn't make it. Her husband took their baby boy and went down the stairwell. The husband and baby both survived. Because of this tragedy, I Always ask for a room closest to the stairwell.  Cheryl Bradley  Bowmanville, Ontario  Canada

a fire can break out on flat land or high land. life is a chance. when we stay in a casino hotel, husband and i look for exits for emergency as soon as we arrive. always wear night clothes to bed, just in case you have to get out of the building. sincerely, jerry and sylvia  pittsburg,ks.

actually when in Vegas.... when are you in the room anyways? no worries here. even if a fire breaks out, the are more than 1 flight of stairs and other options usually as well. I believe the flying in a jet, to come to Vegas scares people more than the chance of a fire in a hotel. what really scares me in Vegas is: all the mexicans flashing the sex literature in my face!  Robert Rice  Marion OH

Being a Health Educator, I know the dangers of staying in Any hotel above the 7th floor and take reasonable precautions. I immediately look through the Hotel's safety guide and identify the emergency exits closest to my room. I also review the hotel's emergency plan to make sure I don't make evacuation more difficult for them. I also keep my training in First Aid and CPR up-to-date so that I am ready to assist as a first responder. I have a calm demeanor and people listen to me.  V Christensen  Mt View CA

There is always the chance of having a fire in any type of building and any travelor should worry. Yet, when you travel, one should not live in fear. I would suggest that the hotels should be checked more often for fire safety!  linda gordon  virginia beach, virginia

The photos of this fire taught me two things. 1)The appalling fact that the beautiful facade is often highly flammable. 2)The Las Vegas fire department is first class. Still, NOw I have concern.  Thomas Martin  Stuttgart  Germany

Yes, when I saw a special on mgm fire a few years ago. I remember being in my hotel room, laying in bed, thinking about that in sort spooked me all night. Sue  NY NY

Yes, I think it would be foolish not to be at all concerned about a fire in a highrise. Things happen and it is best to consider the potential problems, in advance.  Cathleen Withington  Lone Rock

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