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Reader Polls Feedback for: January 15, through January 24, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.553647


Some people think Las Vegas is being over built and fear that with all the new Indian Casinos and the online gaming are the decline of Las Vegas popularity. However, as mentioned in this issue of "Street Facts" the revenues have never been higher for the Nevada casinos than in 2006. Last week’s Poll we asked about the new 10,000+ room Tropicana complex that is being considered and thus brings us to this week’s Reader Poll question. Is Las Vegas, with all the multiple new billion dollar casino projects, high rise buildings, and various expansions in the process, being over built and may decline its popularity? What is your Opinion? Why or Why not? 

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

Building new projects keep people coming back to see what is all the excitement is about, so I think Vegas will not over build.  Debra S.  FL.

Well im sure that lots over people would say that it is being "over built", however what one thinks is over built other may think its not. Decline in popularity? I think not. I mean I know that NBA All star game is going on in Vegas (which could have been elsewhere) but still try to get a room in Vegas for anytime near that wkend and there are not many left (except the really high priced ones) so not only are thereppl who want to go to the NBA there are ppl who want to Do Vegas Baby!  Dolores Vigil  Strasburg,CO

vegas is vegas..........enough said, when you want to get away, vegas is it. it will never decline. we drive up a couple times a year from scottsdale. just to see the new stuff, golf, eat, and shows. change is good but the old vegas is still there and will never leave. people come to vegas to escape and always will.  Dennis Devries  Scottsdale AZ

*   I dont think it is being over built. Ive only been to Vegas a few times... But I am addicted.. Its magical , the lights and atmosphere makes us feel like a child at disney world.. I look forward to new editions, it makes for different things to experience when I visit, every time I come back, there is something new for me to explore. We all know it takes a few trips just to experience what is already there. I will be back 1/29/07 thru 2/1/07 I will be looking for Elvis this trip... Cheryl Chafatelli  Elon, NC

No I would not. I couldn't win in the other big casinos and haven't seen a lot of people win either. They have to make a lot of money to pay for these renovations and you can see the low rollers being pushed out of Vegas. When I first started going out there you could expect to have some fun and lose a little money. You seemed to have a lot better chance to at least break even. Now the machines are much more expensive to play and returns have dropped drastically. Someone has to pay.  woody smith  beavercreek, ohio

* To touch, feel,& taste Las Vegas is the reason there will always be a exceptional interest in Las Vegas. It will never decline in popularity.  Lynne Trachtenberg Winnipeg Canada

More entertainment and lodging opportunities brings competition for my dollar. For the 42 Million people flying through McKerran, this is a very good thing. No Indian casino offers the spectacle of the Strip. Vegas has to stay Bigger, Better, More, or it will eventually die. Anyone building a $2B casino does a thorough market analysis, they Know it will pay. Just add Water and Electricity. Remember when 4000 rooms (Excalibur) was a big hotel?  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

Not/ how much money does an average person spend in Vegas. Seems to me that the average person will stay in a more afordable hotel/casino.  Why/ High rollers like the bigger casinos. How often do you see a high roller in a smaller casino. They are usually flashy.  Me I am a below average person but I try to get to Vegas every March for the races and stay at the cheapest hotel we can get.  Cynthia Corbin  Blaine, MN

I'm writing as a high school economics teacher in Ontario, Canada. I will be visiting Vegas for the 3rd time this August. With respect to your question, these multi-billion dollar casinos would not be built if there was not demand for them. In fact, new studies suggest that aging baby boomers in North America are increasingly looking to enjoy themselves while they still can, and thinking less about the future and what they may be leaving behind for others. I know of no better place to do this!  Mike Matijasevich Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Build It and they will come Las Vegas proves that, Just look at Las Vegas.  Bob Miller  Chino Valley AZ

Las Vegas is all about big, extravagant, tacky, lights, people watching & gambling. I say the more and bigger, the better. I never get tired of the old but so look forward to seeing the latest, newest thing to pop up on the horizon. I am going in April and can't wait to see The Wynn. Last time I was there, The Wynn had just opened and I couldn't get near it and didn't have time to wait it out!  Deborah Cox  Charlotte, NC

*  I believe that there is room for more casinos, but when you bring in too many condo's you are taking away from people that come on vacations. I found the price of the Flamingo has tripled from last year on the same week I wanted to stay. This puts me out of the picture - I'd rather gamble than spend a lot for a hotel room I'm hardly in and I think a lot of people would agree.  joy thumudo  fairhaven, Ma.


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