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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for January 15, through January 24, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Poker, especially Texas Hold Em has taken the country by storm. Vegas is reopening many Poker Rooms and television is stimulating the frenzy with numerous Poker shows. This week’s Reader Poll asks . . . When you come to Las Vegas do your plans include playing live Poker or are you content with the existing casino games of chance available?  WHY or WHY Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I try and play a few hours on every trip to Vegas.  I am happy there are more Poker rooms opening up.  Daryl Simms  NY

* It is great that we have more places to play in Las Vegas.  Poker is fun and I really like the diversion it gives me from playing the table games.  Glenda D.  TX

* I do not take part in the live Poker games. I have heard stories of locals or pros. teaming up to take advantage of the tourist.  The traditional games seem to be a safer bet.  Don Bartlett  Indianapolis, Indiana

* I stick with playing Blackjack only as I am not confident enough about Poker to play it. My wife plays slots.  D. Turner  Brunswick, ME & Biloxi, MS

* I am content with competing with the casinos rather than other visitors, therefore my answer is no, I will not play poker in Vegas.  Ted & Molly

* I would love to play poker but I haven't played in years and I don't have a very good "poker face". If a casino had a table for newbies I would consider it.  Martha M.

* I am majorally looking forward to visiting Vegas this March. I don't plan on playing poker though. I think that it has an aura of being more of a man's game, and also that it appears to be a more intense game.  Sandra Petzel  Thunder Bay, ON  Canada

* No, I have no intention of playing live poker in Las Vegas. To me the only bluff worth taking in Vegas is a fake ID to get a drink! Of course I'm way past the age where I even get proofed.  I feel there's too much of a chance of local sharks or teams of players moving in on games. At least with other games I know at what percentage rate I will lose my money. So, skilled players may do well, or evenly matched players may do well. There is just no way to regulate non casino staff taking advantage of the average player.  CJ Boyer

I started out playing live games in Vegas. Each time as I return I play more tournaments. I still play video poker and blackjack much like I always have ... more when I win and a little less when I lose.  Gil Loeser

* Yes. I like video poker. Lynn Krings

No poker for me. Can't stand to be by all them smokers plus some of them smell real bad.  GJ Smith

No plans for live poker...not daring enough.  Nancy McMahon

There is no way I would play live Poker. I have never had any luck with cards, I can't win at Blackjack with two cards! I will stick with slots and roulette.   Lynnette Young  Takoma Park, MD

* I certainly enjoy watching the poker tourneys on TV. I also play them on PC, via internet on the various servers. After playing at our local WI casino, I am hooked. While I am normally a Slots player, I am looking forward to playing Texas Hold em in Vegas. There is no city in the world with as much excitement as Vegas, and playing poker there would only add to it! Texas hold em is the latest craze, and there's no better place to play it than Vegas, Baby!   Troy Bleck  Tigerton WI

My next trip to Vegas does not include plans to play live poker. I am good with computer versions but am nowhere near good enough to play with real people. I am content with playing slots and video poker.  Vicki

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