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Reader Polls Feedback for:  February 5, through February 14, 2010

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It appears President Obama’s love for Las Vegas is dismal at best. For the second time the President has verbally assaulted the city of Las Vegas and obviously this does not help tourism and several other aspects of the city are impacted. The most recent flagrant derogatory comments came this week at a town-hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire. That brings us to this week’s Reader Poll question . . . How should the city of Las Vegas try to stop these derogatory comments or should the city of Las Vegas do nothing and continue hearing the President belittle the city image?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the exact words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

The thought of a president continually making less than favorable comments about any city in the United States is unacceptable in my view.  He does not have the right to pick and choose what cities he likes or dislikes and for a person that smart he should grasp the thought.  Allen D.  Houston TX.

I am upset that any elected official makes comments about any city that is not in a positive light.  I go to vegas four times a year and would love to live there.  I dont want to live in Chicago any more and neither did the president.  Gloria  Chicago IL

While I support the President and his freedom of speech, I love Vegas. Vegas is a city and a destination. As a fast growing community, obviously residents are making themselves heard as to where to spend their money, as do people like me who come for fun. Vegas should advertise what there is to offer and not challenge others who oppose what we love about Vegas.  Joan   Adna, WA

 Las Vegas has so much more to offer than just gambling. World class entertainment, restaurants, hotels, convention facilities, shopping all make Las Vegas a one of a kind city. We visit at least twice a year and do not gamble. We so much enjoy the other offerings that are in Vegas and never spend as much as we would spending time elsewhere. Obviously President Obama doesn't realize that people's lives and income rely on the very things that he is complaining about. So much for unemployment.  Jerry   Pullman, WA

Your Senators and Representatives in Congress should be the first ones to bring this to Obama's attention. Letter writing to the news media will stir something up. It appears that Senator Reid is not concerned so try to vote him out and get someone in that would be concerned about Nevada and not only himself. If Obama is against gambling, Fine! But it
is not right to pick out Las Vegas and not Atlantic City or another gambling town. Don Turner  Brunswick

The president is a sick in the head.he will be gone soon, so forget about him. gary smith   south bend, IN

In the response to Obama's negetive comments on Las Vegas, Mayor Goldman and other city and State leaders, Should stop sending the Federal tax dollars to Washinton. Let them see how much money a year comes from Nevada and Las Vegas. And when that stops coming in, Maybe their opinions will change.  chuck merica  Omaha, Ne

What kind of a president does this, not using his head much. Someone should bring this to his attention. I think he should use his time more wisely as the US has a lot more problems he should be concentrating on.  Lynda  Toronto Canada

The President of the United States has a duty to speak kindly of all of its 50 states. To single out a city, and tell people not to go there when they have done nothing wrong ... well, that deserves an apology. Does he think that the city of Las Vegas is comprised of only Las Vegas Blvd? We are a city of children and families too. Our children are talented and smart. Our city provides entertainment and value. In addition to an apology, we need to educate our President on this.  Sherry Vitale  Las Vegas/ Nevada

Traditionally Las Vegas has been an indicator of a turned around economy. Americans begin to get bored not spending money in a recession. When Americans spend money our economy does well. President Obama needs to get over his personal issues about Las Vegas and do his job. The President is not the one who is responsible for and economy doing poorly, it is Congrss, but Obama should not be making it worse. If companies want to spend money on their employees coming to Vegas it helps us all.   Eric Vollrath   Las Vegas, NV



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