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Reader Polls Feedback for: February 25, through March 4, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


During a conversation this week with one of the larger casino’s president IVLV was asked the following questions about travelers and their Internet connections. Some people come to Vegas to get away from it all and some come to Vegas for business. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . How important is an Internet connection in your hotel room? Should the casino provide a computer in each room so you can log on any time? Would you be willing to pay a small daily fee for an in room computer connected to the Internet? What is your Opinion? Why or Why not? 

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

Bringing my laptop is a pain, so yes I would be in favor of an in room computer that I could use any time of the day.  Bob.  W.  Tulsa

Yes, they should provide a wireless connection at any decent property. No, I would not pay a fee. Stop nickel & diming me. Most 4 star properties in Chicago & Los Angelas will at least provide wireless at no charge in the lobby area.  Scott Haiduck  River Forest, IL

*  I don't think that they should. Anyone that is arriving here for business should have a laptop. If you provide a PC in every room there is the chance of ID theft, for every pc keeps everything even when deleted.  Having a PC in every room will cause a lot of havac. I always bring my laptop with me when I travel. Anyone in business that travels has one.  Dona Brown  Las Vegas, NV

Even though I go to Vegas to have fun, I still find myself looking around for a place to check my email.  Yes, I would like the ability to have something in my room that would allow me to log on and retrieve my email.  Ginny W

I would very much like an internet hookup and pc in the rooms.   Susie Keller  Veedersburg

*   I Definitely prefer the hotels with Internet access. It Is worth a small daily fee ... but a one-time stay fee would be better ... and the Free Internet access is always Great!!  It definitely makes a difference to today's business people.   Cat Moore  Temecula, CA

*  I would be happy to pay a daily fee for internet access in my room. John Pickens  Marshall, MO

I wouldnt mind a small fee for a computer in my room. I miss checking my emails in the morning when on vacation.   Patti Williams  Flushing,Mi

 I can see if you are a business person wanting internet connection in your room but if you are there for pleasure I can't see where you would want to use it. You are in Vegas to get away from everything. What could be so important to an average person that they can't be away from computer for awhile. We took an 11 day cruise and not one time did we use the internet cafe.  Nancy Sexton  Jervis, NY

*  Internet connection is very important to me. This allows me to monitor my work place and be able to enjoy myself more knowing that I can still make sure things are working fine at home. I usually carry my own laptop with me but if it were to fail or get lost in transit, it would be nice to know that I have a fall back.  Jerry Kyllo  Pullman WA

*  The technology exists to use that new Plasma screen with a keyboard and mouse to access hotel services, check your flight home, pay bills, place a bet with the Keno desk, potentially do all your Sports book activity, buy show tickets, call a cab, e-mail, chat, book an escort, manage your stock portfolio (not all gambling is in the casino), play interactive online games. In-house services should be free, charge for internet access. Prefer not to take my laptop to Vegas, thank you.  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

*  Internet connection is Very important and Yes! the casino should provide a computer. It is such a hassle to get to a hotel and find out there is no internet access in your room; even though they say there is. Same with cell phone reception!  Give us the internet lifeline we all need! Business or pleasure we all use it. The hotels should tone down & juggle their service and increase costs in providing room phone service and redirect their efforts to internet service. Get with the program!  Linda Parker  South Deerfield

Who has time to play on the computer when in Vegas, Baby? You can always do that at home......leave it behind and enjoy Las Vegas which is what I go to do!  Anna Sjogren  Manistique, MI

Since I travel to LV for vacations only, it's not a big deal. Most coffee shops have wireless access for laptops, and there are many cyber cafes to check e-mail. No, I wouldn't pay extra.  elizabeth pielow  columbia heights, mn

*  I never travel without my computer. I need to stay connected while I am away. I check in with work, friends, and family, and use my computer to look for show tickets, restaurants, activities, and shopping discounts. An in-room computer is not necessary, but in this day and age, every hotel room should be equipped with At Least wireless and wired connections. Remote print capability would also be an excellent idea. A small fee (under $10/day) is reasonable, but Free is a major selling point!  Karen M. Sulewski  Agawam, MA

*  I agree to the fact that people who go to Vegas to get away from it all should be allowed to do just that. "All" is including Internet et al. I'm sure that the majority of visitors have cell phones to make external contacts. If you are on a business trip, I also suspect that your company would be willing to have a computer line included on an expense account. If you are in vegas for pleasure, business should not be included period.  Chuck Middagh  Tucson, Arizona

When I come to Vegas it's for pleasure, however I think a computer in the room would be nice...Sometimes it's good to keep in touch, also excellent for printing a boarding pass..Small fee would be alright, so long as it is small.  Helene  Franklin, Ct

 I would be willing to pay a small fee for a computer in the hotel room to get updates on shows, tours etc and for information on what is available in the city of Las Vegas for tourists and business people alike. and to keep up with happenings back home. Hotels could have an hourly charge for high speed internet. Most people would then leave their laptops at home thus making less luggage to carry on the airplane.  A. Hindley  Kamloops, BC Canada

*  No!  I do not want to pay extra for internet service in my hotel room. I use my computer several hours a day at home not on vacation. If I wanted to use a computer in the room I would bring my portable with me. (Not many spend that much time in the room anyway). If it is used for business purposes most bring theirs with them. If you use the connection then the hotel might have the option of charging a small fee for time in use.  Gloria Dunn  Agawam MA

I have Visited LV for both business and pleasure. I guess for a small fee the casino/hotel should offer an internet hook-up!  Paul Schubring  Williston, FL

The lack of any kind of internet connection in most hotel rooms is pathetic in Las Vegas. I don't need a computer in my room but I would like to have internet access that doesn't cost the earth. Access at the Rio's business center was $1 a minute. The Palms has the best policy. They charge $1 a day for full use of the phone and the internet. The Sprint store at the convention center is the only other place with free access. Vegas needs to provide modern access at an affordable price.  Cynthia Ballard  Battle Creek, MI

*  In my opinion, a simple ethernet connection, in each room. should suffice. I realize that in the older hotels, this will entail a very expensive cable installation. In the older hotels, there should be a room for internet access and a small fee would be fair ($5).  Doug Brobst  Virginia Beach, VA

The internet in my room is not good thing. I go to vegas for fun and more fun. I love vegas.  jim miller  ma

There is zero reason for any hotel in Vegas not to provide free wireless internet connections in each room. Lets face it at $200+ a night in some cases, i expect every amenity, and a internet connection is one of those, that the hotel should be able to afford at no additional cost to the the customer. Either personal or business being gone for an extended amount of time, still requires the ability to function with those not in Vegas.  Richard Hillerich  Louisville, Ky

Given the rates charged by most Las Vegas casino hotels, I would think a free on-line connection would be a mandatory perk for the paying guest. At a minimum, there should be only a small fee for checking email each day rather than requiring a 24-hour connection for $10+ as many casino hotels now do. Alternatively, a "library" computer should be available in the hotel lobby for paying guest to use to check their email.   L. A. Graham  Lynn, MA

*  I come to Vegas to play and since I spend very little time in my room anyway, an internet connection would be a waste.  Jane Beville  Edgewood, NM

Every year my buddy and I come to Vegas for a week to see shows (every night), eat what we shouldn't, and gamble. My wife, delighted to see us go, considers it her week to visit with her girl friends and relax.  At home I'm on the computer every day: checking investments, emailing, and spending money.  Vegas is another world. We want it to stay that way. Keep all the computers away from us. Anyone desperate to use one can bring their own laptop. Make the rest of them disappear.  Bob Kuhner  Seattle/WA

 I think internet should be provided for free, especially if you are paying $100.00 a night for a room. If room isn't that much, then a small optional fee for if you use it or not.  Sharon

Hey, I come to Vegas to get Away from phones, faxes, computers and work ! My family knows where I'm staying, and my room number, in case of emergency. So, let the good times roll, and forget the 'puter. :-)  Steven Tillinger  Parma, OH

 I do not agree with computers in rooms as most people that are there on business have their own laptops and some seem to think that they are not alive unless they are connected at all times as it is! . . I have a computer but go to Vegas to relax and forget about the outside world for the time i am there. I also dont agree with charges to rooms for things that a majority dont care about or use..!  D Stremble Ontario Canada

Yes! By all means I would be willing to pay a - small fee - for internet access in my hotel room in Las Vegas. We all have email to keep up with in our modern working world! Also, the internet would help the visitor to get around to see more of the entertainment in Las Vegas than we may without it. Larry Strehl  Tampa

* Although an internet connection is valuable, the hotel should not provide a computer in each room. If I'm traveling for business, I'll bring my laptop. When I'm on vacation, I have no desire to get on the Internet - the last thing I need tempting me on vacation is email access. I am trying to get away (Sometimes, I don't even watch the news when I'm away). If a hotel could provide a "business center", or a room with a few "public PCs" for guests, that would more than satisfy my needs.  Steve  Cincinnati, Ohio

It would be very beneficial. How many of us go a day without logging on? Whether it's to check email, make restaurant reservations or research show discounts, we are now forever connected to our (or someone's) ISP. Yes! I would Definitely be willing to pay a small daily fee for an in room computer connected to the Internet. Thanks for asking! :-)  jinnifer rister  east peoria, il



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