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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for February 25, through March 4, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Last week’s Reader Poll got a lot of attention and it spurred a new question. One of our readers wanted to know how they could become a cocktail server at a major casino, one small problem, they are male. So this week we ask the question . . . Should males be allowed to become cocktail waiters in the casino instead of all females and would you like or dislike this change? WHY or WHY Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I see nothing wrong with men doing a women's job, not sure they are going to make a fortune in tips.  Ann Foster

We need to make decisions based on the job one can do; why wouldn't female customers enjoy a male server? Does he do a good job? Does he have a good response? If he doesn't make good tips, he may want to do something else. We do not need to worry about the gender thing!  Carolyn Woodul

* While my opinion would not be politically correct, I believe there are several professions that should be all male or all female. As a firefighter, I don't think women should be in the fire service. It is a very physical job and although a female may be able to do the job for a short period, long periods of physical labor proves to be a bit much. That being said, the last thing I want when I’m in a casino is some hairy knuckled goon bringing me my Miller Lite. I may be sitting at a blackjack table getting my butt handed to me but as soon as that pretty little thing stops by and smiles at me. My day gets just a little bit better. What’s next, men wearing a giant headdress and dancing in the all female reviews? I don't think so. if a guy wants to serve drinks, tell him to get his candy butt behind the bar like every other guy in America.  Todd

* Men should be allowed to became waiters in Vegas, Since a lot of your business is female, they are entitled to have something to look at as well as us men.  Besides, it is technically against the law to not allow equal jobs for all.  Carrol

Vegas is noted for hot showgirls and women, if there going to have Male bartenders that's great, something for the women to look at...But also keep up a healthy Female population, Vegas just got out of the Disney phase so lets not take the ship back into some other shallow waters!  Richard Zabriskie

No, I don't think men should be allowed to be cocktail waiters in the casinos.  Why, because they would just look stupid in those little mini skirt outfits.  Bob McDermott  Dixon, CA

Sure they should be waiters -- Why not?  Joanne Kammer

I would like to see male waiters in the casinos. I have brothers that were waiters and they told me how they flirted with the old ladies and received big tips. I think that the majority of the slot players are women and if they get the attention of a male waiter, they will tend to feel special and they may end up coming back more often to play at the casino that offers them something more then just a girl dressed scantly. Larry and Stacy Dunn

In this day and age there shouldn't be any discrimination between the sexes for jobs. Who knows it may attract those that would prefer to look at the men serving drinks. Ron_nordin

Of course! what century are we in? I'm far from a "liberal", but males have every right to pursue this line of work and female customers (who are the overwhelming majority of slot players), have the same right to eye candy as the once predominant male gambler has. still, I think the individual waiter needs to fit the role. would think sleeveless shirts, etc., would work, and the individuals would need to fit the "role" they play.  Time has come to give the lady customers their due... remember, it's all about giving the player what they want to complete the experience.  Best regards,  Stanley (Sandy) Perc

* I definitely think males should become waiters in the casinos and bars. Once per year, I travel to Vegas with my Dad and two brothers. Year after year, I have to put up with them staring and gahing over the beautiful waitresses. I would like to be able to stare at the males too. I don't necessarily want them to be dressed in Speedos or anything like that, but a tasteful uniform and a friendly, handsome male face would be a nice change of pace.  Julie A. Wagner, CEBS  St. Louis MO

Let me state this easily and quickly - as a women, I would love to see "cocktail waiters". Obviously there is a market for it - Bachelorette parties, Thunder from Down Under etc.  Women loved to be served by Men, especially if they flirt with us a little, It lifts the spirits a little, the same as when women flirt with Men.  Thanks  Jodie Fagan

In this world of PC we should adhere to the equal opportunities agenda. If it provides income for the female it should also provide income for the male. After all about half or more of the visitors to Vegas are female so why should they be deprived of sensual pleasure.  Bring it on.   cignetti

No Men.  Girls only  G. J. Smith


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