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Reader Polls Feedback for:  February 15, 2013 through February 24, 2013
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Las Vegas is always famous for building the best attractions and believe it or not, there are two huge observatory wheels being constructed simultaneously by two different companies within 1.5 miles of each other. Do you think 2 observatory wheels will add or detract from this outstanding attraction?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you! (See other readers’ opinions below.)

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the exact words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I dont think it is very smart to have 2 multi million dollars structures of the same type of attraction in the same city.  James Barnes  Tulsa

Maybe if there is two, they can have a battle making prices wars a reality and the customer can save some money.   Linda Smith  Los Angeles

One is great. Two is just plain nuts!   Rose Marie Mezzapeso   Poland, OH

I think it will greatly add to the mystique and fun atmosphere. One thing everyone sees in advertising is the air pictures of Las Vegas. Now you will be able to have those pictures live and take your own!I think it will be great.  Mark S Shirer  Monroeville, PA

I think it would be neat to look over and see the other.  Julie Redman  Calvert City, KY

Personally I think all the "gimmicks" take away from the Real Vegas. These attractions just bring in families with kids, which in my opinion don't belong in this city. I don't think 2 of the same attraction will succeed. I think the one closest to the airport has already come to a stand-still. If there were 2 Straospheres or pyramids they wouldn't seem so unusual. This is a Gamboing town. Let people who want amusement park rides go to
Disney World.   Connie Land

Detract base on location. If the view is good. Both ends of the strip would give visitors better views of the strip/town. Different view angles will give viewers more serene beauty.  Edwina hanawahine   Waimanalo,hawaii

We only need one. I don't think Vegas can sustain 2.  Scott   San Jose

They'll make Vegas look like a big circus has come to town. Bring in the clowns!  There goes what used to be a city with Class!   Ross Menoher  Grapevine, Texas

I think one will survive and one will not I think the height and the price will make it our break it!  I really like the wheel and will be looking to ride when I come out in the fall of 2013!  And the one that is done first will have upper hand on making the quick easy money!  have read a lot about the wheels and just think the bigger one will make it
over the small. I sure do like see new stuff in Vegas, been coming every year from 1995 and have seen a lot of changes Thanks insider!  steven rees   covington ohio

I think if you want to go up on one, you will go to the one closes to you. Me, I see no reason to go on one. Las Vegas has so many wonderful things to see and do. Every time I go, I never see haft of what I want to.  Steve   Sedalia Mo.

My husband and I love going to Las Vegas many of the Hotel/Casinos fell like our second home. We literally arrive at night just to see the city lite up with life. It's my opinion two wheels will be a distraction for us tourist. It will clutter the beautiful Las Vegas scenary.   Lilia Delgado  Houston, TX

The stratosphere gives a uniqueness to Vegas while having two observatory wheels within close distance of each other would kinda of be gaudy and not very smart. I mean common who wants to see pretty much the same view over Vegas. That's like having two hoover dams next to each other.   Charlie K.  Las Vegas, NV

I think it's a waste of money. The first one may draw people for awhile and then go the way of the everything else. You would think that could have been coordinated together into one unit,   Bill Zimmerman   sandusky oh

Two of the same is too many! That is the type of attraction you do once a visit maybe and that means each may only get have the visitors they would otherwise.  Christopher Hammond   Findlay

Living in Indianapolis I saw firsthand how popular the zipline was during the Superbowl. If the wheels generate the same enthusiasm then 2 will just add to it. My guess is they will both be packed.   Larry Williams  Indianapolis, Indiana

We visit Vegas3 to 4 times a year and we love it......however......2. Similar attractions.. Too much bad idea.  Phil Bucci   Pittsburgh

What are they thinking (Two Wheels) - I give these both a year and they are going to be filing for bankruptcy. What are you going to see that you can't see out of your hotel room window. Come-on is that the best they could come up with  Ben Sotelo  Centreville, VA

Yes since so many people stay in one area during there trip to Vegas they all get a chance to view the wheel and shops. Even if one does not make it in the future it is great for drawing back people that have not been in a few years. I love Vegas and love th new additions each time I go ever year. All the new additions keeps me coming back year after year.   Thomas Stapp   Conyers / Georgia

I think two wheels will be awesome. It will make for shorter lines at either one and it will be a great attraction! Go Vegas!  Becky Reeves  Clovis, NM




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