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Reader Polls Feedback for: February 15, through February 24, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


Superstitions have always been associated with casinos and gambling . . . IVLV would like to know what Superstitions do you have when you gamble and do you think they help or hinder your outcome? What is your Opinion?

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I must handle the dice once with each hand before I throw the dice.  It seems to help my crap game and I still loose money.  Glen D.  Cincinnati OH

*  When sitting at a table or at a slot machine.....if I am losing I will walk around my chair and sit down again. this has had some good results before, not always a surefire change of luck; but it seems to help!  Robert Rice Marion OH

 Playing blackjack, I have to sit in the first or last spot. When playing poker I wear two different color socks. When playing Video Poker I only play when less than 2 other players are in the video bank seating!  Paul Schubring  Williston, FL

*  I never sit in a corner, I always look for machines with the number 7 on them. I look at the last payout and if there is a 13 or 666 I stay away from it. I always have my good luck charms and I touch the screen and talk to the machine. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but - I am not alone. Does it help? Maybe - maybe not but it makes it interesting.  S. Hopkins  Conneaut, Ohio

My only superstition quirk is that if I leave a machine and someone immediately starts playing it I will walk away as fast as possible just in case they get lucky.  Joanne Kammer  Lansdowne, PA

I perfer not to play on a machine that another person has just finished with. I believe that the machine needs a rest between players. Let it cool down and relax before hard use begins again. I believe that it makes that machine much happier and is more likley to produce better results. Everything needs a break at some point. It is what makes us all happy at the end of a long day. If we are respectful to the supersticions that we all have, they will be more kind to us.  Billie Jean Ruiz  Ontario, California

Superstitions are funny arent they? Guess we all have them but whether they actually work is a question for the millennia. they are after all superstitions and lets face it have no real factor in any outcome. but we do have them, that is a certainty. mine is when i visit vegas. a pocket tee shirt, my red yankee hat, and my money folded just so. do they work. well on more that one trip i wanted to burn my hat and use the tee shirt for a rag. go figure.  Ralph

*  My little quirk is bringing my lucky Hirkimer Diamond, quartz crystal with me to las vegas..if nothing else it keeps me in step with the dealers. it,s not much bigger than a quarter,, does it work ?? well it did get me removed from palace station once.  robert b hylands

Yeah, well, kind of a superstition. I always put on my right sock first, then my left sock, then my right shoe, then my left shoe. When putting on a shirt, I always put my right arm in the sleeve, first. When I'm in the casino I never order a drink 'till I win.....anything! Needless to say, I get thirsty, real fast! heh, heh.  Steven Tillinger  Cleveland, OH

I will only pick up the cards with my left hand while playing black jack.  Not superstitious, just not lucky with my right hand.  Dwain H.  FL

My only quirk is that I cannot gamble when my husband is near me.  For some reason he is not lucky for me when we are in a casino.   Bev.  Detroit

*  I don't think Superstitions really matter but you have to blame something when you lose.  Our superstition is that if you buy dinner for the group, your bound to start losing.  Artie Lane  Houston, TX

*  Glad I looked at the responses first. Bev. Detroit could be Linda from Florida (my wife).  Personally, when I play roulette I never tip while I play. That has brought me 'bad luck.' I will tip the dealer before s/he leaves just to let him or her know that I am really a George and not a Tom. Otherwise, I tip when I color out. At the craps table, being a Don't-side bettor, when I want a 7 I'll make a dealer hardways bet. That brings the 7 the very next roll or the one next.  Arnie  SP, Florida





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