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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for February 15, through February 24, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Yesterday a group of Vegasís concerned citizens met with IVLV and wanted our support to protest the sexy and revealing outfits worn by cocktail waitresses in Vegas casinos. This weekís Reader Poll asks . . . Do any cocktail uniforms worn in a Vegas casino offend any of our readers. Should the cocktail servers be given uniforms that cover more skin or are the current uniforms acceptable? Or should they be more revealing?  WHY or WHY Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I think the current eye catching outfits are just fine.  Nothing better than losing your money and looking at things you can never afford.  Jack T. 

* My experiences in Vegas casinos have given me a refreshing look on life and the beauty of the female cocktail waitress, please do not take that away from us males.  Frank Walker

If people are offended, they should not do business at those establishments. I have not seen any offensive uniforms as of yet!  I actually feel sorry for the girls and the uncomfortable shoes they have to wear! OUCH!  Janae Griffith

They are fine the way they are!  Bob Coral Springs, FL

As a woman who has been to Vegas a couple of times, and is going back again in March---I think the costumes are fine. The servers look good, professional and the themes of the individual casinos are their best advertising and trademarks. Fun and Fantasy--isn't that what it's all about?  Cyndee W.  Muskegon, Michigan

I have not been offended by outfits worn by cocktail waitresses. However, I might suggest that waitresses be given a choice of attire...revealing to less revealing. This would be especially good for the older women who are past their prime and would really look better with more coverage. It would also be more respectable for them to dress in a more acceptable costume. I've always felt rather sorry for the older women who must work but are forced to wear the same revealing outfits as their younger co-workers.  Diane McDonald  Bradenton, FL

Cocktail uniforms on the wait staff add to the ambiance and decor of each casino. They are often themed to the specific casino. Although, some may be a little revealing (and thought to be scantly inappropriate) they should really be of little concern to those "adults" who frequent the casino floor. The uniforms (and/or costumes) worn by staff are only as revealing as the individual who wears such. What seems to be more "inappropriate" is a wait staff who does not fit properly into their uniform (e.g., physical dimensions such as a little overweight, etc.). To conclude, if a uniform on a wait staff person offends you either 1) Don't look or 2) Frequent another casino. Might a next concern be that the "lights are too bright" or "too much noise" in the casino?  Daniel DiTonno

* One of the cities slogans is "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." and is nick named "Sincity".  The whole concept of hotels getting bigger is saying look at me.
Not only are the current revealing uniforms acceptable, I think they are appropriate.   Jason  Newmarket, Ontario Canada

*   I think that they are fine the way they are. You expect the extraordinary when visiting LV.  After the attempt to "change" Vegas to a family destination site, I am sure that most would agree that people who visit Vegas are there for the glitz and glamour.  Darlene Pabais  Monessen, PA

* I expect when I enter a casino - that the cocktail waitress WILL be dressed in a sexy and revealing outfit, and they'll be beautiful to match!! And I am a woman - a happily married, heterosexual woman! The outfits and beauty is part of Las Vegas. Just as are the topless shows my husband and I enjoy. If you wish not to see it - don't go, change the channel, etc. But don't change the 'feel' of Vegas by insisting on turtlenecks, long pants, and no skin!  Thanks!   Nastihound

I think the outfits currently worn are wonderful. They reflect the atmosphere of the individual casinos. Every casino I have gone in to has vibrantly beautiful colors in the outfits. The casino should reflect "Fun" and the costumes contribute to that. I think the costumes are revealing just enough not to offend anyone. Why go to "Vegas" if you are offended by anything that happens there. Most people are aware of Vegas and what all it entails. We are planning on moving there this year. I have already informed my husband that I plan on becoming one of these waitresses. See you in Vegas. Ves Chilcutt

* I go to Vegas about 2 times a year. I am happily married. One of the things I look forward to is to see all the gorgeous waitresses. If there were old hags in crummy uniforms serving me drinks I would have to consider not drinking. They are eye candy for us baby boomers. Itís a man thing. Right Guys? God made us this way. Iím sure itís the minority that is offended. Doesnít the majority rule in most cases of society in America? One solution isóPut a few Chippendale look a likes around the casino floor serving drinks to the ladies and then lets ask them if they are still offended. Just an opinion. Ronald Wyatt

Absolutely they should have to cover up. Vegas doesn't want to develop a reputation as a city of loose morals. While we're on the subject, did you know that the drinking of alcoholic beverages occurs at all times of day and night? And that the Devil's games (dice and cards) and gambling of all forms can be found in even the most reputable of establishments? That the theaters feature shows with arousing themes and immodest dress, not to mention dancing and loud music?  Alright, hopefully you get my point. Las Vegas is the City of Sin (at least the tourist areas are), and, as such, it's one of the last bastions of adult pleasure left in our country. If it, too, becomes just another squeaky clean, homogeneous, politically correct, corporate run Disneyland (as it's already come dangerously close to being in the past few years), where are we adults supposed to go to have some non-family-values-inspired fun? What happened to the promise of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"? Please don't take the sin out of Sin City, and that includes the over-the-top and undeniably sexy uniforms.  Aaron  Denver, CO

* I suggest that any waitress who is told her outfit is too revealing, removes the offensive outfit on the spot and hands it over to the complainer.  Hans M.   Netherlands

*  Leave the girls alone they look fine. If you don't like the looks stay home don't go to VEGAS.  G. J. Smith

With slot machines being converted to ticket in, ticket out, slot attendants have become obsolete. The next step... self-dispensing drink machines, kind of like the old automats. How much simpler to simply press a button on a machine and be rewarded with a drink. And..... no tip necessary!   William  Astoria

* I see nothing wrong with the uniforms that the cocktail servers are now wearing. Let's face it these women are really working for tips. I have noticed that many women don't know how much to tip or give small tips. The servers know that the big tippers are men that enjoy looking at their bodies. After all they wouldn't have that job unless they were proud of their bodies. I say leave these women alone and let them earn a decent living.  Lynnette Young  Takoma Park, MD

* I am not offended by the servers uniforms. I am a lady in my 50's and I just feel sorry for them. I do know that the skimpier the outfit the more they probably make in tips-from men.  Martha Mantel

I don't think they should have to show too much skin just to give me a drink. I just want my drink in a timely matter. I think they should all dress with the theme of the casino, that would look sharp. Children are walking through the casino floors to get to there room so they should be presentable.  Theresa Bloomsburg PA

* Hello Insider Viewpoint Las Vegas, I have been receiving your newsletter for three years now, and find the information very valuable. My husband and I try to head to Vegas every couple of years. Part of the whole Las Vegas experience certainly is the mystery, sexiness and seduction of the city and casinos. The thrill of walking into a casino and seeing an entirely different world await you - from the decor to the food to the staff. Being a cocktail server in a casino only adds to this fantastic experience. The current uniforms that I have seen the girls wear is amazing. It seems they have been hand picked for their beauty and lovely figures, and given a uniform that adds to the sexiness of Las Vegas. I wouldn't want to see "less" of the uniform (after all it is a casino and not a strip club). I believe the Casino owners were bang on when they chose these uniforms - and good for the gorgeous women who wear them!!  Faye Hong




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