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Reader Polls Feedback for
December 25, through January 4, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Rumor has it that an investor group is looking into the feasibility of opening a full scale amusement park in Las Vegas, something similar to Seven Flags. This week’s Reader Poll asks would you attend an amusement park in Las Vegas or is it something you would not visit?  Why or Why Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

* I think it would be great for the families that come to Vegas.   Glenda H. 

No, I would not attend an amusement park in Vegas, I come to the 24 hour city to gamble and drink and hang out, not ride rides.  Mark Walker  FL

An amusement park in Las Vegas would be a great idea only if it were for adults only. After being to Las Vegas numerous times, and being constantly solicited and badgered by porn leafleteers on every corner, this is the place I would bring my kids. That's too bad because your city has a lot to offer.  Jon Osgood

* I would attend an amusement park and would be likely to bring my daughter and two grand sons.  The amusement park would make Las Vegas a better alternative for me and my wife as a vacation destination to take our grand children vs Disney Land or other destinations that do not have the all encompassing entertainment options that Vegas has. Vegas with an amusement park would offer a great variety of shows, gaming, food and shopping unmatched anywhere in the world.  Viva Las Vegas.  Rip Orrill

* The amusement park would be a wonderful addition to an already wonderful destination!  I absolutely would go to it and as often as I could!  I love Las Vegas.  Bob Campbell

* New park, state of the art rides, good food, unique gaming opportunities, evening entertainment, connectivity to alternate transportation modes (besides rent or taxi). I'm only 50. Heck yeah, I'd go. At least once. If it proved to be entertaining and not just another really efficient way to suck money out of my wallet, I'd come back more.  Don in Portland

Personally I probably would not. as I usually come to Vegas by myself.  being 58 my wild ride days are behind me.  however when coming with my friends we just might come and check it out.  maybe some rides will suit us old geezers. were still kids at heart don't you know. anyway an attraction like this would draw families into the city. a day at the park with the wife and kids, a round of golf, and of course some gaming and shows come with this idea. so all in all a good solid investment for whoever has come up with this venture. the more family friendly things the city offers translates in more visitors.  Ralph

* Isn't Las Vegas already the largest Adult Amusement Park?  Chuck Merica

* I would love to see a full scale amusement park in Las Vegas since I can't get anyone to go to the top of the Stratosphere with me. That won't matter after December 30th 2005 since they announced this week they will be closing the roller coaster at the top of the Stratosphere. No word what they will be replacing it with yet.  Robert Painter

* I would not even consider attending a amusement park in Las Vegas... If I wanted to go to a amusement park I would go to California or Florida... I go to Las Vegas to gamble and see live shows with "THE BEST" entertainment you can see anywhere in the world. Thank You,  Peggy Barger

* I would have no plans to go to the proposed "amusement" park for 2 reasons -- First I'm way past the age when amusements appeal.  Second -- The only "amusement" I ever have in mind when I'm in Las Vegas is in the casinos.  Joanne K

* Hi, I go out to Las Vegas for a fun filled adult vacation and the last thing I would do is go to an amusement park, that is what we do when we go to Florida with the kids. We are heading out to Vegas in February from New Hampshire and are looking forward to gambling and site seeing. Thanks, Donna Winsor

Although I know people with families visit Vegas, and it might draw more families there, I think of Vegas as one of the few adult entertainment venues and like the feel of a more adult oriented entertainment area. We can travel to more family oriented places as Six Flags, Cedar Point (Michigan) and Kings Island (Ohio) and many more throughout the country. Although we are both retired and not interested in that type of entertainment anymore, we like thinking of Vegas as an area where we can seek entertainment we DO enjoy and appreciate the uniqueness of it. Knowing parents of this generation, I can only imagine how the increase of children being brought along can change the appeal of the casino and the shows and even the restaurants. While I enjoy my children and grandchildren, I would not enjoy Vegas nearly as much if they were along...our whole focus would be on entertaining the children instead of OUR getaway. We also know the lack of discipline in todays children and can only imagine them tearing around the casino, crying and fussing in the restaurants out of exhaustion and
boredom, and even being brought into shows which are not geared to their entertainment. We all know it will happen. Family spending will be to entertain the children, McDonalds will win over more pricy restaurants, and casino use will be minimal and everyone to bed early in the evening. When Vegas becomes "just another amusement park", we will have no desire to travel there. We have worked hard for our retirement money and Vegas is our chance to spend it on us for a change. We like the casinos, the shows are a wonderful getaway, we love trying all the restaurants and enjoy the more adult atmosphere without so many "ankle biters" around.  Ron & Marcia Billie

\* No parks in Las Vegas.  Don't need all the little kids running around Vegas. they can go to six flags. the reason I go to Vegas is to get away form all the kid so keep them home. GJ Smith


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