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Reader Polls Feedback for: December 15, through December 24, 2006


Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.553647


The controversy this month in Las Vegas is over the new law regarding smoking restrictions in certain establishments throughout the city. IVLV was contacted by a local casino and they wanted us to ask your opinion on the following. This week’s Reader Poll asks . . . If a large casino made the entire casino non smoking, would you continue to visit that casino, and would you spend more or less time in the casino?   What is your Opinion? Why or Why not?

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think I would spend more time in the casino if it were non smoking, but I am a non smoker.  Glenda V.  TX

Hi Richard,  In answer to your question on smoking in the casinos and the amount of time you would spend there I would for sure spend more time in the casino that is completely smoke free. My husband and I both do not smoke and when we are playing a machine near a smoker we have to move away as the smell really is horrible. A smoke free casino would surely draw more people to play and to play longer.  Richard to you and all who work at the Insider have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your newsletter is great I always enjoy reading it.  Bev K New Jersey

*  I am a Non-Smoker and I would not visit the Non-Smoking Casino. I believe if a person wants to smoke -- let them! I have never smoked -- and I don't take anything out on smokers. It's a free country -- let it remain free. I would not spend that much time in the non-smoking casino as you kinda take away the ambiance. This is just my opinion.  Sonny Garza  Sugar Grove, IL

*  My wife and I would certainly continue to visit that casino and would enjoy playing the slots much more. A recent example of our trip in Vegas 12-19 October my wif and I were playing slots about 4 machines apart. Some guy with a cigar sat between us and the smoke was traveling in my wife's direction. Even though she was winning she had to leave before she got sick.. we have had similar occasions with cigarette smokers ruining our playing time.  Nelson Dunn  Fredericton, N.B. Canada

*   Would visit more often if casinos were smoke free.  Ed Converse  Scott Depot, WV

*   I would spend less time in that casino definitely.  E Tuttle  Pittsburgh, PA

*  My wife and I would are non-smokers and would perfer to stay and play at a non-smoking casino - assuming that the games and rules were equal to other hotels. We come to LV 2 - 3 times a year for 4 - 7 days each time. We used to play much of the time at Silver City when they were non-smoking. We are glad that the hotel and restaurant areas will be non-smoking. However, making it non-smoking would not cause us to visit more often or to raise our gaming budget.  R. Pinter  Schaumburg, IL

*   I would not visit a casino that was non smoking. I enjoy smoking. I am an adult. It is my choice.  Andra Merrell  Tipp City/OH

 If the entire casino was non-smoking, I would not go to it. I am a smoker. Why not have a non-smoking section? Pat Albuquerque NM

I would stay longer . I have breathing problems & if a smoker comes near where I am sitting I will leave.  Dolores Kling  Alpine, Ca.

*   I am one of those former smokers that hates cigerette smoke, funny thing, my husband is a smoker. I obviously can see both sides of the issue. Personally I would love a non smoking casino, would I be more likely to spend more time there, probably not. Promotions, things in the casino, food, drinks, gaming. That is what would make me spend more time at a casino not if its smoking or not. There should be non smoking areas made that way everyone is happy.  Denise Shukitis  Spencerport NY

 My husband and I are both smokers. We may do a quick walk through of a non-smoking casino to view it's features - but they wouldn't get our money. We no longer go to Niagara Falls, Canada as they have become non-smoking. We also decided to forgo Atlantic City this year as they will become non-smoking as of 03/07. The Vegas casinos are one of the last establishments that smokers are able to go to and relax with a cigarette without feeling like an outsider. Debbie Brossack  Tonawanda, NY

I'm a smoker & if i can't smoke i would not go to the casino at all. We have rights also if the goverment does'nt want anyone to smoke then they should stop selling them. Also people forget smokeing drinking are all about the casinos. They will lose alot of money if they ban smokeing, i already see that in atlantic city.  diane rupertus  palmyra, nj

*   I smoke. I come to Las Vegas 2-3 times a year. If a casino goes completely non-smoking I will not patronize it or other that does. Having a smoking and non-smoking is fine, as long as the setting and the qality is the same.  Larry Doll  Winamac, IN

My first impulse would be to patronize the smoking establishment in protest of another freedom taken away from Americans in the midst of the giving so freely of rights to aliens. I think that every smoker would really rather be a non-smoker. One great way to quit smoking is to spend more time in non-smoking situations. I have quit smoking for 4 months and I definitely did not leave or spend less time in non-smoking casinos because of the policy. Many smokers use the non-smoking sections now.  Jacqueline Martin  Baytown, TX

 I would definitely spend more time in a non smoking casino because I have asthma. People who smoke are very rude and when they sit next to you they blow the smoke right in your face. Not only that they don't realize that second-hand smoke is very dangerous to your health & lungs. I would be very happy to see more casinos with 100% non-smoking. Thanks, Edie from San Jose,  CA

 I would not visit that casino. If all Vegas casinos went nonsmoking, I probably would not come to Vegas very often unless I quit smoking. Now we come 2-3 times a year. They would have to redesign the fronts of the buildings to accomodate all the smokers outside.  Karen Griffin  Lockport, IL

what is next, will they ban drinking too? This is Vegas, not Disney World. Those who are protecting their children (who shouldn't be here in the 1st place) should be boycotting McDonalds instead. They think nothing of letting their children infuse their bodies with transient fats that are far worse than second hand smoke. If smoking is banned in casinos, vegas will no longer be vegas as people come here to escape from their realities of back home, where smoking is all ready banned!  Howard Kendall  Indianapolis, IN

*   I would enjoy the casino atmosphere much more without the odor and smoke from smokers. It is a good thing to ban smoking.  Sandra Dafoe  Belleville Ontario Canada

no way would i go in. americans are losing their rights everyday. i don't smoke , but i respect their rights.   gary p smith  elberton ga

nonsmoker so i see it has a good thing. if you want to smoke go outside.  i don't need your second hand smoke.  g.j. smith

*  Yes, I would continue to visit the casino and I would spend considerably more time there. In addition, I would verbally promote the establishment to all friends & relatives.   ken arasim  Kenmore, WA

I would NOT be interested in visiting a non-smoking casino.  I do not smoke on a daily basis but when I go on vacation, smoking is
a part of it.  I was very dissappointed the ban passed before my next trip this May.  Jennifer Eubanks

*  I would spend more time in the smokeless casino. There is nothing worse then playing, or i should say trying to play a machine with somone next to you with one hand ,with a smoke in it in your face, and playing with the other hand. Did you ever try to breathe with smoke in your face? Most of the time it's too late when you are playing and someone sits next to you with a smoke, i usually leave so as not to cause a scene. So i would definatly go to the non smoking casino.  John Yenchick  Sugarloaf,Pa.

Since I had a heart attack this year I would love a non-smoking casino.  Smokers do not realize at the machines that they are allowing the smoke to go into other peoples faces.  pat wojewoda  Cocoa beach fl

*   I would visit but would not spend the same amount of time there. Smoking is not illegal and those who chose to take our libertys away may as well make this a dictatorship.  Sharon  Toledo/Ohio

 I would welcome a non-smoking casino. Living in Texas, I must visit riverboat casinos in Louisiana or Indian casinos in Oklahoma. My clothes stink after each visit. I look at it as the price to pay for casino entertainment, but believe the first casino to make the bold move to eliminate smoking may develop a s special customer.  This is assuming the casino has all the games to offer and is competitive on comps. If so, I would spend more time in that casino.  Donald Marburger  rockwall, texas

 I would spend more time there because not only am I a non-smoker, but because I am allergic it causes me to have a bad reaction including having to use a rescue inhaler to be able to breathe. I like going to Las Vegas and Reno/Tahoe area, but I hate the smoke, so I was pleasantly suprised to hear about the vote. I am also happy being a high school health teacher--smoking the #1 preventable cause of death in the US over 400,000 people per year. The most dangerous drug out there.   V Christensen  Mt View, CA

*  I could care less if a smoker wants to smoke..I could also care less if that smoker dies of lung cancer. You can die of whatever you want as far as I care. That said, anyone who says this is another freedom taken away is repeating rhetoric nonsense. I leave if smokers are near. I would rather they leave to smoke outside. Smokers are rude, crass and insecure. That is why they smoke in the first place. If you have to smoke, do it outside. Smokers are the most selfish group bar none.  Eric  New York City

I would visit more then a smoking casino. That is a huge problem in LV..nasty smokers!  I usually never go to low level ceiling casinos for that very reason. If the ceilings are not high to allow the smoke upwards...I don't stay.  Ric  Santa Maria, Ca

*  I am a smoker, a casino gambler and an imbiber of alcoholic beverages. I especially enjoy doing all three simultaneously. As long as there is one casino that provides all three, it would be my first choice. I will tolerate some reduction in favorable gaming rules and travel greater distances to achieve my maximum pleasure. Obviously I will spend more time in a casino that allows smoking.  Harold Andrews  Simi Valley, CA

 if my casino went smoke free i would play there i would go out side to have smoke.  jim  worcester ma



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