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Reader Polls Feedback for: August 5, through August 14, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


As discussed in this week’s edition of the IVLV newsletter, Max Baer Jr, Jethro of the Beverly Hillbillies 1960's television show, is trying to open a Beverly Hillbillies theme casino near Carson City. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Would a Beverly Hillbillies theme casino interest you enough to visit the property, gamble at or make a hotel reservations? Does a 1960's television show continue to have followers more than 40 years later? What is your opinion?  What is your opinion? Good or Bad, we want to hear from you.

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I don't think a Beverly Hillbillies theme is what I would be interested in visiting.  Gloria Hatcher NYC

If the theme casino was located on or near the strip in Vegas it would be a draw similar to the wax museum, and quite possibly a destination for people with kids but I cannot see many people making it a destination unto itself if it was located in Carson City. Bill Morrissette Chicago IL

It's already sad that all these old shows are recycled into "updated" movies. Like a train wreck, people might stop and look, but I don't think a casino based off of any tv show would have any real long term success. I have an about some new ideas! Tammy Turnbill Tipp City, Ohio

The creators of Beverly Hillbillies were ahead of their time and they could not have found better people to play the different characters. In my opinion I believe that many people would be drawn to to this venue, my wife and certainly would. We watched every show and even the reruns several times. I hope Max goes for it. We go to Vegas twice a year, which is a long trip for us. Nelson Dunn Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada

one casino with a beverly hillbillies theme is not going to get me travel the 200 miles from vegas to see it. why would i when i have my choice of 20 casinos in a 4 mile area? Kim West Northboro, MA

Yes, i would be curious to see it, and maybe hang out for a few days..... Ed Baptista

You know it would most likely be great for a one time visit because it would be so different....However I would think it would fizzel out quickly. I mean it was a great fun show but I don't really think it will draw people more then once. Unless !! Its played up for kids to maybe. with rides and such. Otherwise I think people who really were into the show may vist once for the novelty but Mr. Baer must really come up with some good twrist to get people to return often. Cynthia Powers Vancouver WA

Many Moons ago I really loved the Beverly Hilllbillies, and hated to miss an episode. Would I go for a Beverly Hillibillies themed hotel/casino? NO, not just because of the theme. Robert Bliss Kansas City, KS

If it was somewhere in the LAs Vegas valley, I would say yes, I'd be interested......... but Not in Carson City. Andy Dulina Jacksonville, FL

You bet! I'd be happy to help you pay for your new casino! Good luck with it -- I'll be looking for that 200-foot oil derrick the next time I'm out that way! Ross Menoher Grapevine, Texas

Go, Jethro! You bet! I'd be happy to help you pay for your new casino! Good luck with it -- I'll be looking for that 200-foot oil derrick the next time I'm out that way! Ross Menoher Grapevine, Texas

I think a 40 year old show may attrack followers - but certainly not that one! I doubt he would even appeal to people of a more 'casual' demographic. sandy patzer illinois

I think it's a great idea. I loved that show and I had heard what a great guy Max Baer Jr was on the set of that show. It would be great to meet him. I wish his location was closer to Vegas, but I would attempt the trip. He did a great job on that show but was type-cast. (Have you ever seen him on anything else?) I wish him the best of luck and I hope it works out better than Debbie Reynolds Casino did. Victor Hanson Alliston, Ontario Canada

i saying no it would not, i like the fast times we are inn i dont believe anybody liked living back then i woulnt want to expierence it! nacole swenson camby indiana

I think it is a good idea, I know I would visit and see it. Norm Novi, MI

We think this would be a hoot we try to drive out to Vegas at least twice a year and would drive to this one for sure it is my husbands favorite show. Lonnie Knick Normal,IL

Yes! I have been waiting for Baer's Bev. Hillbillies Casino to become a reality since its first proposal (how many years ago?) The Beverly Hillbillies is a part of America. It is a show that the majority of your casino population either cut their eye teeth on, along with their children. I still watch the show. Watched today, just previous to opening my newsletter to find this question. I believe the concept is wonderfully delightful, comfortable change for all of us. Angela M. Williams Atwater, OH

There are several properties with less of a draw theme that are making it. I see Ellie May/Daisy Duke cocktali waitresses serving Lynchberg Lemonaid in mason jar glasses, peanut shells on the board floor around the slots, Uncle Jed Pit Bosses, and a Po'Folks restaurant featuring down-home food. Best BBQ in town. Granny at the bar. Banker Drysdale in the tellers cage. (You want Credit?). Jethro's a'cypherin' your coffee shop check. Baer has been trying for what, 30 years now? Just Do It! Don Bartley Portland, OR

I went back and read the other responses and realized you are asking the wrong crowd. You don't fly to Vegas to drive to Carson City, you Fly to Reno. Baer's resort is competing with Silver Legacy and Atlantis, not Caesars or MGM. (Ok, the Comstock, Nugget, Gold Dust, and Fandango have a foothold in Carson City). Now, I see it as a destination convention center with a real relaxed attitude. Sept-05 article re using old train station for new BH casino. C'mon Max, time's a waistin'! Don Bartley Portland, OR

I Love the Beverly Hillbillies! Yes, I would definitely be interested in visiting such a property, gambling there and staying at their hotel. Jethro Bodine was just so Funny! Linda Huffman Midland, Tx

If the Beverly Hillbillies 1960's theme casino were being built in Las Vegas it would interest me, because it fits in with the hundreds of other themes of old there. But in Carson City? I really donno about that. I Loved that Television Show as a child, but I don't get much of a reaction when I bring that old show up in conversation these days. Larry Strehl Tampa

Gosh, what a horrible idea for a theme hotel/casino. Unless all the restaurant servers look and dress like Elly May. Woo hoo ! Come to think of it, maybe I would like it at that hotel, sitting at the cement pond, sipping a drink. Tillinger Cleveland, OH


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