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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for August 5, through August 14, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

The big announcement today in Las Vegas was the National Basketball awarded Las Vegas the 2007 NBA All Star game. Our question this week asks, do you think it is good for a non NBA team city to hold this prestigious event and will it be a failure
or a success?
Reader Poll Replies:

I think it might get some life into professional basketball, who knows maybe some of those million dollar babies will spend some of their money in Vegas.  Gloria S. 

* I think Vegas will be the next expansion city, so why not have it there. besides this way it makes it easier for the players to fix a game, bet on it, and become even richer. who knows maybe the "VEGAS ROLLERS" could pick up Dennis Rodman real cheap!  Howard Kendall

* Coming from Portland, I shouldn't have to worry about representation from our town further damaging the teams reputation. Someone would have to make the All-Star West team.  A city that does not have an NBA team shouldn't be precluded from hosting if they have adequate facilities, arena, hotels, restaurants. No question, Las Vegas can handle NASCAR, a few thousand NBA fans shouldn't be an issue. My concern is that the "off-court" entertainment is so widely varied, many NBA All-Stars (who are no doubt already familiar with the resources available) may have ample opportunity to cause an untimely end to their professional career.  Don Bartley Portland

* No way. that is no good for the NBA fans.  Next they will want to play over seas. get real?  GJ Smith

It will do fine. its Vegas, a city like no other. there are sports fans in town every day of the year.  Many will want to go and you also have to consider the comps that most casinos will offer to the big boys. (and girls) it will do great. if the NBA markets it right and has a nice TV show , featuring the city and the game viewers will watch. Watcherboy

I think it's great that the NBA brass actually had the brass (if you know what I mean) to choose Las Vegas as host of the all star game. The NFL is afraid to even say the city's name because of gambling. Vegas is a marquee city that makes anything shine, just look at what it does for boxing. I believe the event will be awesome as long as the players keep out of trouble.  Robert Judge

* I think Las Vegas is the perfect spot for a game like this. The All Star game involves players from so many different teams and attracts so many different people that a venue needs to meet the interests of a wide variety. This is also a location that has so many options for convenient travel options and could offer many different packages that include the game. Could not think of a better spot!  Dawn Schlauderff  Brooklyn Park MN

* What better city than Las Vegas to hold the 2007 NBA All Star game? Las Vegas is synonymous with the true meaning of international and globalize. To a degree, we are all residents of Vegas. Held there, it should prove to be a whopping success. It gives NBA franchised city visitors as well as those who are less fortunate and live in a city without NBA basketball alike, the opportunity to see an exciting sporting event and also gives the possibility to make some bucks on the game. Christine Panek  Milwaukee Wisconsin

* It will be a financial success, no matter how much it costs to stage the extravaganza. The City and the Convention Authority will see to that It will NOT be a success for local fans. They won't get affordable tickets. The millionaire players will have fun, the hookers from LA will have fun, and the NBA's sponsors and owners of NBA teams will have fun. Is that success? I guess so.  Dick Doyle, Las Vegas

* The real question is the relation between the NBA and sports betting. It is quite a breakthrough to have the NBA have its showcase event take place in Las Vegas. My sense is that the NFL would never consider having any game take place in a city with legalized sports betting. As for the game itself, who cares? Its merely an entertainment venue for overpaid, selfish athletes! Bill Hanousek  Astoria NY

* The 2007 NBA Allstar Game in Las Vegas a bust. ARE YOU KIDDING! The fact that it is a non-NBA team city has no bearing, in my opinion, what so ever for holding the 2007 NBA Allstar Game in Las Vegas. Just the fact that it is being held in Las Vegas is exciting in itself. I personally am so excited. Las Vegas is the one of the most exciting cities in the United States and then to add the NBA Allstar Game, this is the most exciting news I have heard all year. The NBA Allstar Game is lights, action and whole lot of fun all in itself and then you add the excitement of the city of Las Vegas. What more can you ask for? The revenue this will generate for the City of Las Vegas will be a major plus. For people like myself who love the City of Las Vegas and especially the game of NBA Basketball, this will be the most exciting weekend ever. Congratulation Las Vegas! I'll see you in February 2007  Yeah!  Jacqueline Wilkins


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