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Reader Polls Feedback for:  August 25, through September 4, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

One of the major casinos asked IVLV the following question this week . . . Have any of our readers ever used the free gaming lessons offered by the major casinos? Should the free gaming lessons be discontinued, expanded to offer games of chance or are they fine as they are?  What is your Opinion?  Why or Why not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I feel the lessons were good, I learned a lot.  I think they should keep them for us beginner players.  H. Ramsey  TX

*  Two times I have sat in on a craps lessons and learned a few pointers each time.  I think the lessons are good for all levels of players.  Bob W.

I have taken up the offer of free gaming lessons at the golden nugget in Freemont street I felt it was very comprehensive and covered every aspic of poker before this as an old woman I was always slightly afraid to join a game as I felt I would be showing my self up as a novice and that would lead to players knowing when to push so I would fold when I had quite a good hand.  The lessons however have given me so much confidence that now I cant wait to join a game as soon as I arrive in Las Vegas.  J McLardy  Dunfermline
 United Kingdom

Many people who travel to Vegas are not avid gamblers and many have no idea as to how most of the games are played and thus will not. They may pull a couple of slot machine handles but that is all.. Education will takes most if not all of the fear out of them as they now have some knowledge. I would definitely keep the lessons... Robert Sheehan  Orchard Park, NY

I think they should continue to offer the free gaming lessons for the people who plan to visit vegas in the future so that they will not hinder the people who already know the rule of the tables. Dale Ross  selma Alabama

*   The casinos should continue or expand the free lessons. My wife took crap lessons at the Flamingo years ago and had a great time.  Kent Girard  St Clair Shores Michigan

no! don't discontinue them till I get there (nov 5 to 12)!  have tried some games on cruise ships, and I'm looking forward to fun in Nov. Lessons is great way to meet people too!  Nancy Lehtonen  Abington, MA

*   Free lessons give those of us who are slot players a chance to learn how to play table games. Keep 'em, make them available more often in venues other than the table floor. Dick Doyle  Las Vegas, NV

Free Gaming Lesson are fine as they presently are.  Joseph Gloss  West Palm Beach, FL

I have never used the free gaming lessons. Haven't even noticed they were available on my last visit. I think they should keep them, it would encourage more beginners to play without feeling intimidated.  Shirlee Oosterhoff  Zephyrhills, FL

 They should eliminate the free table gaming lessons and open those areas up to "low roller" players. Anyone who goes to Vegas and doesn't understand a game may take the lessons, but afterwards, they won't gamble enough to make it profitable to the casinos. Plus, by opening up more tables, they'd be able to have an extra profit center and enable less crowded tables. Nothing's worse than management trying to have crap tables with 8 people per side playing. I usually go elsewhere when that happens.  Phil Cassavant  Massachusetts

*   I used the "free gaming lessons live and on casino tv " when I came to Vegas the first time in 1986. It is good for 'newbies' so they don't feel out of it the first time and will be more ready to try games. I would expand the free gaming lessons and make them more visible. I've be coming at least 3 or 4 times a year since having them. I would make them more available and move interesting have the drinks ready and a prize per session for the best or luckiest learner. Thanks  Sharon Markey  San Antonio , Texas

 I took part in the craps lessons, offered by the Flamingo, a few years ago. It was very helpful. Although I do not play craps often, I now understand and enjoy the game when I do play it. Perhaps the lessons should be publicized more clearly with a room insert?  Doug Brobst  Virginia Beach, VA

once I used free gaming lessons on blackjack and it was very useful when learning how to play the game. I did not win a lot of money but I did double my bet several times and then I got off of the table with a win and that was a good lesson which I try to stay with . The most important part was to stay if have below 16 if the dealer has an up card 6 or below because you want the dealer to bust by taking cards, not you. This worked with me and gave me several good hands and extra cash.  Paula stull  Texas city

 I would like to see it expanded to offer games of chance. This is a fun way to have fun. I hope I an not addicted but if I am there seems to be no better way to go. Paul Polzin  Mukwonago

*  Free gaming lessons should be kept and possibly even expanded or at least advertised more widely. There should also be a greater time element involved for practice afterwards. I would like to be more knowledgeable and have more confidence in playing table games. However, since I'm not, I find myself watching, but not playing (too afraid to feel stupid or make mistakes. Because of this, the casino may lose out but, more so I lose out in having a better, more enjoyable time in Vegas.  Christine Panek  Franklin, Wisconsin

The lessons should be continued as the more players gain knowledge of the games they wish to play builds a greater awareness of the odds of winning/loosing builds confidence which equates into a greater possibility that they will play longer and know when to remain or to leave. A greater play equals a longer stay. That is in most cases in my opinion.  Charles Middagh  Tucson, Arizona

I attended a free craps lesson a few years ago and found it very beneficial. They even let us make small bets until we got the hang of it. I think if the casinos would publicize these lessons more people would be less intimidated by some of the games and, ultimately, more people would play table games. If I ran the casino I would put advertisements all over, offer free food during the lesson, and then let the newly educated gamblers loose to lose more money!  David Olsen  Jefferson, WI

 I definitely think they should still be offered. More people will play the games if they know how to play. My boyfriend was going to take the lessons, even though he knew how to play, just to see if there was anything he didn't know about the rules or something. We didn't wake up in time for him to take the lessons, thats the only reason we didn't take advantage of them.  Amy Stotelmyer  Martinsburg, WV

 I have taken advantage of these offers to learn the game of craps. It was very helpful and now I enjoy this game more than any of the others.   Jim Buck  Longmon CO

*  I used the lessons to learn how to play craps & it was great, you go into a casino & don't want to go onto a table without knowing what to do, most people are intimidated but the lessons help to give you the boost you need to play. I believe the casinos want to keep this because it keeps the money at their casino in most cases.   Janet Keene  Louisville, KY

As per my opinion you dont loose anything but gain from the gaming lessons and plus they are free so what is the harm, I myself have benefited learning poker gaming lessons so I would always recommend to go for the free gaming sessions if you are not familiar with the game. So in my Opinion go ahead and I am sure you will have a kick in learning too and if you are a looser then you will waste little time learning rather than playing the real game and loosing. Good Luck!  Archana  Sterling, Virginia

 Its interesting to even learn and I had really enjoyed my free gaming lessons in Niagra falls Casino ,learnt how to play black jack, Roulette and Poker and I did pretty good on all the three after learning the go for it ..Nothing to loose.  Ajay  Sterlin VA

I have taken the free craps lessons at the Luxor. Even though, I still don't really understand the point of craps, I will still give it a try, all I ever do is do the pass bet, and hope for the best. I wish more casino's would have lessons on all of the various casino games, it would make it more fun, and a lot more probable to give the games a shot, if we have an idea of what we are doing. The slot machines are all self explanatory, and there is no skill in them, just luck. Brian Howard  Thornton, Colorado

* No, I have never used the free gaming lessons. Have always wanted to but the lessons were always at an odd time. Maybe some day I will get check out the free gaming lessons. No don't discontinue the lessons, just promote them more and maybe stagger the time of lessons. Yes I could use some lessons on the slots.  Sue B  Oakwood OH

I've never used free gaming lessons offered by the major casinos. I think if you need lessons it's best to start by betting low, and go with an experienced friend. Or, just sit & talk one on one with someone who has successful experience in gaming. I'm not a huge gambler. I bet in small amounts, & only while on vacation once, or twice (at most) per year. So, speaking just for myself. No gaming lessons required!  Larry Strehl  Tampa, FL\

*   I have never used them, but I do believe they should be continued. Gambling is a sport and sometimes you need lessons.  james patterson  fresno


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