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Reader Polls Feedback for August 25, through September 4, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

As stated in the IVLV email newsletter, Las Vegas's McCarran Airport is now rated the 5th busiest airport in United States.  This week's poll asks.... Do you like of dislike using the McCarran Airport, Can it improve and do you think it is easy to fly into Las Vegas?  Why or Why not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I like the McCarran Airport, it sure is a lot easier than going through Atlanta and changing terminals with those trains.  Bob Aster

McCarran is ok, but like more big airports the distance from the gates to baggage claim is a long way.  Dr. Phillips

Considering how busy the airport is, I think it runs very well. Even when the security lines are long, they go quickly. There are a lot of great shops and a nice selection of places to eat. I love the decor and especially the tile work near the trams and the reptile sculptures. My only complaint is I have to go through the Atlanta-Hartsfield airport to get there! That airport could learn a lot from the organization of the McCarran airport!  Karen Torino N. Charleston SC

* McCarran Airport is a fine airport, delightful for me in fact since I don't travel much. I have never had any problems finding my way around, security seems adequate, it has most everything you could possibly need at hand and finally it has a few slot machines to pass the time on while waiting. Baggage has always been handled efficiently for me on both arrival and departure. Airline and airport employees are for the most part helpful and friendly and always have their hand out for a tip, which is cool if they have earned it. Personally I have never had any bad experiences there. Improvements? Maybe more moving sidewalks to speed you through the airport to the baggage claim and out. The older I get the bigger this airport seems! Later, Paul in OK

* I do not like using the McCarran airport for the following reasons:  The lines are long and it takes too long to get through security. They need more restaurants it's a very limited place to get a quick snack. For instance I just took a Southwest flight and had to walk all the way to another wing to get to TCBY for frozen yogurt. During which time the airport was under construction and very little room to walk to the next wing. Thanks.  sharonmcox

We fly into Vegas twice a year and find it user friendly for such a busy airport. Traffic flows in orderly manner. Baggage area easy to get to.  John Myers  Hardin TX

* I think it is really great.  It seems to be laid out real nice.  It is easy to find all places you need in it.  GJ Smith

* I like McCarran Airport. Although it is very large, it is easy to get from the plane area to the baggage department. It is run well. Inside the airport are many shops, restaurants, and slots to keep you occupied while waiting to depart. I have usually had on time departures. When leaving the airport, there are plenty of taxi's or shuttles for transportation to your final destination. Car rental shuttles are easy to catch and run frequently.  Pat Rasmus  Hamburg NY

I guess there is always room for improvement. I enjoy it. Its nice to have the opportunity to get warmed up on slots when flying in. Kind a like a warm up game before the Super Bowl. A nice atmosphere, and very fun place to be a "people watcher"  Troy

* I believe that McCarran Airport is user friendly and at times fun to to walk through. To those who say the lines are too long, "Get there early enough to avoid them". I am usually excited by the time I exit the airplane and observing the people, coming attractions and the sounds of slot machines raises one's level of expectations of a positive experience while in Vegas. There are plenty of vendors to satisfy anything the visitor may wish to buy available. As well as directions to wherever.  Chuck Middagh  Tucson, Arizona

I have been out to Vegas 6 times I have yet to find anything to complain about for the size of the airport I also speak for our friends we come out there with I hope they keep up the good work.  Gerald Mcintosh

* I love McCarran Airport, it means I am coming home--I am from Nevada now living in Maryland. I have seen the changes over the years as it has grown. I find it a fine airport. The shops are great since we have to get there early for security checks. I love the moving sidewalks. I do have a knee problem, so the long walks are hard. I would like more restaurants where you can relax and be comfortable. There is plenty of food available, but with long waits, a restaurant is nice.  Barbre Rockville MD


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